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To Sue Or Not To Sue

Should one sue another when there life has been altered but by accidental means?  I don’t believe the fine restaurant” I went to wanted to make me feel less then fine for several days to the point of missing work and a trip to the hospital but their Eggplant Parmigiana appear to have done the trick.  This meal lead to many more trips to the bathroom and bed then any meal I had discovered before.  It also led me to a certain paranoia of what would enter my mouth after. So I ask you my juror should I sue this restaurant or just try and forget the meal actually occurred? 


Advantage of 2nd- Rivian

Rivian might just prove 2nd isn’t bad after all.  While Tesla takes all the fame and glory for 1st Rivian got an extra capital boost for following behind.  Ford and Amazon decided to invest big $$’s in this startup after watching Tesla speed away. These companies didn’t want to be left in the dust and therefore it was an easy sell for Rivian to take their cash.   Rivian also can watch and observe any difficulties that Telsa is having and prevent them in their models.  2nd place isn’t glamorous but it might just be an easier place to start.

FOOTNOTE– Full disclosure I’m a Tesla fan myself but which vehicle drives your enthusiasm?


Light Brings Darkness

The brighter the light the more darkness which will be revealed. For little indentations in one’s life will now be scene not only with your eye’s but everyone who walks down this bright new path. Dents that appeared to be fading away as the light dimmer ed will have a new life of their own.  Maybe therefore it’s best to sit in the dark.

A Sign

Did I become a sign for a loved one? For the night before I was there to speak with them but they were “too busy_ and the next day I wonder if they would ever have such an opportunity again.  As they awoke I was being taken by ambulance to the hospital which thank G-D turned out to be less serious then I initially believed.  Suddenly my loved one who didn’t appear to have the time got a new watch …at least for now.  I never knew I could be the sign of a time in a loved one’s eyes.