Just Incredible!!!

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My taste buds have tasted heaven!  For I have never eaten a more delicious pizza then the one I had tonight sprinkled with Truffle Oil.  I can still dream about the incredible black mushroom flavor that took my buds to a whole existence.   Like a virgin who is touched for the very 1st time I know this flavor may never be the same but at least I had tonight and it was incredible!!!

Nacho Fries – Taco Bell- Can Stay Hidden

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Nacho Fries

To be just let me just I’m not a french fry lover so I’m truly hard to impress and to make matters less fair I didn’t even dip but there are still basically fries. Yes, they have a bit more spice then the ordinary fries and are crispy but after a few I knew I had too many.  For it only takes a couple to remember what you’ve eaten later on.  I’m sorry Taco Bell I truly wanted to love you after a fabulous conspiracy theory ad but to tell you the truth I think they will stay hidden on my taste buds journey in the future.

** Nacho Fries and another 1/2 star if you’re a fry lover and a 1/4 star if you are a dipper.

WOW Blueberry & Licorice- for Real

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Blueberry Licorice

I was ready to grab an all artificial Good N Plenty when I suddenly decided to go in the natural direction and my taste buds as well as my health are grateful. For this Blueberry Licorice has a delightful taste any Panda would appreciate that he might even go off his leaf diet for a while.  So if you want to jump off the standard Licorice taste give your tongue and teeth something else to chew on All Natural Blueberry Licorice it’s delicious and even natural.

I already miss U

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pizza rev 3 Pizza Rev 2

You left me in the middle of the night without even a slice. My mind and body were so into you but did you care? Yes I know I should have paid more attention to you but how was I to know that you would take it so hard and just pick up and leave? I should have shared you with others but I’m not that type of guy.  Couldn’t you leave me a note telling me how you felt inside before your doors were closed forever? You rev up my Pizza and now it’s back to the slow pace again. Bye, bye Pizza Rev I will miss you and all your toppings.

5 Napkin Burger- Unusual Review

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5 knapkin burger 3  5 knapkin burger 2

5 Napkin Burger is not only the place to have a great burger but a Cucumber Soda as well.  That’s right I had a Cucumber Soda at a burger place and it was so refreshing with a hint of lime.  This restaurant also had an incredible Veggie Burger that was served on a delicious multi-grain roll. A Veggie Burger that stunned my neighbors as it appeared to be a raw burger in the color of red.  I had to top this delicious unusual meal at a burger place with some of the best hummus I’ve had in years.  5 Napkin Burger is a great restaurant that serves incredible dishes I’m just not sure about the Burger part.

**** 5 Napkin Burger from a person who ate vegetarian.

Starbucks & Dunkin Donuts- TOGETHER for this one

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Starbucks & Dunkin Donuts are usually fighting it out but on this “development” they can put down their gloves.


For it has been “discovered” that 3 to 5 cups of coffee can prevent Alzheimer’s. You might believe this discovery could be a bit fishy with the weather getting a bit colder and X-Mas and Hanukkah  just around the corner a gift certificate to these stores might save a life or will it?   Maybe I’m being a bit cynical but with 3 cups of coffee in me it’s hard to sit still and think. By the way I’m sure that “Caramel Frappuccino”  with 90 grams of sugar and 10% coffee might fall out of this category.

A Delicious Sale

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I wonder if I ever would have tried this incredible drink if it wasn’t on sale and my taste buds would never forgive me. For Aloe flavored drinks are just that “flavor”. Every sip is full of a unique and tasteful flavor and actual bits of a unique fruit that leaves your mouth refreshed and your taste buds happy. The only problem is that I’m not exactly sure what I’m drinking for it takes a microscope or younger eyes to read this ingredients page. It’s unique flavor reminds of a painting that you keep thinking about way after you’ve actually absorbed it.

*** 1/2-  (+ or – 1/2 star if I could figure out actually what I was drinking)

Top Secret Coffee

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cup-of-coffee blender


Either my coffee was too strong or too weak until a blender came to the rescue. I mixed my unique ingredients into the blender including banana, maple syrup and a touch of love and then added the coffee.  What came out was a masterpiece of flavor that ran through the entire cup and it was good to the last drop.  My blender saves the flavor again but it will return today try it yourself and taste.

Salmon Sorry

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Salmon Sorry 1

I wasted at least 40 years of my life not enjoying the great taste of Salmon and if it wasn’t for a trip to Alaska I probably would have wasted another 40 years without that taste hitting my mouth.  For if I was to go to Alaska how could I not try the fish that made them famous. Fresh Salmon was a quite a wonderful surprise flaky, tasty but not fishy.  Before this trip I dabbled in Salmon as  I ate Sushi with Salmon on it/in it but that was probably in the last 10 years (guess my age).  I even attempted to try a pinch but this  thick orange fish always appeared to fishy for my taste buds and this wasn’t totally without cause.   The simple reason is it wasn’t fresh!  Fresh Salmon is a totally different creature then I’ve tasted before and I’m grateful to Alaska for teaching this food lesson so I can enjoy it for the next part of my life. 

Do you love Chocolate?

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Do you love Chocolate? I mean really love it? For if you do Lindt 90% Cocoa is one of your lovers. It is that special lover that you only touch when the moment is just right. For to rush through the moment is just plain wrong. Small slow bites should be taken that will last hours not just moments. Chocolate virgins will find the taste too bitter and have to add other flavors, in a way cheating the moment.  Yet for those that actual love chocolate the moment will be an experience your mouth, mind and soul will remember long after the whole affair/bar is done.

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