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She’s left my room but is still in my head.  It might be wrong but for the moment feels awfully right.  The truth is logically she would never live up to the emotions that encapsulate my mind but let’s face it dreaming is wonderful. For, it is a perfect vision that in reality has many flaws. Yet this infatuation feels just right even though it might be just the opposite.

Alone Happy*E* Possible Short

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I’ve been in my world for as long as I can measure.  For, after my toddler years the world of others ended. I’m not sure what exactly it was maybe some nuclear attack or something but since I’ve been able to walk and actually measure an item nobody else has joined me. Some how I was destine to exist while others left me their material possessions. Grocery stores, movie theatres, libraries have been all in my name until I met others.   It’s weird having company as I wonder what is okay to do alone now?

Acting More Real/Reel

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Acting is more real as the full range of my emotions are not only allowed but asked for in a performance. I can actually express happiness to the point of euphoria without worrying others will look at M-E in a way that’s less than a standing ovation. My anger does not have to be checked at the door but can be the force that slams it. Insanity can be explored without a psychiatrist prescription. Yes, acting is real in a way that I’m sorry to say life sometimes is not.

Acting For Real

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I’m acting and the world really is my stage. It’s just sometimes I’d really like to be “real”. Always pretending that what interests you interests M-E can be quite daunting since many an activity makes my eyes get heavy.  Appearing calm and steady when my pot is boiling is really an actor’s performance that I deserve an Oscar especially since you’re the one boiling my pot.  I memorize my lines as an “active listener to the point that I feel as if I’m a broken record.  My pretend phase is so good that sometimes I start to believe it. Yes, I love acting but once in awhile being real would give me the standing ovation I need for my “real” heart and soul.

Chicken Finger -Warning Very Strange

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I now have 6 but one can be eaten. That’s right my chicken finger is surgically attached to my hand just in case I get stuck on a dessert island or just famished.  Once I finish eating this finger another one is grown in place for my next meal. It’s actually not grown but kept along for the journey. I can even replace it with other meats but what really beats Chicken.  What might seem strange to others is delicious to me.

FOOTNOTE- Do you know someone who would have this procedure and if so would it just be one or an entire new hand?

Mental Health Degree

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Maybe we should look at mental health through a spectrum of colors not just black and white.  For, there are times within a lifetime. that many of the symptoms of the sickness appear in some decree in all of us. Sometimes we are a bit more sluggish and go through most of the day, just going through the motions even if our motions lag behind.  Anxiety can become overwhelming in certain circumstances especially where our exaggerated fears appear. These fears can even be a bit psychotic as they never really come to pass. Yet in the end those who don’t have the label go through our spectrums without thinking too much of the decree while those with the label continue have to think about it all the time.


So Small But So Great

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It was the greatest day I had in months, and it started it with deciding to spoil myself. That’s right I decided to splurge and go to Denny’s yet with this walker I worried maybe I was living too much at the edge. That is until an angel came and helped me not only get my stroller but with those heavy front doors.  I thought my day couldn’t get better but some anonymous individual paid for a heaping of delicious hush puppies. Kindness really makes a difference.

My day was moving in the wrong direction until helping a wonderful lady of young spirit changed it all.  Just a little task of helping her with the walker and the door made her so grateful that it changed the entire protectory of my day. I couldn’t leave it there so anonymously bought her a bunch of hush puppies. I never realized helping someone could feel so good but when it’s a wonderful woman like this giving is the only way to go.

Lake – Where I Stay

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The “lake” is where I stay even when I’m not actually their.  For one dip in it’s water and I feel cleansed from all my worries, fears and anger until the towel comes out.  I dream of my next visit especially when those emotions build within. Go jump in a lake! I surely will and gain the peace of mind that only it’s waters can bring.

Black Hole House- A Story *E*

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The price seemed to good to be true and now I know why as many that enter never leave. It’s not that the whole house possesses you but the attic takes your body to many generations before and after as you enter times you never lived before. Some of the inhabitants of the house are less then happy to see you enter their time zone and your lucky to get back to the attic before you clock goes dead. While others know the secret and are on the same lost journey your own but given up getting “home”.  The house is deal but the attic is hell to get out of.

Mental Health Retreat- Business Idea

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Maybe it’s time for you all to go away and get a bit better. With a mental health retreat you’ll re-energize your mind, body and soul. No labels just better health. Here are some of the activities you’ll have the opportunity to participate in. It’s time for you and your loved one’s to get better it’s time for a mental health retreat.

(1) Mediation and Yoga

(2) Group Therapy

(3) Individual Therapy

(4) Hikes and Lake Trails

(5) Nutrition, Vitamins and Medical Advise

(6) Exercise Classes

(7) Arts & Crafts

(8) Acting for Health

(9) Music/Dance for Health

FOOTNOTE- Does this actually exist? If not why?