How Come?

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   How come the biggest critics are the ones with the least knowledge in what they are truly criticizing?  For example there are restaurant critics that never went to a culinary school or even worked at a restaurant and movie critics that have never been involved in the industry. We even find aethistic criticizing those of faith yet they have never walked in their shoes.  Don’t get me wrong sometimes it’s good to get advise from someone who is outside because they can see things that those from the inside will not. Yet only through deep understanding of what others go through can you truly offer an alternate vision otherwise it appears that shades of jealousy are seeping through and your criticism will not be constructive.



Traffic Sucks-A Real Solution

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I don’t know about you but I’m sick of sitting in traffic. Not only is it a waste of time,  causes a great deal of pollution, makes us more dependent on foreign fuel and fuels angry feeling.  It’s time for a real solution that is based on the free market system.  Here’s the beginning to these solutions (below)

(1) All profits that a company receives in creating and running private roads and/or alternative green ways to travel are kept by that company.

(2) Government owned roads that have a failing grade (poor maintenance, poor record on traffic etc)  can be bought out by private enterprises to run for up to 5 years. They will keep all profits on tolls relating to running these roads. angry in traffic

Hey, what did you say?

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speaking but not listening    We can hear others speak but not truly listen to the words because we interrupt it in our own world. When this occurs we should ask questions of those that spoke instead assume something that has not actually been spoken. I believe this occurred when Eve was deceived by the snake to eat the apple. Instead of Eve asking G-D if there was an exception to the rules she assumed there was one and we all know the consequences of that decision. I believe today that lesson should not be forgotten and before we say what others said maybe we should truly listen to what they say and ask questions.

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