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Productive and Not

Let’s face it there is a lot to get done and the time is shorter everyday so we must learn to be productive with every minute except when we’re not.  The truth life is short and nobody knows when the clock will be pulled so trying to get “things” done is always on my “to do list” except when not.  I normally calibrate even the steps I take to get to my desired location at the most productive time.  “Shabbos” though is the exception where G-D has told me to basically turn off the clock and enjoy the moments around me more.  It might even extend my time as a whole because the engine needs time to re calibrate as well for it to work at it’s maximum performance or at all.  Being productive is essential ingredient in what makes me who I am except when not.


President Censured

1-10-20-  The United States Congress has dealt a deadly blow to the President’s re-election campaign by approving a censure resolution against him for his “abuse of power” as it relates to the Ukraine controversy. “The people of the country have spoken through their established representative and demand that this President must not be allowed to continue down this path” said speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi.  This is a bipartisan vote with 3 Republican’s not running for re-election signing onto it and brave Senator Romney co-sponsoring it when it goes to the Senate.

FOOTNOTE–  Don’t be shocked if this is the next move as the Impeachment hearing can’t produce actual “facts/political will” that  would enable a true impeachment vote to go through and the lame media will spin it their way.

Don’t Know

This one Jewish holiday leaves me a bit more then a little confused for it’s one I never understood and to tell you the truth one I didn’t look under let’s say many a bush to discover.  In a way “tradition” has kept me away from looking to deep because I feel a long term obligation to my business, that if I can discover new understanding might lead to another day off on the calendar.  Maybe it’s a bad excuse for less then observant feeling about this holiday but I’ll try ways in my own life to mark it deeper in my agenda then I did the previous year just not enough to take off the  day.


FOOTNOTE– Here’s a start-https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shemini_Atzeret


It Ends

Our block used to have a Halloween Party that everyone would attend until the host passed on.  A simple football pool got drowned out when the leader decided to swim a different lap.  It’s amazing how things just “END” when know one else will grab the baton/mantle.   Whether it be a tradition passed on from one generation to the last or something started just yesterday and ended on that date things end many times before their time.  When an individual feels unimportant see how many endings occur if you stop either way how many can continue without you? The funny thing is you might not find them so important now but many will miss them when you stop leading and they close to a sudden EN….D.


FOOTNOTE- With this in mind  I’m going to continue to pursue the video content of the Bud Rebel show along with the writing on a regular basis even if  G-D forbid the period’s start flashing in my sky. I hope to also add some financial incentives to have it continue after such a move might occur.  G-D willing the period will be a long time coming on this page.