We all need a bit more dog affection.

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Ipetting a dog

think G-D invented Dogs to teach us how to treat others. Now I don’t mean we should go up and pet our friends everyday although a petting on my head today wouldn’t be so bad. Instead it is important that we realize the importance of human touch from one person to another.  In today’s society where we have sexualized everything it’s difficult to get that friendly hug or tap on the back without someone thinking something’s sexually going on. Maybe we should all pretend we’re on a baseball team and… forget that I don’t enjoy the tap on the butt.  I think I’ve discovered a solution though (below)

   I do have a solution every December 30th is “Dog Day”. The first year will be for those with brown eyes when a person looks at your with his/her brown eyes you have to pet them. You can also rub their belly but that’s only if you’re very close.   We will rotate petting people according to which eye color is chosen for the year.  This way we can truly be excited about New Years Eve especially when our color comes up.

Food Stamps -Failure

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meals on wheels 

Recently I worked with Meals on Wheels and was shocked to find out that if I didn’t volunteer many in my local community would end up hungry.  It was shocking to discover this because I come from a middle class community and these individuals were the most needy among us.  I wondered how can we spend 80 billions dollars a year on a program that doesn’t reach our ill and homebound citizens first. Where is our money going? How many bureacrats hands does our dollars have to pass through to truly get to those who are most needy?

  The truth is even if our national programs were perfect (which obviously they’re not) it is impossible for national programs to truly reach the local communities effectively. If we truly want to help out those less fortunate monies must be directed to Churches, Shuls and other “non-profits” that effectively reach those least among us.  Citizens direct donations do more to help out those groups then monies tied up in federal bureacracy and political deal making.  Many of us feel we don’t have time or monies  to help out with business and family responsibilities but if we gave a bit more then we truly could see a difference.  


The privilege of being in a family business.

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father and son

In a person’s life they rarely have the opportunity to thank their parents and siblings for all that they’ve done for them. The tirelessly hours and monies that parents have expended appear something that can’t be truly compensated for.  The kindness and empathy that a sibling brings to you is also very difficult to compensate for.  Yet those in family businesses have the privilege of truly  demonstrating their gratitude and seeing it pay off.

When a son or daughter commits their time and effort to the family business they truly allow their parents an opportunity like no other.  Parents are able to lesson their burdens at work and therefore enjoy more vacation time. These parents also can move toward the tasks they truly enjoy at work knowing that they have a trusted partner who can handle the other responsibilities.   This of course includes siblings who also enjoy similar benefits from having others work in the family business. Finally G-D willing as the business grows siblings and children can see there parents enjoy the material success they have created. It can be quite challenging working in a family business where family members have different personality, unique goals but with hard work and respect the benefits can be priceless.

Sinister – Renews my hope in Horror

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**** Sinister

After years of watching horror movies miss their mark “Sinister” hits the bulls eye. Many horror movies make a joke of the acting talent that are brought to the big screen but not Sinister. Ethan Hawke is brilliant as Ellison Oswalt a writer obsessed with fame and fortune.  The rest of the cast is equally talented with character developments that are fully flushed out. The story has a unique twist and turns that many horror films lack. A Fine music score and cinematography help add to the quality of this picture.

Cowboys vs Eagles-Wow!!!

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Cowboys Vs Eagles

I’m glad I only got 4 hours or so of sleep because this one of the most dramatic games of the season. It was a roller coaster of a ride for fans where the action didn’t stop.  It was assumed that the Cowboys would get beaten badly since their star quarterback Tony Romo couldn’t play but Kile Orton came in and played the game of a lifetime. Unfortunately for Dallas fans it was a lifetime that ended a minute or so to short to short with an interception pass to Lesean Mcoy.

One has to wonder if someone in the Dallas organization has a problem with the “Man Upstairs” because the last 4 seasons the Cowboys have ended with one game short of making the playoffs.  To make matters worse it’s been the key last game.  I suggest the team and it’s ownership take a field trip visit to a Church, Shul and Mosque during the off season. Tough loss for Dallas but a terrific game for true fans of the sport.

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