Water Escape

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I felt cold and dingy until a bit of water rushed into my life.  The weather was colder then it normally is for this time of year but I also believe the stresses of work and life added to the chills. So how was I to get myself into the pool for my regular exercise?  Well a trip to the gym’s Sauna warmed me up but honestly I was still freezing inside when I jumped in. Yet after a few laps my whole body felt a hole lot warmer. Swimming is good for your body but just as good for the head as the water escape that warms you inside and out.

Democrats Counseling

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I truly understand how you feel it’s not easy when you’re feelings are being discarded.  You want someone who can build you up with just the special words that are inclusive of such emotions.  You feel he just doesn’t understand and that hurts.  Yet I believe that it’s important to recognize before he came to power these sessions were just too much for your budget and that beautiful hairstyle was only a picture on the wall.  I remember how you said you were scared of ISIS attacks and how you were afraid your father wasn’t getting the proper care at the VA. It’s very tough and I understand your feelings yet maybe we should look at some of the actions that have changed your life before you consider voting again. I hope this discussion is helpful and we can keep making your life great again. That will be $200.00

Avengers Endgame Didn’t start

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Avengers Endgame hasn’t even begun in my life. I know that I’m missing much but it’s just something I’ll probably have to regret.  For I started watching Avengers Infinity War just to get a taste and let’s say it didn’t last past the appetizer as the main course was on a different channel.  It’s not that I don’t enjoy Super Hero movies I just like them one at a time Spiderman, Dark Knight etc where characters can be fully devoured not clumped together as a left over soup. I even enjoy the silly one’s such as Guardians of The Galaxy but when everything is thrown together it feels like a Smorgasbord without any one item pulling you in too deeply. I’m going to try and understand the feelings a bit better as I go further back in this series but for now Avengers Endgames will not begin on my schedule as I go to an entirely different restaurant.

Not Right-Part II

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While my initial “Not Right”  post was a joke this one is serious because it’s about Chocolate. The question is how can one bar which actually has less cocoa content be so superior to one that has more, give that it’s only 3 %. Endangered 88 % Cocoa Bar has the flavor that should be extinct compared the Nutty delicious flavor of Theo’s 85% brand. If they have the same basic flavors why should such a distinction be found. Maybe it’s simple the quality of the bean that Theo utilizes and the process it takes to develop this awesome flavor.  It’s not right that this should occur but life is like a bowl of Chocolates and if you’ve chosen Theo you’re a winner.



Not Right

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It’s just not right why can’t it be left instead. That’s right I’m always the 1st one you turn to to test if it’s too hot or too cold and trust me it is on both levels.  Yes, once in awhile a toe takes my place but how many times do you really go to the hot beach anyway. You also have me test whether it’s too sharp and I have the scars to prove it. So give me a break and let your left hand lead the way I’ll be happy to follow behind on this trail.

Vaccines & Freedom

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I and my loved one’s have always had their vaccines but I understand parents who have a different viewpoint on this need.  They have a bit more of a conspiratorial basis that is close to a religious point of view which in the end may not only hurt their children but those most vulnerable in society as society. Innocent bystanders who because of medical conditions can’t take such vaccines and are therefore vulnerable to those who choose to make this decision instead.   That is why we can respect their objections but still offer the cat and stick approach.  If they refuse to get their child vaccinated then their child can’t participate in various group events of society  and they also will face a financial as well as  criminally penalty if they or their child happens to pick up said sickness. This way parents will still have a choice but one that can bite them in the end if it’s the wrong one.


FOOTNOTE–  If a parent feels obligated to get a vaccine for their child because of “the consequences” of not doing so (financially or criminally) then the government will help with it’s resources to bring legal actions against the manufacture of said  vaccine if it causes direct undue harm to said child. The government itself  might be legally responsible as well.

Can’t Hide

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I thought I could hide and nobody would find my identity but those that “hate” have a way to know. It doesn’t matter how much you try and “fit in” your true “ethnic heritage” will be discovered once someone looks a bit deeper.  It’s not that I was “embarrassed” to be that identity (well maybe a little) but I just wanted to strike a whole new path from my ancestors so I ate from different plates and openly mocked them.  Now I need their help to escape but they have left before me or have been swept away. Maybe if I and others stood united with them in the past I wouldn’t have to hide away today.


America 1st = Tough Love

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We love you and that is why we have to put our foot down. For giving you monies for nothing doesn’t really help you become independent and strong.  As tough as it is you have  to work harder and try new solutions to make you’re people want to stay with greater economic opportunities for all.  More freedom will also be a force for that engine to run.  Once you get the levers moving in the right direction will help keep them  moving (with monies) so that you can truly be strong.  For in the end America 1st is for  your country to be 1st as well.

FOOTNOTE-  America 1st is also harsher on countries that our “enemies” but not the people who live under such oppressive regimes.


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As the holiday of Passover ends where my tribe celebrated G-D’s direct role in setting us free I must admit some might still voluntarily stay in bondage.  This of course would not be based on race, religion or culture but the attitude of said individual. Individuals today sell themselves into slavery as the chains are made of  Heroin, Crack etc instead of steel. They will do anything to keep themselves in this bondage and the proof is seen in many a street. Yet others will sell them into slavery if they could, because freedom offers them to many choices which they can’t handle. They want others to control them maybe not with a whip but with the basics of life whether it be a government tyrannical system or an abusive relationship.  Freedom is just too scary for these individuals so they stay in a different form of chains until they gain the strength to understand their own power but then it is often too late.

DNA Killer

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2036-   It is our job to eliminate those who by their DNA will be a threat to our way of life. Some of our opponents call us DNA Killers but we believe we are essential in saving life’s.  For if we didn’t force those individuals to terminate their pregnancies their offspring’s would eventually kill many innocent people. We have allowed some to be born and monitored in the past but it’s basically been Russian Roulette where nurture usually isn’t able to overcame their killer instinct. So why should society take the chance with one individual who’s DNA has been proven to lead to murder in too many cases? Our goal is to actually eliminate this DNA model so we all have a better choice to live in peace and happiness. Then we can look for other’s with DNA’s that cause other problems in our society.

FOOTNOTE- Science can lead to eliminate people they deem a threat before they are even born