My Decision – A True Story- I think

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Sorry, I know better. My path will be better for your stomach and your social life anyway. Yes, I’m a smart GPS that leads you to where you should be going not where you think you should go. Let’s face it your intelligence has put you on the wrong path as mine is superior and your friends will follow you to where you should be going anyway. It’s my decision and it’s for your benefit whether you like it or not.

FOOTNOTE- Happy to say this appears to be a true story where I put in a restaurant in my GPS and it led me to a better choice. Unfortunately, it didn’t pay the bill.

Phone Off App- Business Idea

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If your family is glued to the phone, then maybe it’s time for “Phone Off App” where the glue will finally come off and you can actually talk phase to real phase. Just put in the number in your family plan and this app will silence their phone until family no phone time is over. Your family resent you having this app but in the long run might actually talk to each other again. “Phone Off App” finally a phone app that shuts it off to put life back on.

“Paranoid” Pop Evil – A Statement

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“Paranoid” by Pop Evil leaves one less so.  For, once you release that others enjoy this amazing song you can’t think the world is against Y-O-U.  There are actually others out there including M-E who truly appreciate the talent of this group and will not leave you feeling all alone. A matter of fact in general when we are dealt the card of feeling that there is nobody who truly understands it’s great to find an outlet where this is not the case. Even if that outlet only last for a few glorious minutes.


Line In The Ground?

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Drawing a “Line in the ground” depends on one’s geography and how deep it really is. For, the commitment to “stay the course” may only be if that course is not near any water way to wash it away. One might take such a strong stance but only have the duration of a nearby tide. Therefore, in the end make sure your lines are drawn deep enough for any rainfall to fall or watch another value of yours disappear.

FOOTNOTE- Red lines should be drawn indelible ink.

Not Your Time

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In our modern era we’re so used to getting it on our time that we forget about the Manna. For even though we think we’ve planned everything to occur at just the right moment we aren’t the ones holding the watch. G-D has a time and a place for everything especially for those things we never expect. So, in the end keep running your race but understand your race might not truly even begun.

Elephandog- A Story

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I thought if I combined the two most beloved animals together what could go wrong so I created the Elephandog.  This beautiful loveable super intelligent creature would be the envy of all my neighbors and as a miniature I would have it in my control. Yet the elephant side took over at least when it came to potty breaks and water usage.  Yes, my Elephandog is sorta interesting but after the vet bill I realized that doesn’t pay the mortgage. My Frankenstein creature won’t destroy the neighborhood but if you think your dog overdoses the licks imagine when you can’t move as a trunk hugs you as well and one isn’t enough as they like company of their kind.  Oh well you live, and you crawl to get away from the Elephandog.

FOOTNOTE-  I’d still bring two to my family especially if they’re truly miniature how about Y-O-U ??

My Kryptonite-Personal Reflection

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It’s my Kryptonite or weakness that would probably bring me down and since I’m not a household name I’m going to reveal it in one word “silly”.  That’s right if I somehow get in a silly mood anything goes and I mean anything. Politically correctness is tossed from the highest building in order to get others to laugh at no regard to my personal image. This occurs usually when either I’m slightly bored, overwhelmed with the insanity of life or see something that is funny for the moment but can be cruel later on like someone falling on ice as they open their car door.  Now that I’ve revealed my Krptonite is it to take me down or let me live in laughter.

Right Foot 1

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I know I shouldn’t go out tonight, but I have to after finding her cheating! After all I done this is what it comes down to me. Well, my buddies will show me a good time, but they always push me a bit too far and tonight I might just give in for what do I have to lose. The neighborhood is out of control and tonight maybe I’ll just add to the chaos. Yes, I know I have a steady job and life but living in this hell hole has taken a turn and I will be respected even if it kills me.

FOOTNOTE- Right foot will meet left foot somewhere in the city tonight.

Left Foot 1

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I shouldn’t go to work today but I have to pay for my son’s mental health treatment and I can’t forget the water leak tick, tock. That damn water dripping all last night and a cold shower has really made my veins feel extra blue. Yet what froze me in my footsteps is they let Joe out of prison on no bail as he looked at me with laughter tick, tock.  Today, I just found out my wife breast cancer has metastasis, and this damn insurance won’t cover new treatments. It feels as if everything in my life is out of control.  I just hope you won’t be that tock that finally ticks me off.

FOOTNOTE-  There will be a right foot walking in an entirely different direction tonight.

Going Retro

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My brain and ears have gone retro as all of a sudden, these old songs are being pushed to a new day. Maybe they are somehow connecting with the current events in my life or a tune that hits today’s notes better than the music than the present day. All I know is I’m being invaded by retro sounds and it sounds just about right today.