Nightmare Awesome

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Awesome, I just had a nightmare!! Now before you put me in a place for me to get some real rest let me point out the following.

(1) Nightmares are not real. When you wake up it feels good to know that.

(2) These dreams definitely give you the incentive to get out of bed faster than a cup of Java.

(3)  Life is so much better when you realize that what is real is in a whole different spectrum than what occurs when your eyes are wide shut.

(4) Nightmares prepare your mind for the what if’s that you wouldn’t consider if your eyes were open.

Trump Statement

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I met with Kanye West because he asked me to as a friend yet the person I met at Mara a Lago was not the same person I had known. It’s sad to see such a bright talented individual go down this path. He needs help sooner rather than later. We didn’t vet Nick Fuentes before he was included in the discussion and if we had he never would have been invited to attend.  There is no room for Anti-Semitism and/or  Holocaust denial in this great country called the United States point blank.

FOOTNOTE- This statement or one in a similar vein is one the former President should issue ASAP. 

G-D’s Calculator

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Human hands would never touch this calculator because although they might know where to start the finish is way behind their capacity. Karma is a bitch but how that comes about might not appear on one’s road map until they hit a deer. Jacob appeared to have to use deceit to do what was his destiny yet that turn led to a bumpy road map with many falls along the way. It is possible that along this path called life one might take a turn that is right “in the moment” yet leads one down many a pothole. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they were entirely wrong just that a hire authority is doing the calculation. revised

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If you’re experiencing things outside this realm or fascinated with tales thereof the revised “” website (one exists) will be the place you’ll have to visit. This website will help you find the individuals who can document, fight or just reassure you that what you see, hear and feel is in their realm as well.  You will find top-level experts who will have all the tools you need to help you in whatever you want to go (I would just leave the house). there is a world right here that is truly out there.

Not Mention

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It’s not even worth mentioning his name after the horrible things he said about one particular group of people.  I tolerate all “free speech” except when it lumps an entire group of people in one category and praises those who sought their destruction. Could it be the person is suffering from a mental health condition probably but there is a point where one has to hit rock bottom and maybe just ignoring his name is a start?

Buy An Island

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If you’re sick and tired of the way things are being run here why not buy with M-E and start anew? I’m sure we can change the world or at least make this island our little paradise. Away from corruption, traffic, pollution and chaos our island could simply by the right fun. So if you’re interested let me know and together we might just actually buy our little piece of paradise.


FOOTNOTE- The search has begun will you be looking as well? 

Too Much

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How does one deal with the sudden tragic death of a loved one? This is a death that appears to be cut short by hate and madness. It also seems surreal that one minute this person is laughing and talking with you about the future and then the next that future no longer exists.  How could another take such a life in their prime when so many others loved, cared and needed her?  I have no clue all I know is I have no room for hate at least for now and it’s just too much.

Integrity Inc

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Integrity Inc will be the company that brings reassurance to the public that every legal vote is actually counted. This company will be made up of specialists from all political viewpoints that can be hired before an election, during an election, or after one to bring back public trust in a flawed political system. Producing reports and actions before, during, and after that can make the system better for justice, not politics. Integrity Inc. isn’t it time people truly believed in democracy again?


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Imagine you can’t look away.  Your brand is presented in a way that the world will have to look at. It’s  ** Lights** Camera ** Action** and your brand is the star. …. G-D willing coming soon.

FOOTNOTE- Well maybe not camera but it will stay in one’s head as if it


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I knew too much and couldn’t keep my mouth shut so they shut it for me permanently.  The names, dates, and acts of those in power were going to be revealed to the world in a devastating blow to their base but not if they could Epstein me before his crime was revealed. I knew it could end up this way but felt there wasn’t any other way I could live.  Life is short and you have to try to do what’s right even if in the end it becomes the noose that pulls you down. So let me tell you the truth before with one last…

FOOTNOTE– Not a “proven” true story.

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