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Just A Different Part But More Intense

Instead of your heart, eye or leg having a medical issue it’s in one’s mind instead. When one has a broken leg that pain from the injury penetrates the rest of the body until one’s mind can some how switch channels yet when it’s in the mind it stays on the channel without any remote in site. Which trust me is very difficult for those that are care givers. Yet for an outside observer it is worthy of understanding at least from the peripheral if for no other reason then knowledge. Mental illness is not contagious as are other sicknesses transmitted by bodies but definitely can take a toll on those who care. Just like any other illness if it is untreated it can only get worse. Yet when it is under control by those with the skills to help then it’s  like any other illnesses and those that are in recovery should be treated as if it’s like any other part of one’s body.