Let’s face it even the most brilliant mind sometimes get stuck trying to find a solution. These problems can be seen in our work life or personal life but when we’re stuck we need a creative mind to help us find a way out of this maze. Whether it’s writers block, a deadline for a new project, or getting through a difficult situation the solution could be within our reach if only someone could cut through the vines and thorns that get in the way

Bud Rebel has the creative talent to see through the clutter to find a solution that truly can work.

  • 27 Years as an Executive in the business world (including personnel, marketing, purchasing, inventory control etc 
  • President and Founder of several businesses including an entertainment firm as well as a sales representative company
  • Executive Producer of a full length feature film “All Screwed Up” which is being distributed by Indican Pictures
  • Screenwriter of over 13 scripts including Six Gun Dead being produced by Yossi Bechor
  • Inventor of products
  • Founder and former President of several political activist groups
  • News Columnist who’s had articles published in “The Rockland Times” and “New York Post”
  • Has appeared on ABC Nightline & the Rolando Watts show
  • Writer and producer of several shorts
  • Producer and Web-Master of several websites including budrebelproductions.com, jalperin.com, allscrewedupthemovie.com etc.  

   His skills have been developed from his youth where he developed the anti-bacterial band aid and kept a diary of ideas that flowed to him. He sharpened that creative mind as a Cum Laude graduate at Bryant University in Entrepreneurial Management. This education has enabled him to create several successful businesses and clubs in various genres from politics to the arts. Now he wants to bring the creative talent to you and he even makes house calls.

Contact 844-209-5111 to arrange for your one hour private session.

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