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Right Can’t Lose

I pray this saying rings true on 10/3/20 but we know it’s true on these front (below)  today. For as much as person leans left would they truly trust a person who pours his Whiskey that way. Yes we deplorable’s still can out race those on the left especially if it’s in a NASCAR vehicle. Our roots lie deep in our country as does the music we hold dear.  From the mechanic fixing your car to the woman who guards your border you can trust a person on the right is on your side.  We may not have the “newest art fashion” but sure keep the traditional fashions in style throughout the year.  G-D willing on 10/3/20 we’ll be showing that our fashion will be staying in style for the next 4 years as well.

Socialism Chains

Socialism creates it’s own form of chains that capture the mind, body and souls of those locked under it’s grasp. For initially socialism gives you “everything” for free but the cost is your own independence and self assurance. Socialism will take over your medical care but with no profit incentives for doctors, drug companies or hospitals care will decline precipitously until you’ll wait 6 months for even a minor surgery. Less and less innovation will create shortages on our land which previously were only seen in Venezuela or Cuba. This will occur in banking and every area that socialistic policies take over. Yet they will make the individual feel as if they are dependent on the government monopoly and continue to vote them in even as the government slowly moves freedom over the cliff. Socialism like a lobster in a slowly cooked pot of water will take away one’s freedom until there is nothing left but the bones.

Listen to Liberals

Don’t worry my fellow Elephants this blog post is not touching our world well except in the matters noted below. Let’s face it the liberals have us beat on not on policy but the drink which help those neurons to develop it. That’s right liberals know coffee and even those biscuits that go with them. They also have a tendency to have a better selection of films to watch while drinking the Java although I believe a few of us G.O.P’s are slowly sneaking into that realm. Liberals dominate the fashion beat unless you’re like me and are happy with a good pair of Wranglers. They also dominate fields in new green technology and Vegan delights. Great art works are designed by those who tend to eat grass then a few peanuts.  Yes my fellow deplorable’s we can’t have it all so let’s give credit where credit is due over a nice cup of Java w an Impossible Burger as we drive our Telsa to the voting booth on 10/3/20 and continue to make America Great again.

Call Ignored

You have received the call but have not answered it! The message is right in front of you but you are always looking the other way instead. For maybe the truth is harder to receive then what “appears on the ground”. So you shut off all the signals and let life pull you to a sleep that continues to become darker and darker. Pick up the call and listen instead, for life is brighter then you can see but you have to 1st take the call.