Favorite Songs 1D

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It is possible that one of these songs (below) might already been on my list that is why I decided to make put them in a tie. For even I was wrong on one count I’m sure I can’t be wrong on the other that would just be too coincidental.  These two songs by Sick Puppies really are compelling in the same instrumental and vocal ways but fills you with different emotions at the end. Which leaves you with the thoughts are they “all the same” or “maybe” there really is a difference?




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This song literally changed my day in it’s tracks!  Badflower does it again for me and might just be turning into my new favorite band after all.  It’s so powerful that I dare you not to shed a tear at least in one’s heart. Listen and have your day stopped as well.


Favorite Songs IH

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Simply catchy this song is one for the ages.  It’s beat holds up in today’s times and it’s lyrics is one that easily remembered decades after you’ve first heard them.  Maybe it’s not the most brilliant song ever made but you have to admit it’s something that’s down on you.

FOOTNOTE–  I apologize in advance for the last line but I was trying to be as catchy as the song is maybe that line belongs in the past unlike this song.

Favorite Songs IJ

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Sorry I couldn’t choose between my 2 favorite songs in this movie. A matter of fact you might as well put the hole album for this category. The songs in this movie keep playing in my heart and soul years after I’ve heard them with power and love.



Favorite Songs 1K

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This song proves you don’t have to literally understand the words of a song to catch the emotionally current that flows through it.   It also is another reason I should learn a bit more Spanish.


Favorite Songs IL

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Yes, this favorite song doesn’t show the machismo in me but can you truly deny that it touches even the strongest heart.  Great lyrics and music with a video that remarkable forgetful for such a powerful song.


Favorite Songs 1M

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I just remembered how much I love this song and it didn’t hurt that the Guardians Of The Galaxy helped revive this incredible memory.  For those who don’t appreciate it what song do you know that has such an unusual beginning and keeps you singing the lyrics throughout?


FOOTNOTE– By the way I know this isn’t the real artist in the video it’s just a bit more visually entertaining.


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I’m not sure what you thought of my selection so far for favorite songs but G-D willing this one is one you’re doing right now.  I also hope you enjoy the rest of the song as well as it inspires you to do much more with the life you’ve been given.

Smash Rock

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It might be the new sound or for all I know could it exist. “Smash Rock” will combine the sound of crushing, crunching or just smashing items with vocals and whatever is left of instruments today.  It is rock for those  who lock the sound of  actual rocks breaking things.  “Smash Rock” will represent the destruction one feels in one’s life, the final verdict or noise in someone’s ears.  Yet it will or is the sound of a new  generation waiting to bang into your eardrums today.





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This song has a deeper meaning then most songs in this genre and yet is still truly entertaining.  With a chorus that is strong enough to stay with you maybe past the grave.


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