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Earthquake Bird-Beautiful Nothing

Earthquake Bird flies in the clouds as the viewer waits for the final reveal of lightning and thunder only to be left in the clouds. Wondering where did my 2 hours ago.  This film  gives the viewer a Cinematographic view of Japan that is stunning and Alica Vikander has us  glued to the screen with her portrayal but at the end we are left empty.  For even the greatest actors can only pull a weak script so far.

FOOTNOTE-Watch the movie until the last 3 minutes and let this bird fly away then you might an add an extra star to my review below.

** 1/2 without the flight.

Protest Not Working

When would society just completely fall apart? When would the boiling point point occur where individuals  protest being out of work from a Pandemic that they believe has passed even if it’s not the case?  How long would it take for this to occur and who would initiate this mob mentality? An idle mind in one individual can hurt them but in a group it can become disastrous.