Cancer Fighting Cancer

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Cancer Cell

It is the cell we all fear but what if a bit of gene manipulation could make it a friend rather then a foe. As with vaccines we have turned deadly viruses into the cure that actually fights the disease and I’m wondering how long will it take for us to do the same with Cancer cells? Whether it be accomplished through a vaccine based on a dead part of a Cancer Cell or some type of Gene Therapy that manipulates the cell to attack their own kind in one’s body, I believe we are ready for a break through. As one who believes G-D gives us all the tools to health and happiness even a Cancer Cell which has destroyed life can be manipulated to become a source of new life.

Irrational Thoughts-How to Treat Loved One’s- PLEASE SHARE

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Anxiety Disorder Mental Health Stress

Dealing with a loved one who is having “irrational thoughts” is extremely difficult. I know the pain you can go through trying to find a way to explain to them how illogical their thoughts are.  As painful as it might be you can’t use logic on those who are beyond this concept.  After years of study and understanding here are a few things you can do that might help you and your loved one should an episode occur.

(1) CREATE A PLACEBO- Usually some tea’s with anti-anxiety homeopathic remedies as well as other tea bags can help the individual suffering by taking their mind off the irrational thought. Yes, it’s true you might have to twist the truth when telling them how this will help but once they believe it’s an extraordinary temporary cure.

(2) AGREE WITH THEM- As irrational and difficult as it is agree with their pain and suffering even if you can’t agree with their irrational thoughts. Comfort and tenderness helps more then we can imagine.

(3) CHANGE- Do anything else that could help divert their thoughts whether it be through entertainment or challenging mind games try to divert their attention.

(4) SPACE- It’s fine to go out and good for both of you to get some space from the individual, when it’s getting too hot. Always remember you forgot the Milk even if you have one in the refrigerator. You can’t help someone if you’re started to feel sick and tired.

(5) OUTSIDE HELP- When it gets too difficult, get the advise of a professional that has better knowledge on treating such individuals and can help you stay healthy as well.  If they appear to becoming a threat to themselves or others it’s time to call for more serious intervention.

Starbucks & Dunkin Donuts- TOGETHER for this one

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Starbucks & Dunkin Donuts are usually fighting it out but on this “development” they can put down their gloves.


For it has been “discovered” that 3 to 5 cups of coffee can prevent Alzheimer’s. You might believe this discovery could be a bit fishy with the weather getting a bit colder and X-Mas and Hanukkah  just around the corner a gift certificate to these stores might save a life or will it?   Maybe I’m being a bit cynical but with 3 cups of coffee in me it’s hard to sit still and think. By the way I’m sure that “Caramel Frappuccino”  with 90 grams of sugar and 10% coffee might fall out of this category.

Bruce’s Health Report-

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In an effort to be as transparent as possible I’m sharing this information with you.

Bruce Weinfeld’s Health Report- 3-17-16

I. Medicines
A. Current
1. Anucort 25 MG twice a day 14 days-Hemorrhoids
2. Bayer’s Baby Aspirin (1 a day)
3. Crestor 10 mg (1 a day)
B. Previous Medicines
1. Urisodol 300 mg (twice a day) Pancretitis
2. Canasa 1000 mg (1 a day) Proctitis

II. Vitamins Nutrition
A. Source of Life Gold
B. Vitamin E- Liquid
C. Vitamin D –Liquid
D. Aloe Vera Juice- Liquid
E. Dandelion Root-Liquid
F. He Shou Wu- Liquid

III. Health Activities

A. Spiritual Health- Pray 3 Times a day –Sabbath Observant-to degree
B. Mental Health- read, write, debate, listen, watch, touch, taste –Art
C. Physical Health- Gym Twice a week extensive, dog walks, daily pushups/situps- Lake swims/Kayak-in summer

IV. Physical Problems
A. Pancretitis bout
B. Proctitis
C. Cholesterol a bit high
D. Kidney Cist
E. Had sludge on Gallbladder
F. Occasional Hemorrhoids

V. Family History
A. High Blood Pressure
B. High Cholesterol
C. Thyroid Cancer
D. Diverticulitis
E. Heart Problem

VI. Diet
A. BREAKFAST- Vitamin regiment- Oatmeal, Weekend- Eggs, Crepes,Bagels, – Coffee, OJ
B. LUNCH- Mixed but little beef
C. DINNER- Fish twice a week, Chicken at least twice a week
D. Dark Chocolate, Berries almost everyday

A. 3/10/16- Blood in Feces and paper large amount- Road trip to RI
B. 3/11 /16 Blood in Feces
C. 3/15/16 Blood in Feces

Health Food & White Castle

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health food 3  White Castle

I believe in eating healthy but taking a bite on the White Castle/McDonald’s side as well. For if you only eat healthy you’re body won’t be able to adjust for that occasion that your food is not “perfect”.   Mexico with my brother is one example of such a case. Where before we went on such a trip I ate from various sources while my brother was much more careful. When we arrived in Mexico I ate as if I was in America while my brother ate as  if there was some  plaque effecting the food stream.  He became violently sick upon his return to the states while I enjoyed my return and my stomach did as well.  This also substantiates the use of  vaccines, which contain a drop of the sickness we don’t want to get so our bodies can learn to fight against them before the sickness can take over. Therefore enjoy your salad with your occasional Slider on the side and remember I said occasional. By the way White Castle also has delicious Veggie Burgers as well.

