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Republican Revenge

I’m still giddy thinking about the day after the house impeaches the President for it will be our revenge. Yes, for a moment it will look bad for the G.O.P but just as the Democrats controlled the vote in the House we elephants control it in the Senate and boy are we going to have a party.  We will call Hunter Biden, Joe Biden and maybe even former President Obama all to get the testimony we need to convict the whole Democratic party before the 2020 election and if it slips into other Democratic misconduct ….oops mistakes happen.  We will go where no other Republican controlled Senate has gone  before, in front of the lame street media as they will be forced to hear our coverage life and unedited.  Furthermore all the major Democratic candidates for President will be forced  into the senate instead of campaigning for the office they truly seek and that will allow our leading elephant to truly take charge. So bring on the impeachment for the 2020 election is around the corner and revenge is just what is needed.


Bribery –  money or favor given or promised in order to influence the judgment or conduct of a person in a position of trust.

With all the discussion of bribery one might ask what it really is? For by definition (above) it appears every transaction could be considered a bribe for we give $$’s to an individual in “consideration” of them acting in the way we want.  A carpenter is technically bribed because he might not want to spend hours upon hours fixing that wall but you gave him $$’s to do so. Therefore in practical terms a bribe is taking $$’s to perform an action that you would never do unless someone gave you the monies upfront. I’m against “A” but for 50 dollars I could be for it if you like. In a sense every actor is taking a bribe for advertising a product that they honestly think is garbage but they’ll say they are just performing a role.  In the case of Ukraine I would assume  that officials in the government would normally seek to end corruption in the previous administration where-ever it might lie and the President on the other end should make sure public $$’s are spent wisely so unless we are changing the true definition this is not a bribe.  Of course if Ukraine officials would be forced to make up information about an opponent of the President for some cash flow then that can obviously be seen as a bribe.  Therein lies the true definition of bribery whether the $$$ flow influenced a person to change their own position on an issue and that one is truly lies under the table.


Bud Rebel Show – Unpredictable

In the next few weeks you will see  video skits that will take you to the “Bud Rebel Zone”.  A place where you’re mind will see things that  are shockingly UNiquE to those who dare to watch! Be warned these skits will create fear in media executives across the globe as they suddenly realize how boring they have been. Hide for your normal T.V. life for it is coming soon   real soon!!!!!

Lady Dynamite- Back to Explosive

Maybe my switch was a bit wet for when I decided to return to Lady Dynamite on Netflix I exploded again with “laughter”. The truth is you can’t watch this series if you’re not in the “zone”. A zone where you just want something completely outrageous & funny. For if you don’t hit the “zone” you might be lead to the silliness side instead and that would be a shame for “Lady Dynamite” packs a punch of humor that should be enjoyed in small hilarious bites.  Lady Dynamite you’re back in my program guide and I’m laughing all the way till the end …. well that is unless I’m zoned out.