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Fox On The Run

It came from know where to enter my world and all of sudden everything that was normal was wild again. A fox entered my world right on our suburban streets and it’s wild nature led me to think outside my world into the deep woods. Where did it get there? How come it was traveling during the day? Was this a once in a lifetime experience or will it return?  Of course it came in a flash and ran so fast I never got it’s image on a camera  just in my head. I will never forget you fox and dedicate this song (below) to you for adding a little WILD into my normal day.



Every night at 426 AM it happens! The steps appear to walk closer and closer to my window and then suddenly they rap at my window initially so lightly then  louder and louder until they just dissipate in the air..  A haunting noise that allows fear to burn through ever bone in my being. Closer and closer the steps move as I hide under my covers. I don’t know whether it’s human or some form that haunts me. Death at this point would be a release from this constant fear.  I try to escape  as I travel to different sections in this one room apartment but the fear follows me where-ever I go.  Will it ever stop or will it haunt me FOREVER!!


FOOTNOTE- Maybe you should change your Kindle to not wake you up with haunting noises instead.