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How Could You?

Where would this thought even enter one’s mind? If you know anything about who I am the door would have been shut closed? Yet you brought a key in that was so dark it’s just bizarre. Where do those thoughts manifest and what would you walk in this darkness? Words are words but twisting them to mean something way out of context is not only confusing but wrong. I know who I am and I thought you did as well but now I don’t even know what picture you’ve been looking at.  Most importantly where do we go from here when I have no clue what puzzle pieces you are holding all I know is it doesn’t fit me.



JOSEPH– Murder, I didn’t kill anyone. A matter of fact I saved people by giving blood and volunteering at the hospital.

GABRIEL ANGEL OF DEATH- That is so but didn’t you also go to those protests when you had that “cough” and you knew you wouldn’t be social distancing.

JOSEPH – It was for a good cause for G-D’s sake and even if I should have stayed in I never meant to kill anyone.

GABRIEL ANGEL OF DEATH- A strong argument that is why it’s not murder but manslaughter in the 3rd degree.  Yet what does a protest about an innocent person’s death have to do with burning an innocent person’s business down.

JOSEPH- I didn’t do that.

GABRIEL ANGEL OF DEATH- True but indirect actions have consequences. Whether it be going out when you know you should have stayed in or picking up a match even if you didn’t light it. For that you will now feel the heat. You won’t be burning but the time spent down their will G-D willing warm your heart to be with us real soon.



Why us? We were in your neighborhood through the good and bad but this is vile. Our business created jobs for many of your friends and helped them achieve their dreams now it’s literally ashes. Everyday the products we served helped to put out fires in one’s life but now you have ignited one that burns in every person who walked through our doors.  We had no part in any violence against anyone but now we are filled with indignant rage.  No, we won’t rebuild for you have put us through hell and now you sift through the ashes of our dreams instead.

FOOTNOTE- How many businesses in riot zones have had this story told?

Peace Officer


I’m a Police Officer trying to keep the peace as Molotov cocktails and other projectiles are thrown near me.  My dream was to protect all the citizens no matter what their race, religion or creed and now I’m being attacked because I wear blue.  Trying with every  bit of my being to stay calm while thousand of rioters taunt me and my fellow officers into a confrontation that we know nobody will win.   As a fellow human being I was just as appalled by the despicable acts against George Floyd probably even more because the perpetrator “wore our colors” but the rioters paint us with a broad hateful brush.  When will this hate and violence stop for the one’s who generally are trying to bring the peace to everyone?