Taxes & Death

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I thought at least this part of my existence would end but taxes are eternal. Yes, you pay them to a higher authority but still have to give your share. You work your wings off up here and still it’s barely enough to enjoy the perks. Yet it could be a whole lot hotter so I’m not complaining just stating the facts.  Taxes are not based on anyone’s income but are what one did in their past lives and that can be a real burden. So, trust me try a bit harder or you’ll pay. For heaven isn’t as heavenly as one might think especially when you tax bill is sky higher.

When Things Go Wrong

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When things go wrong don’t just look at the mirror but stare into it! For, the only thing you’ll be able to change is your reaction to the event. It’s not you should look for the blame entirely within a matter of fact it might be the one thing that isn’t a culprit but it’s the one that can make a difference at least in one’s mirror.

Didn’t Sleep

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I didn’t sleep and now reality is blurred. I know that my thinking has slowed to a pace that is not keeping up with my head staying level. It is a situation that not only I can’t control but I worry will effect all those around me. Forgot about my fuse it’s past lit and if I had more energy I would be the aggressive driver. Luckily in the end sleep will prevail I just hope it occurs after I get home.

Don’t Think About It

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This advise will probably never be heard in a therapist office but it’s one I live with. When others annoy you, don’t understand you, don’t appear to care etc just don’t think about it.  That’s right throw it in a bottle and hit the gym or blast some music instead.  Keep your mind focused on the end zone and basically ignore the obstacles along the way. The truth is you’re probably not going to change their nature and moving on from them on can be so arduous so just ignore their journey as best you can and move in your own path forward.  Now you have it the one advise that no therapist will give you but just might get through this day.

Listen Guaranteed To Please….

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I’ve just opened up my open Bud Rebel Music Channel on spotify and it’s guaranteed to please M-E and hopefully Y-O-U.   Please take a listen and share for trust me it’s great music. Furthermore, if you’re an artist send a track my way and who knows the world might just hear your brilliance or at least M-E (lol).


Why This Anthem

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Why does this song have to often feel like my anthem?  I know it might be the uncharted path that I walk on but once in awhile it would be sorta nice if someone would along with me.  It’s not this path isn’t close to many others a matter of fact many a time it intersects with the “normal path” but this only occurs at 3 AM when nobody else is actually walking. I continue to walk though hoping someday that others might join me at least to take a peak.

Honey – Awesong Song- Not Sure Though If…..

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Honey by Maneskin is an awesome rockin’ song I’m just not sure if it’s actually sweet in any way though. If anything it’s hot and spicy as it keeps you running around at least in one’s head.

*** 1/2 – Great Song just change the name (lol)







Good For You Bad For Me

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What is good for you might be the cause that eliminates me.  Peanuts are the easiest one that comes to mind as it is delicious and nutritious for so many but is deadly to me and my kind. Yes, we all are familiar with allergic reactions that require a shot to keep going but let’s not discuss the latest trend. For example, Marijuana might do wonders to those who suffer from the effects of Cancer Treatment but put others in the hospital with paranoia and psychosis.  Even certain exercise can bend some people in ways that is hard to recover from.  So in the end what is good for the goose might make it a stew for somebody else.

Rosh Hashanah

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I want to wish Y-O-U all a Shanah Tovah.  A year worth of happiness, health, success and a bit more F-U-N.  May G-D forgive our sins whether intentional or indirectly and lead us to a path where in our own unique way we make this world a bit closer to the paradise it was created for. I personally pray for your forgiveness and the higher authority in any errors I have committed in that same vain.  G-D may this upcoming year be one where your message is heard loud and clear from sea to shiny sea as the truth be told and your love be felt in every heart beat.


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Am I special?  There are over 8 billion people existing at this time what makes my heartbeat any more significant?  I can say it’s because the tribe I belong to feels we have a significant rode to redemptions but what if they have just a different path? Yet could it be the ancestors that literally gave it all in someway so that I can exist today that makes me “special”? Maybe it’s those who never had the chance to exist outside the womb or lived a moment or two after that should make me appreciate this beat a bit more? I just think I’m special because I was able in some way to impact you and in so that evolved around this world one special person at a time.

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      I thought at least this part of my existence would end but taxes are eternal.
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      When things go wrong don’t just look at the mirror but stare into it! For,
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