FFL = Freedom Football League- Let’s Play Ball Not Politics

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Patriot Football

The FFL Freedom Football League would be a football league that would stand with pride for the Red, White and Blue and play in the heartland of this country.  From Iowa to South Carolina the FFL would serve the rest of the country with a game that is fun for the entire family as well as participate in locate community activities that seek to improve this great country in between the games.

Further note  the game called football has become wussified where it’s more important to be a better actor then kick some butt on the field. There are penalties for roughing the passer and roughing the kicker in a sport that is supposed to be rough.   “Freedom Football” lightens the rules not the roughness of football.  What Ultimate Boxing did for boxing Freedom Football does for football.

GUARANTEED NFL PICK – Jets beat Dolphins …. or….

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Jets beat Miami Dolphins or

The NY Jets  will beat the Miami Dolphins today at their home opener or they will lose.  I believe they have a good chance to win as there pieces appear to be coming together under the strong quarterback Josh McCown but I could be wrong.  I’m leaning more to the win because  Josh has a more precise arm then the critics  are noting and  can escape easily when  he is under pressure. So take  that to the bank the Jets will beat Miami today but I could be wrong.

NFL Playoffs- Bore fest

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NFL Playoffs 3

The NFL Playoffs game is so boring that watching Ted for the 10th time is even more entertaining and that is on Network T.V.  Can the Patriots stop being so good for a few minutes and why did I even turn on to watch Atlanta burn the Packers? Let’s just hope in 2 weeks it will be more entertaining at the Superbowl well at least we can count on the commercials.  Go Falcons!

Giants Vs Eagles- MY FAULT

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giants-vs-eagles-1 giants-vs-eagles-2

I want to apologize to all my fellow Giants fans who wanted to see their team clinch the a playoff birth by beating the Eagles yesterday. The truth is the NY Giants didn’t want this to occur without me watching so they decided to hold off for another week or when I have the time to watch them. I’m sorry the board meeting went a bit too long and with all the excitement I forgot about the game (not the biggest fan).  I’ll make a greater effort to watch the next game especially if they’re winning with 2 minutes left in the 4th.

Dak Prescott- the next Tom Brady

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dak-prescott  tom-brady-2

Is history repeating itself before our eye’s as a historic quarterback is replaced by the 2nd stream only to become the star himself?  Dak Prescott replacement of Tony Romo is eerily similar to the replacement of Tom Brady to Drew Bledsoe as he went from bench warmer to Superstar overnight.  Dak Prescott’s performance since Tony Romo left with an injury appears to be following in that same golden path. Yet time will tell whether Mr. Prescott will gain a ring or 2 along the way all we can say for now is the path appears brighter for Mr. Prescott game after game.

Tom Brady -Guilty, Innocent or Don’t Care

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deflagate 3  Deflagate 2

Is Tom Brady guilty in Deflategate scandal or innocent, since the balls aren’t talking and his cell phone is “missing” from that period we may never know.  We know that Tom Brady openly admits to wanting to have an edge in the game so that his motive is clear but would he lower the air to this point.   Furthermore the longer the air from this case goes on and on the less interest the public has in it. We may never know the answer to this case and eventually won’t care as well.

Caroline Panthers VS Denver Bronco’s or REVENGE

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Carolina Panther VS Denver Broncos 1 Carolina Panther VS Denver Broncos 2 jpg

It was the worst prediction I made in years as my Panthers were trounced by galloping Bronco’s but the opening of this football season begins with the words REVENGE.  My Panthers are hungry and horse meat is just wants on their fangs.  So enjoy running free you Bronco’s because on September 8th we will have you walking away with your tails between your legs…. I hope.

NFL Player Will Smith Killed -Road Rage

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Will Smith

Defensive End Will Smith was killed in a road rage attack this Sunday. It’s so sad to see such a talent have their life ended in a blink of an eye by a fit of anger that Will Smith was always able to control on the field.  A moment of anger and hate that can blind a person from the truth around them into a raging animal only bent on death and destruction. May the untimely death of Will Smith cause us to reflect on moments of anger and channel them to constructive purposes that build on one’s life instead of destroy them. RIP Will Smith

Superbowl 50-Oops- Carolina Panthers Eat Bronco’s

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Carolina Panthers Win Superbowl 50


In a stunning victory the Carolina Panthers left only the skeleton of the Denver Bronco’s on the field with a 47-14 victory for Superbowl 50.  That crunching will continue in North Carolina as it has been reported that the  team that wins has the fans that eat the most food and North Carolina just gained another 20lbs per each citizen.  The crushing victory came from a Carolina offense that wouldn’t quit from quarterback Cam Newton throwing touchdown passes as if they were tosses in the park to Jonathen Stewart running over the Bronco’s Defense. Poor Peyton couldn’t get a pass off without seeing the crushing defense led  by Charles Johnson and Jared Allen.  More Carolina BBQ of Bronco meat will be served the rest of the weekend  in celebration.

My prediction as of Saturday 2/07/16


Giants VS Miami (Wrong & Right

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Giants Vs Miami

The Giants will blow this game open against the lowly Dolphins.  31 Giants- 24 Miami  proves I’m obviously (wrong)   . This game doesn’t matter  because the Giants are terrible at 5-7 and Miami forget about (wrong). The Giants are now tied for first place in NFC East.   South Park is on and will be funny (absolutely right). I’ll get some needed sleep and feel fully awake in the morning (wrong I still need the Cappuccino) .

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