Vampire Moments

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There’s moments during the day that I must appear to be an Vampire. It’s when the papers of my mind are swamped with problems to solve that I don’t want to hear or see another individual let alone talk to them. I fear at such moments that the animal inside will come out and bite those around them leaving a mark that will endure long past the attack.  I understand that I’m an opposite vampire where I attack in the day and rest at night.  During those moments I hide behind my computer and put on that plaster smile as I excuse myself from the other parts of life around me.  I hate to think this occurs to me but the transformation does occur even if I appear so nice and easy going at the beginning of the day the bite of life’s pressure(s) take over and my vampire side of me appears out of know where.   So if you encounter me during those moments please excuse my behavior it will go away once the sunsets and I soothe back into my coffin.

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