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I always thought it was them now I find it was always Y-O-U.  For you need someone to project your anger, frustration and disappointment on, and previously it was an individual with some culpability. It was a brilliant excuse at first as the initial victims had many more faults than the ones you’re projector on now. Years went by without me discovering what was going on until the projector was put right in my face. I’m far from perfect but the light is way too bright for anyone to bear.  G-D willing your future will include a picture of yourself and then things can really improve in all our life’s.

Simchat Torah and Covid

Anyone who knows me would probably contend I’m liberal in one area Covid restrictions but Simchat Torah is putting a conservative tone to observing this holiday. For, on this holiday one is extremely close to others in terms of dancing around and switching the Torah which means a mask mandate might be close to my face at least during this part of the celebration. I believe that 6 feet of distance will be broken over and over again with hands and body parts touching as well. It’s true I have the Covid Vaccine but I don’t want to have to take a day off in my bed afterward.

Be Who You Want To Be- Phone

Did you ever want to be someone you’re not well then let your phone do the work? For if nobody can see who is speaking from the other side then the person can be Tom Cruise, Opray Winfrey, Donald Trump, or the Pope.  Of course, the person on the other side must not actually know your number and be a bit naive but if you’re a good actor (a really good one) you might just pull it off.  I’m not recommending you do this for a living or anything but for a quick fun escape maybe it’s worth a ring.

FOOTNOTE- I believe before the phone dial goes dead you tell the other person that it’s a joke.