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They Made Me Do It?

DETECTIVE– So you’re trying to tell me you didn’t do it but you know, you know you really did!!!

SAM-  I’m telling you it might have been my body but my mind would never act in such a way.

DETECTIVE- So it’s the old the devil made me do it. Save it for the Priest when they plug you into the chair.

SAM-  No, no please understand it’s some parasite that has taken control of my mind. It appears to seek blood out all costs and I have no control when it’s hungry.

DETECTIVE- Let’s say I believe this crazy story. How can you show that this is the case! How dammit! How?

SAM- I don’t know I really don’t.  It’s just I never left the crime scene. I couldn’t think of anything else except digesting the blood until it was full. I need it removed even if it kills me as well. Please get it out me! Please!!!!

FOOTNOTE-  Nematomorpha are just one type of parasite that can get into it’s host brain.


Smart Mailbox


Are you sick and tired of junk mail that stuffs your mailbox full well then it’s time for a “Smart Mailbox”. This mailbox will alert you  (through it’s app) when the mail actually comes and allow you to quickly sort the good one’s from the junk with  any smart device.  After you’ve looked at the mail you’ve considered junk this mailbox will place it in a different section that you can review more thoroughly or dispose of it when you see fit too.  The Smart Mailbox, for you’re time need not be spent on junk anymore.

Support Christians

It’s time I put my $$’s and time into Christian hands. For it doesn’t truly matter who helps individuals just that they are truly helped. Christian charities may share a different faith then I but hold most of the same values that are truly important to me such as helping those who have fallen through the cracks and providing them with “a faith” to make those holes become smaller in the future.  Christians have opened their hands too many around the world and in our neighborhoods who are suffering so I will fill them with a gift of love as well as support from their Jewish brother in hope.

Starting Over…


This Sunday night will start the holiday of Simchat Torah where one will be required to read the good book from the beginning like they done year after year after….. (you get the point). Which begs the question how many times do we need to start over?  Well I guess the answer is until we get it exactly right.  Getting it exactly right is far from a human endeavor so this is a task we can never fully complete instead we  should read the “good book” to find new revelations and hidden meanings that bring us closer up this path. For we are never to old to learn and sometimes the best way is just to begin again.

FOOTNOTE- By far my favorite John Lennon song (below) which shockingly I bought the day before his passing and quite appropriate to this blog piece.