Dog Curiosity or Jealousy

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dog curiousdog curiousity

Last night I either was a bit curious or jealous of my dog behavior to other homo sapiens in my house. I can honestly say either way my tail wasn’t wagging as usual. For upon my return from a week away my dog performed her normal lovable greeting but then decided to boycott me after I ran an evening errand.   She all of sudden didn’t enjoy my scent.Was she finally fed up with my lack of attention or was I just personifying her actions?  Well I can say for certainty that this behavior has come back to it’s normal stance as we both wag our tails (mine figuratively of course).  Yet you must wonder were my thoughts truly of curiosity or jealousy of the human kind?

Shavuot Light 2017

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Shavuot 2017

I’m Shavuot light this year and hope it’s my right course. I believe those that observe the traditional path of this holiday  are correct but also believe my path is right as well at least for this year. I don’t believe it would be right for me to take off a full day of work after being on vacation for over a week so this part of the tradition will fall by the waist side today. I justify my position by the statement in the Bible/Torah where it says only once  (unless I missing something) that one is not to perform servile work today so to me that means don’t do work above your normal position needed for the day. This holiday celebrates the giving of the Torah to the Jewish people and also was a time when offerings were given at the Holy Temple.  Here are ways  (below) that I have and will observe the holiday. What ever way you find it in your heart and soul to celebrate this holiday if it falls in your faith may it be full of health, happiness and even a little cheese.

(1) TRADITIONAL- I went to services last night and learned a bit more Torah. I also gathered with friends from the Synagogue. I will be eating a bit more dairy in my diet today.

(2) UNIQUE PATH- I’m celebrating my father’s birthday tonight. The book says to celebrate with family and friends so that is on this schedule.  I will also be handing out milk chocolate (against my chocolate faith) to colleagues.


Kathy Griffin- Real Joke

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Kathy Griffin head

From now on when many people see Kathy Griffin they will have this vile picture in their heads, which isn’t the least bit funny in the world we live but their is a way to get a laugh and have some true comedy relief.  Kathy Griffin should hold up a copy of her severed head and act disgusted about the hairstyle on it’s head. She could even copies of other celebrity heads and make some jokes as well. This will still be tasteless head jokes but at least this one hideous image will be deleted from the public eye’s.

My own poverty

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If you go with the definition of poverty meaning lacking what others have I’ve noticed 2 areas where I’m poor and may never obtain what my European brothers and sister have. It may not be due to resources although one wonders how much one can put in one area without lacking in another but due to time and even energy.

(1) TRAVEL- My travel plans do not include any of the sites that the standard European college graduate has already seen. It appears that what I’ve seen and/or experienced will always be lacking their insight unless air force one decides to pick me up.

(2)UNIVERSITY- Those in Europe appear to start their life a bit later as they worry less about $$’s and more about living for the knowledge and doing exactly what they want.

Unique Aspects to Zurich & Israel

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zurich Israel

Here are some unique American perspectives you probably won’t read anywhere else on Zurich, Switzerland and Israel.

(1) ICE COLD IS LUKE WARM- Drinks especially water come luke warm unless  you specifically request ice cubes.

(2) CAPPUCCINO COMMON- It is not only that Cappuccino and Expresso are available but common in most establishments with better tasting varieties then in the states.

(3) BATHROOM DIFFERENCES- Flushing toilets takes  a bit more effort if you don’t want to leave any remains for guests. While  using showers requires a certain level of sophistication that American’s are unaccustomed too. What really is surprising is the amount of glass doors used in bathroom settings where certain events are more private in the U.S.

Tiger Woods- DWI-

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Tiger Woods DWI

Tiger Woods claim that the doctor’s medicine is the blame for his DWI arrest doesn’t hit the putter. For a man of his means has no excuse to be behind the wheel if he’s feeling a bit off the swing then normal. He actually has plenty of caddies that can drive him around even in one of his cars if his performance is less then lacking.  Sometimes you might not be aware of “how you are” but at 3AM in the morning unless you are playing golf in the dark you probably shouldn’t be driving around. Let’s hope Tiger Woods gets his swing back in order before he really hits a bogey that truly is over par in life.

FOOTNOTE- I know less then nothing about golf.

Memorial Day-Let Us Remember

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Memorial Day 3 Memorial Day 2

This probably won’t be my most popular blog posts but will definitely one of my most important. For without the brave sacrifice of those willing to die for our freedom this blog post and other posts would be silent. Killed off by those bent on destroying basic freedoms that are G-D given not government rendered.  Too many around the world who live in countries such as Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea, Syria etc are dying just to enjoy some of the freedoms we take for granted.  May G-D’s heavenly arms give eternal peace to those who died for us to live and may we all remember if just for a few moments there gift to us which we enjoy everyday.

Wise Old! ?

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Young Person with Grandma  Young Person w Grandpa

We must carefully listen to those of the older generation for their knowledge is something years ahead of us in certain areas. The man who has sat on the stoop for the last 25 years understands what goes on in the neighborhood but may not know what is occurring down the next street.  Therefore when a young person meets an older person he/she  must  find out on which stoop they’ve been spending their time on and if they were actually just sitting or listening to all the sounds around them. The wisdom of the elderly shouldn’t be disregarded but should be evaluated by who that wise person is and what particular area they are most wise with.

Harambe Anniversary VS Mississippi Shooting

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Mississippi Shooting Harambe

Something is seriously wrong in society when the death of 8 innocent people is less of an interest then the one year anniversary of the death of a Gorilla. It is sad that this gorilla had to be put down under questionable conditions yet it’s one year later and it is a fierce animal that was put down after it appeared to close to a human. Yet these 8 innocent lives that were killed should spark more of a concern because they are human and one was a peace officer/Sherriff Deputy . To make matters more disconcerting is that this hideous attack was based on a fit of rage that the assailant had against his own family members. The story of family rage is one that sadly is all too familiar but must be addressed with solutions that work and therefore serious discussions must be had. We might feel for our animal friends but let’s feel a bit more for our human brothers and sisters 1st.

Gregg Allman- RIP- Pattern

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Gregg Allman

RIP Gregg Allman who appears to be another hard living rocker who’s died before his natural times. There appears to be a pattern emerging of rock singers of the 1970’s and 1980’s who’s death can be attributed to them experimenting with life on the edge which has caused them to jump before their time. While most of us wondered  what happened to …. we now can see that there past still haunts them years later.  Some musicians and artists can escape such a fate but too many fall down those same steps. Gregg Allman RIP let’s hope that today you are an angel in the rockin heavenly clouds.


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