Cancer Cure = Study Formaldehyde

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Scientific Experiment

One time I spoke to a top Oncologist as the layman that I am and suggested freezing the area where Cancer Cells have been detected or utilizing a “Donald Trump” (Donald wasn’t actually in that conversation then but it gives a better illustration) to prevent such a spread and he said that was on the cutting edge of their research, so today I propose Formaldehyde.  Scientist need to take healthy cells and see how they change to Cancer Cells step by step when introduced to Cancer causing Chemicals such as Formaldehyde. Once they see the beginning of such a change they might then either be able to reverse this pattern by introducing an Anti-Formaldehyde types of chemical, keep it from spreading to other cells, or find easier ways to detect the Cancer from the initial cell change.  I believe to destroy evil you must see the foundations in advance and find ways to attack before major damage can be done.

Which Path to life

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Two Paths

Me and my wife have chosen two different path to health and well being. It will be interesting to see which one produces the best result.

MY PATH                                               

  1. Work on a regular basis for over 2o years.
  2. Have a daily dose of liquid vitamins
  3.  Visit Doctors only when extremely necessary
  4. Gym work out regularly twice a week.
  5.  Sleep less then 7 hours a day on a regular basis
  6.  Type A Personality with high emotional response
  7.  Active schedule


  1. Work only occasionally
  2. Has processed vitamins on a regular basis
  3. Visits doctors on a regular basis
  4. Goes to Yoga more then gym
  5. Sleeps over 9 hours a day on a regular basis
  6. Mellow personality
  7.  Calm relaxed schedule




Please READ & SHARE- It might change your life

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Dealing with an individual who has mental health episodes can take the life out of anyone. These individuals are exploding over an issue that makes no sense and the more you attempt to bring logic to such discussions the angrier they can become. I know about this because for years I had to deal with a loved one who suffered with mental health issues without getting the proper treatment. I went through a class at NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) to truly understand what she was going through and how I could survive. .  Here (below) are a few tips that can help you be more effective G-D forbid such an episode(s) occur in your life but please look into NAMI as well for their wonderful resources, understanding and fellowship (a great charity to donate to for the holiday as well).

I   =  You own your feelings no matter what occurs so try to say “I feel, I’m uncomfortable” instead of “You”. ” You” makes the individual who is suffering through an episode more defensive and as result become more aggressive.

ADMIT MISTAKE(S) & ACKNOWLEDGE PAIN = There is a trigger that sets this person off and although it might be irrational if you can find it admit your error.  “I’m sorry I didn’t do, say “….   ” and I’m sorry it caused such pain” might be perfectly for such a moment.

ESCAPE PLACE = Have an escape place to go when it appears things are spiraling out of control . It could be an item you were planning to pick up later that becomes urgent at the moment or a trip to the library to pick up a new book. Just leave for until you feel you can feel “normal again”.

DON’T BRING UP = This is probably the most painful lesson but those who go through a mental health episode paint a different picture then the reality that occurred and the more that you try to “proof the point” the more a worse picture is drawn. Talk about a whole new point and speak in general terms in the future.

DRAW A LINE FOR YOURSELF AND THEM = Once everything goes back to “normal” it might seem to painful to bring up treatment but until you do these episodes will become a broken record with you stepping on the pieces. You can say that you want treatment for both of you or even say it’s for youself but can they come along.  If you have a professional therapist or psychiatrist they will be able to read between the lines and provide the proper treatment that is needed.

Sugar the new evil!

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evil sugar

Throughout my life there have been many food evil’s that have received the “Scarlet Letter” and although I appreciate the warning sometimes I think we might be overdoing it. Maybe instead of focusing on one item (ex Sugar, Salt, Margarine) we should talk about eating a balanced diet which includes balancing some exercise along the way. I understand that  American’s can over do one item like Sugar but sometimes we find out what was evil wasn’t as bad as we suspected for example butter and eggs are now good for you in the morning. I’m sure sugar is harmful when taking in a great deal to our body but I also believe the time and situation where we induce this ingredient might also play a key role.  We also should consider that different people might react differently to any ingredient and therefore what seem harmful to one might be helpful to others. “Sugar” might be receiving today’s “Scarlet Letter” but maybe that letter shouldn’t be as red?

Marijuana side effects

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It appears from all the media coverage that “Marijuana” is the new wonder drug but I think that is “Reefer Madness”.  Some claim it can cure everything from depression to that hair lip (well maybe I’d be to high to notice) but even if it does help some conditions like any drug there are side effects that can blunt any benefits.  Here are a few I believe we can only agree on.

(1) DOPE- People will waste an exorbitant amount of hours utilizing this drug and staring at the wall when their mind could be spent on more productive activities like reading a book or helping a friend.

(2) SMOKING- Although  pot can be taken in many forms smoking is still the most popular and we know putting a foreign substances in your lungs can’t be good for the short or long term.

(3)BINGE EATING- Marijuana makes you hungry and therefore might cause you to make poor nutritional decisions that further put your health at risk.

(4) LAZINESS- Forget the natural high and health from going to the gym this will consume your mind and body.

(5) PARANOIA-  Who wants another reason to be cynical about others and this one is actually chemically induced.



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