Talent in Space

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music at senior citizen home Working on grill hardware store

 Their talents are hidden in small spaces where only a handful will ever see their brightness.  They could be playing in Carnegie Hall, competing with Donald Trump or have the next food chain but they’re satisfied or afraid to move from these tight locations.  The space is safe and although they may not get the money or gratitude they would receive from stepping away it’s what they know and know it very, very well. They are the one’s that keep a local hardware store growing/ going in a tough market, they make sure every senior is still singing and have those eggs just right for us every day.    We who experience such talent should help those individuals gain a foothold to take those extra steps or at least show how much we appreciate that they are staying in our spaces. For local talent is all around us and although the world may never know they shine we do and should make sure those diamonds continue to remain bright even if it’s only in a few hands.

Permanent Rebound

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rebound relationship  rebound

It was supposed to get you over a difficult split but this rebound appears to be holding on and getting stronger over time instead.  What happens if what you thought was only a momentary glance becomes permanent? When you’ve went for someone you normally wouldn’t have given a 2nd look to and now you can’t see yourself looking away from.  I guess the truth is sometimes a split from our perceived perfect 10 opens us up to a 5 or 6 that over time shows us numbers in places that we wouldn’t have seen before. Remember the rebound can win a game in basketball and even in life.

Come out -Come In

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hiding in closet 2

As homosexuals come out of the closet many heterosexuals take their spot.  For acts that were considered “normal” for those between sexes now might be considered gay and not in the happy old time sake (Flinstone’s Theme Song).  For example in Ron Chenow’s book on Alexander  Hamilton there are certain letters that Mr. Hamilton wrote to other men that today would have made him appear to be one of the Village People and who knows maybe he did have such tendencies.  These letters would never be written today by men who didn’t share a sexual attraction to each other because even though there was no direct connect enough innuendo’s might make our friend very uncomfortable.  Even open acts of affection between those of the same sex make people wonder more then they did in the past and for open heterosexuals this is not the look they want to have. Heterosexuals therefore remain in the closet with acts or words of affection hidden between the clothes  or shoes that are kept there.

Relationship /Relationship

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Couple and Friend

You’re in a committed relationship and yet there is another person that is attracting your attention. This is the best of both worlds if you play your cards right. For the relationship you’re in has a physical component to it that keeps your bond strong but the other relationship isn’t even developing so you could totally be yourself.  You can say the most absurd and even silly remarks to the other person without any fears that you will lose them because you don’t have them in the first place.   Your committed relationship requires a certain loyalty where barriers of behavior, or attitude must not be crossed while the wall has been broken with the other relationship, as long as you don’t touch.

A little paranoid is ….

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If you just touch on your paranoid bone you will give yourself a shock that can a bit more excitement to your life.  Of course you don’t want to go over the top but wondering what is lurking behind can add a bit more drama to your ordinary conversation and thoughts in a way that keeps them going way past their initial appearance.  It also can help you see things in a different point of view. Have fun with the thoughts but be careful not to take that one step too far where you’ll start wrapping yourself up in fear.

Paranoid 2


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black mail

What would you give to have me stay silent? I don’t just know what you did last summer but I know what you did last night and the night before that and so on and so on.  Would it cause more pain if your loved one, boss or best friend knew what you looked at or “explored” in your free time? Would you be able to say you were just curious or would this only do more harm then you think?  For your computer has an eye as well and it is watching YOU!

Pope Francis Auschwitz

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Pope Francis Auschwitz

Pope Francis has made a greater statement by his silent walk through Aushwitz then any Christian leader has done before. There are no words to express the horror that occurred through these gates and the silence of the world still penetrates today.  As a faithful person of the Jewish faith I’m truly moved by my Christian brothers faithful walk. For as Jews G-D has allowed our people to be symbols of the greatness and horror that we as human’s can bring on each other. When we stand up together against evil we win but when we fear or lack the will to win evil continues to flourish. Our history even today in Syria and North Korea are just two examples of how silence in the force of evil only continues to bring death and destruction to the innocent.  Let us pledge that the Pope’s walk gives us the steps we need to stop evil as we slowly change the tide of our history.

Travel to North Korea?

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poverty in north korea  North Korea death

Is North Korea really the place you want to travel to?  North Korea’s leader is one of the most barbaric regimes in the world killing millions of it’s own people and people want to travel there to what take a photo? Why would an individual give their hard earned monies to a monster that cares nothing for his people and clings to power literally on the bones and blood of his countrymen and woman? Have we truly forgotten that “Never Forget” was not just a saying for one time but for all time?  I understand the urge to go to a unique place but hell shouldn’t be on the list.  North Korea a land know one should visit until this evil regime is put out of business for good.


Lease Computers/IPAD-

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lease buylease computer


Do you have a business or organization that needs multiple computers but worry about the initial expense, service and keeping up to date w the technology while your units get old  then why not lease instead of buy?  LEASE A COMPUTER/IPAD will not only provide your organization with the computer power it needs but make sure that they’re running on time. No longer do you have to fear technical breakdowns or become obsolete before your time with LEASE A COMPUTER/IPAD you’ll have the maximum power and speed behind every user.  Of course this service comes with a fee but with peace of mind and security behind it LEASE A COMPUTER/IPAD is the only way to go.

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