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Banana Pancakes

It’s easy to make, taste delicious, is Kosher (even for Passover) and can I say is good for you. It’s the lovable “Banana Pancake made with only two ingredients Banana’s and Eggs. Of course adding other ingredients adds to this  delicious dish including Raspberries & Blackberries. I also enjoy putting some honey on top when it’s done. Unlike Pancakes you don’t feel as if you ate a brick after just 3 yet to be honest there lightness makes them difficult to flip. Regular pancakes also contain other non- healthy ingredients including white flour and  sugar.   The “Banana Pancake” for those who love Pancakes and still want to live with themselves after the morning.

Claude Shannon- One 1100100

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Claude Shannon

Claude Shannon has done more to make my life (and yours) easier yet having a conversation with past one 110100 would be extremely difficult for me. For his theories led to the information age in which that information gets lost in my mind. My most difficult college classes dealt with his just his binary theory and I needed a doctor just to get past the first part.  Mr. Shannon thank you for working so hard to provide us with these key theories that make our life easier and I thank G-D that he provided us with individuals able to understand these theories in the first place.

Dead Watching

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in heaven 1 court in heaven

After you have committed “the act” a court of your heavenly peers is called to argue your fate.  These would be loved ones who have passed on to represent your defense and those who might not be in love with you to work with the prosecution.  At this court the verdict would be final made by G-D alone and you would face the penalty a moment later. Of course pleas from the defendant might help alleviate the severity of such a penalty.  For the dead could be watching right now and the verdict is final with only you to blame.

Vampire Moments

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Busy busy 3

There’s moments during the day that I must appear to be an Vampire. It’s when the papers of my mind are swamped with problems to solve that I don’t want to hear or see another individual let alone talk to them. I fear at such moments that the animal inside will come out and bite those around them leaving a mark that will endure long past the attack.  I understand that I’m an opposite vampire where I attack in the day and rest at night.  During those moments I hide behind my computer and put on that plaster smile as I excuse myself from the other parts of life around me.  I hate to think this occurs to me but the transformation does occur even if I appear so nice and easy going at the beginning of the day the bite of life’s pressure(s) take over and my vampire side of me appears out of know where.   So if you encounter me during those moments please excuse my behavior it will go away once the sunsets and I soothe back into my coffin.

Passover & Soybean

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This year I cleaned my whole house out of items that could be even be slightly considered “non kosher” for Passover and hid them away except for a little Soybean Oil from a Butter substitute.  Most of the “Kosher for Passover” items in Israel contain soybean products because they follow the Sephardic  teachings of the Jewish tradition rather then the Ashkenazi leanings. Not to get too much in the weeds (I’ll only touch the tip) one group of rabbi’s from one area believes that Soybeans, Corn Products, & Rice isn’t Kosher for Passover while another group from a different area believes otherwise. The Rabbi’s from the strict side basically say a Soybean/Corn might get confused with a prohibited Wheat product because they’re  grown in a similar area.  I happen to have Ancestry from the rabbi’s that come from the stricter area but this year  I decided to travel to the other side of town and unwittingly have some Soybean Oil. In the end I believe it is the effort that G-D seeks in trying to live according to “the rulesthat count not the dot’s and dashes that fill those rules in-between.

Boehner Vile remark

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Cruz Fiorina

Former Speaker of the House John Boehner has crossed the line of all decency accusing a fellow public servant of being the devil in disguise. This repulsive remark should not be made to any of our public servants whether you agree with them or not! I would be disgusted if it was used on Hillary Clinton as well even if I have strong disagreements with her run for the Presidency.  Yet to go so far as to accuse a practicing person of faith of such and evil bent is beyond contemptible.  Fellow citizens let us tell John Boehner that he has stepped past the line and it’s time for a public apology.

Facebook- Thank you’s

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The “Facebook World” is quite different from the real world and a good example is “thank you. In the real world you would never thank someone for being your friend because it’s sounds a bit … desperate yet in the Facebook world I’ve been thanked (think it’s a word) many a time.  It’s not as if being a Facebook friend requires any real commitment anyway while being a friend in the real world surely does.  Yet for some reason we thank people for friending (it’s a world somewhere)  us on Facebook while we often forget to thank our friends in the real world.  Seems a bit sad don’t you think?


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hello 2 hello 3

This morning my computer had a bit of Laryngitis maybe we were too close and I didn’t know if I would be able to say “Hello” to you. Luckily with my great computer skills (unplugged and plugged a wire) and G-D’s help I’m here to say “Hello” again.  It’s too bad that this “Hello” will only last a moment since the computer Laryngitis took more time to heal then my work schedule allowed so I must say “goodbye” for now until we meet again G-D willing tonight.

Cruz & Fiorina – It’s a beautiful thing

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Cruz Fiorina

Some will say it’s a Hail Mary pass but even if you consider it such you can’t say that move isn’t the most exciting in a game yet I believe the move is simply  brilliant.  Not only did Ted Cruz change the narrative from Tuesday’s poor performance but put in place the one person who has got Donald Trump to change his tune. Carly Fiorina is a smart, accomplished, articulate Conservative who happens to be a woman. She has the rags to riches story that so many American’s aspire to and has gone through hell and hot water (Cancer, loss of a child, firing etc) and still come out on top.  Ted Cruz -Carly Fiorina ticket might just the ump in the news cycle to have Mr. Cruz beat Trump in Indiana and change the projector in the race.  If G-D forbid it doesn’t work at least he through the pass to go as far as he could go.

FURTHER NOTE- I would suggest adding a few cabinet posts along the week (see previous posts) to keep Donald Trump out of the media spotlight until next week.

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