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Is This For Real


Eleven to seventeen-year-old individuals in a formative rock band really? Eleven years old I was lucky to play a spoon let alone know what a guitar or drum was.  What did they start playing instruments before they were toilet trained I have no clue? While other kids their age are worrying about going to middle school or seeing their 1st concert these individuals are performing in one.  Linda Lindas truly a band before their times.


Electric Car Ease


One of the most difficult problems facing those who own an electric car is waiting for the battery to be charged and waiting and….  Yet with a “Topper” this problem would be avoided. The “Topper” would be a small handheld device that would be charged in advance of any trip so that when your battery is getting low the topper would electrify you forward. With a “Topper” you wouldn’t have to wait in line to charge your car.   Yes, before a trip you would have to charge your “Topper” but with the size being so small you would be able to do this at the same place you charge your cell phones maybe even with the same connection.  The “Topper” would make owning an electric car a whole lot easier and faster.



Today my quarantine ends and I can see other homo sapiens without fear of them getting Covid Cooty. This is probably the longest period of my life that I haven’t driven a car or gone to the office and I even took the shots. Covid came to my house uninvited and turned my normal world upside down as I felt I was in my own time machine back to cootie land.  Yes, it’s safe now to sit next to me on the bus which isn’t determined by the local bully but the government one, the CDC.  My quarantine ends and freedom begins again well until they say “got it.”