President Clinton & Anti Semite Louis Farrakan

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Bill Clinton & Louis Farrakhan Bill Clinton & Louis Farrakhan.jpg 2

I understand people coming together when a loved one passes away but when a former President stands with a man of hate at such an occurence then someone is very wrong.  President Bill Clinton not only stood next to Louis Farrakhan a “man” who called Hitler a great man  that Judaism is nothing more than a “deceptive lie” and a “theological error” among other despicable comments that continue even in 2018. To make the President look even worse the two other people in between have also been known to make remarks which were anti-semitic and anti-white.  Sometimes you can’t pick where you want to sit but you can decide then maybe it’s not worthy to be in such a row of hate.  President Clinton should have shown respect in a way that respects all people.

Ritual Thought

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Jewish Rituals 3 Jewish Rituals 2

There are many rituals one who practices a certain faith keeps even if they are not sure of all the fine points connected to them or even why they are doing them. Rituals allow us to hold onto a tradition that our ancestors did before. They allow us a chance to step away from the daily mundane activity and try to connect to a higher plateau. It is also try that those who follow them strictly can make us who don’t feel awkward trying to perform them or even cursed if we add our own “style”.  Yet finding our ritual space helps connect us to G-D in a way that words may not accomplish for it’s the effort that G-D see’s counting.


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Excluded 2

Sarah Palin was excluded from John McCain’s funeral which begs the question why exclude anyone from their own moments to express grief with others? Why not let everyone even those that you might have vehement disagreed with you to have their moment to say goodbye if that’s what they truly want?  If there was no moment of reconcillation while your body was ticking why not have that moment before it’s final resting place?  What benefit does a family get by restricting those from paying some respect even if in their minds it’s a bit too late. G-D will decide who to exclude at a higher place while we should allow all to pay their respects here.

Just Want to KNOW??

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Curious look 3  Curious look 1

This is meant not to be offensive but an exercise in understanding. If you are planning to vote for a Democrat in the 2018 mid term election what current issue is leading you in such a direction? I can understand that you might have long term concerns such as “Climate Change” or the right to unrestricted abortion in all 50 states but what issue that is pressing in the next 6 months after such an election. Do you believe a different policy will help the booming economy lift up more boats then it is now? Is their some foreign policy expansion that you believe this President has taken which has brought us closer to some problem? Maybe I’m missing something so please inform me.



dog curious

Insane Vacation

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Mental Hospital

If you’re looking for a vacation that is truly unique,  which you are constantly pampered but still have your own space then maybe it’s time for an ” INSANE VACATION. This place will give you the feel of a professional mental health facility including group therapy, nature walks, individual therapy and food served right to your room without the additives that those who are living in such facilities have.  You will have plenty of time to just relax and contemplate life in a different setting that you would probably find no where else unless you really needed it. “INSANE VACATION” for those who need to truly get away from real life.

A Bud Rebel Utopia

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Private Island 3

If I could develop a Utopian world it would start out with some basic building blocks (below) that I believe would make all the inhabitants want to stay and grow with us. These building blocks might change over time as new thoughts and ideas come into my head or one’s leave as such. I also will carefully listen to others as I hope this dream might just become a reality in lifetimes to come. Here’s a few thoughts today


(1) U.S Bill of Rights Adopted for all the citizen’s of said land.

(2) Everyone on the Island is required to work in whatever capacity they can for as long as they live.. Hours and requirements will change based on age and physical/mental limitations but they must in some way continue to add to this society.

(2b) Voluntary is required- Based on your skill, desire and workload individuals will also have to participate in some form of voluntary work where there only pay is the enjoyment they feel in helping others.

(3) Education must include basics include survival skills,civics and basic morale training do unto others as one would want done upon thyself.

(4) Moment of Silence/Prayer- 3 Times a day there will be a moment called for either reflection or prayer whichever one feels most comfortable with.


Monkeying Around

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monkeying around 1

Monkeying around appears to have many different connotations depending on who or what source you ask and normally who would give a banana or doll about it, that is until Ron Desantis Republican candidate for Senate used it in part of  confrontational remarks he made against his opponent Andrew Gillum. Many of have used such remarks to talk about someone being unproductive or silly with their time and efforts but because Mr Gillium happens to be African American others have suddenly changed the meaning.  There is also no doubt that better words could have been spoken but let’s not interrupt the motives of what one says when we even disagree with the picture and video that goes along with “said words”.  The truth is I should  stop “monkeying around” and get to work instead myself.


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annoyed-2annoyed 5

I know that I can be annoying to men, woman, African American, White, Jew, Christian, Muslim etc as long as they are a prognosticator or aren’t in my gear.  For my gear is go while other are on neutral or dare I say stop.  Yes, I think about things but not enough to have my foot off the accelerator and this pace must drive some people batty. I can even imagine those prognosticator wanting to block my number but they haven’t just got up to it yet. Life is short and therefore I keep running even if it appears I’m pushing you along or out of my way.


Just… Milk?

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Milk 1

You say that you just want Milk and you think that ends the conversation but that is just the tip of the Cow, Goat,  Almond tree, Coconut. Then we  have to determine if you want whole, skim, 2 % or a combination thereof? Is this just Milk flavored or should Chocolate, Strawberry or other flavors be part of your tasting experience? I must’n forget that you might be concerned with how the animal is treated (if we went with that way) and/or if hormones or massages played a role in their daily treatment.   Maybe a plastic bottle isn’t right for you as well well then how about a damn glass of water instead …. from the sink.

Back to normaL?

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Half Suit

I feel like Post Malone after walking off the stage with know one around. Well maybe not Malone but the Post part as my short “The Killers” has lost it’s hype and I’m back to normaL status again.  The hits were shooting up this blog page as well as and now it’s like I’ve fallen  but now I know how to get up.  It’s just a matter of time and $$ before I test my formula again and this time when I get into the kitchen I’ll know which ingredients need to put into a killer mix.

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