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Maslow Heirachy of needs

If you follow “Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs” it seems very basic but I believe some people never get past one point because that is their true motivator.  Those that are into possessions need to keep acquiring new items to the point that it can never truly end while those who want affection may never get enough to satisfy their desires.  I concur that we all begin striving for the basic items to survive but then our own personalities cause us to go in different directions.

In my life the motivation that inspire me depend on what I’m trying to accomplish. Initially it was to insure I can provide a decent lifestyle for me and my family but now it’s at the level of esteem and self actualization. If what I’m working for doesn’t fulfill those goals then I’m losing my drive to pursue the “end game”.  I might want the latest cell phone but I’m willing to trade in for the feeling of creating something new, getting an extra thank you or solving a problem that others have given up on.

A real Gilligan

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I always wondered if someone could actually be stuck on an abandoned island and according to this story (below) it’s true.  The difference between him and Gilligan was there was no Ginger, Mary Ann, or Professor because he was alone. It also appears that there wasn’t any humor (as lame as it was on Gilligan’s Island).  I’m also happy to see he got off the island

Click to find the story of a “real life Gilligan”


I guess great minds think a like.

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I just bought a Keurig coffee machine and came out with this idea to enhance this machine (see below).  It would offer a product that enable  this machine to offer new products to the user.   It looks like my thoughts were taken out of my head six months before I even had them. I know they say great minds think a like but a few dollars for the thoughts couldn’t hurt.   Guess what product it is or click the link below.

Click to see how great minds think a like.


Are we into pain?

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Mitt Romney

After a defeat that took the wind out of the Republican Party many of the party faithful enjoy the pain.  This is the only reason that I could figure why these individuals from New Hampshire have picked Mitt Romney as the front runner for 2016 Presidential nomination.  Let me first say that Mitt Romney is a great man who would have done an excellent job if he was elected but he wasn’t.

There were so many mistakes made during the campaign from the 47 % remark to untested technology that have to even his biggest supporter think twice.  We need a candidate who not has a great resume and character but has the energy, look and charisma to bring out the voters.  I believe that man is Marco Rubio.

5 AM workout

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I’m glad you’re excited about it but will you actually show? I didn’t think so.  The good news is when you work out early you don’t have to worry about waiting in line for the machines the bad news is you don’t want to really use them.  I know that once I get going I’ll feel great but how to get going is the question? I guess I’ll just sleep on it and if I  dream about working out maybe that will be the key.  If only dreams came true.

Am I stupid?

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I don’t have a clue how to read my Electrical or Water bill.  I graduated Cum Laude at Bryant University but still can’t through the first page of any of these bills. I feel like I need an engineering degree just to even come to some conclusion. After studying these bills for hours upon hours (sounds good) I came to some profound thoughts. Are you ready…. “They are way to high”.  I could either stop drinking water, stink, or become Amish (they don’t use electricity).  I guess I’ll just cut back on puppy bones don’t tell my puppy.

An Edamame to flip for.

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Recently I traveled half way across the United States (world is to far) to taste the best Edamame in the world.  It was at a quite unusual place called “Bachi Burger” in Nevada. What separated this Edamame from anyone I had ever tasted was the garlicky sauce it was cooked in. This flavor seeped through the beans giving it a wonderful flavor that you truly will flip for.

From Wikepedia

Edamame bean is a preparation of immature soybeans in the pod, found in the cuisine of China, Japan and Hawaii. The pods are boiled or steamed and served with salt.

Mad as hell and…

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mad as hell

If you’re “Mad As Hell” about the way you’re Governor is treating it’s time not “take it anymore”.  We don’t have to stay in a state where our top public servant says we don’t belong and proves it with high taxes, regulations and a betrayal of our values. Yet most of us can’t just pick up and move because of financial and/or family responsibilities .  PPC steps in to offer that escape to it’s “exclusive members”.  Our members will enjoy the benefits of being part of a community that shares their values and enhances their way of life.   More details coming soon….

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