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Company History

Budrebel Productions LLC. was started when Bud Rebel decided against all odds and plenty of naysayers that it was time to make a feature film. Mr. Rebel’s only technical experience in developing such a project occurred when he took a 2 day film class by Dov Simmons (one of a handful of professors who taught at NYU and UCLA). Mr. Rebel was so inspired by this class that he decided to ignore what society had told him and take one of his 12 outstanding screenplays and make it into a film. “All Screwed Up” (an award winning film that can currently be scene on major cable outlets such as FIOS and Cablevision) is the result of this hard work and perseverance. This film is going to be scene in many other formats in the upcoming months as well. This success has boosted Mr. Rebel’s influence so he can now pursue other ventures in film, business, and political solutions and of coarse charity. “I realize that time is short so I’m looking to work with other talent to insure that many of the visions I have can achieve success, not just for me but all those involved with these projects”, said Mr. Rebel. “When good people work together and with G-D’s blessing there is nothing we can’t achieve no matter the world puts in our way”, said Mr. Rebel.

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