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Gay & Fishing

Many a friend loves to fish but it’s not something I enjoy watching or doing? This doesn’t make me have fisherphobia ?  If they enjoy it and don’t bother others then that’s fine with me.  People have the right to choose their own sexual lifestyle but I also have the right not to enjoy watching it without any labels attached. What an individual enjoys should be up to the individual and how another feels about it is their own right as well.  While everyone has a right to do what they want without hurting another in general (suicide and drug abuse is illegal) those who don’t want to watch can look the other or choose a whole different pond.

What Made You Happy

Let’s start out with this question “What made you happy today”?  This should definitely be the question  if someone’s  “How Are You”, lead to a less then positive response. What made you happy might have a sarcastic response but it also might have the responder think a bit more about how many roses they actually got to smell.  “What made you happy” might also help a person think about doing things that actually achieved this feeling in their day or have them seek professional help to find more of such moments.  So I ask “What made you and me happy today”?