The Police Are Wrong/Freddie Gray

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Freddie Gray

From the moment that a person surrenders their right’s to a police authority by being arrested those police authorities must secure their well being from others and even themselves if necessary. That is why there are suicide watches at prisons and individuals are placed in isolation when they feel they maybe a threat to themselves or others.  This is especially true when someone is accused of a crime and presumed innocent.  The police must make an extra effort with these individuals to insure that the truth is presented in a court and that includes a live suspect.  That is why there can be no justification for “Freddy Gray’s” death by a spinal injury while he was in police custody. In the end there might not be a criminal liability by the police department but there will be at least civil and procedural changes that will need to be made.

Left her!

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   We’ve been together for over 2 years but last night I left her.  It was hard because we’ve spent almost everyday together sharing in those special moments in our lives (maybe mine)  but lately I lost interest in her.  Yes, it’s true that someone else came in my life and who knows whether I would have stuck with her if this special one wasn’t there for me but she is so why should I feel guilty? She’s brighter and even a bit larger but boy can she do things that I never thought were possible. It’s probably for the better because she’ll find someone who truly appreciates her more.   So goodbye Android 4 I’ve moved up to Android 5.

Speaking Alien!

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I might just be an alien!  There are times when I speak and nobody appears to understand what I’m saying. It might be a joke that I’ve heard others laugh at but when it comes out of my mouth my alien voice comes out instead. My alien voice might come out when a conversation is going on and my mind goes back to the planet only to return with some remark that is truly foreign. Sometimes my alien voice will just start a conversation by saying things like “Have a nice day” when it’s the evening.  I guess where I come from the evenings are the morning.  My confessional should clarify my words in the future ” have a nice winter”.

Bad for you

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seductive smoking

We know something is bad for us but we will continue to pursue/do it.  The drama of the action appears to make up for the destructive path we’ve led ourselves on. Whether it be that relationship that you know is all wrong or that extra slice of cake that is going to all the wrong places we continue to let our emotions take control.  The key is to have self control to do the little things that won’t have long term consequences whether it be looking without touching or nibbling without gouging we need to be in control.  The only way to escape the path is to have the end game in your head at the beginning and keep it there throughout the experience. Otherwise the end will come quicker then expected.

rich cake

Silence= Applause

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silence 1

Many people’s silence is their applause for the actions and decisions you’ve taken.  Let’s face it for some it’s too difficult to say “good job” or even “thank you” and their silence is those words unspoken. Maybe they fear by bringing you up that they will fall down and therefore keep their mouth shut or maybe their just to busy to acknowledge your success either way the silence is deafening.  Enjoy the moment for that silence won’t last forever and soon the noise of disagreement will reappear.

Obama’s Riots

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baltimore riots


   Many people believed by electing an African American as President that riots within our inner city would be at thing of the past but it’s not the color that makes the change but the culture of politics.  A culture similar to my Jewish culture  expects you to vote liberal Democratic and act in a certain way even though it hurts you and your people.  If we change the culture (see below) we will see a change in the our lives for the better.

(1) Community Leaders and law enforcement authorities must be in constant communications understanding that although there may be disagreements that both sides are willing to listen and find peaceful solutions to any problems that might occur. They must constantly communicate that message to their respective communities.

(2) Traditional families based on faith traditions must be restored and promoted in the inner cities through the culture that exists there and beyond. Political actions must be based on that promotions.

(3) Violence against one’s own community only hurts those in the community with less economic opportunity for all.  Measures must be taken immediately should such violence occur.

(4) It is not an act of civil disobedience to defy an arrest but an act of stupidity that needs to stop. You’re loved ones don’t need to fight for you when you’re not here but fight for your rights while you’re here.

(5) The blame game ends and whatever limitations are put in front of you they are barriers that you will proudly break through.

(6) It’s not only fine but a part of a vibrant community for diverse political and cultural differences to exist in one’s community and insures that nobody takes that community for vantage.

Not You

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excitedbored 2

How much time do you spend worrying how others react to the same stimuli we experience?  We often think that what grabs us or bores us is the same with other people only to find later that they actually enjoyed that ” boring moment” of were pulled away when we were pulled in.  It’s hard to understand how something that gives us such emotional highs and lows means so little to someone else.  Yet if we can pull away from feeling isolated from that person’s reaction and find out why they feel as they do, then we can truly find that bonding moment we are looking for.

Timing hits again!

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watch in sky

I was driving to the gym when I saw a cop stop a beautiful sports car on a major highway in my town. That car appeared to being going to the same gym I attended but when I tried to find this individual he was no where to be found.  I left the gym and starting driving home when I was stopped at a red light and for some reason looked to my right to see that beautiful sports car next to me. We had a 30 second discussion about his incident with the police and were on our way.  It never stops amazing me how G-D has his own watch and makes sure the timing hits when you least expect it.

My Dog Bully

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dog bully 2


Don’t let the cute look fool you my dog is a bully. I don’t know why but he picks fights with all the neighbors dogs. Maybe it’s his upbringing before he was in our hands or maybe he just wants to proof he’s small but still tough, all I know is other dogs walk on the other street when it he comes walking down.  It’s amazing we’re still friends because I was the one of the other dogs … I mean person who would walk on the other side when the school bully passed.  I just hope it’s a phase he’s going through and once he realizes he’s not so big and tough that he’ll lick and sniff instead of bark at his four legged friends. Can’t  all four legged friends get along.

Entertainment Adviser/Friend APP

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How many hours do you waste watching entertainment that is either too dumb, too offensive, too boring or just plain garbage?  Wouldn’t it be instead if there was an APP that would help make your leisurely hours more fun, exciting with the entertainment that suits your own personal desires and helps you meet people that share your entertainment view.  The ENTERTAINMENT ADVISER APP asks specific questions of the types of shows, entertainment, values you desire and then finds the right entertainment and people you can enjoy them with. This adviser also looks for that entertainment that is around the corner and those fun trips that have it all.   It’s time that your leisurely time was as productive and fun as possible it’s time for the ENTERTAINMENT ADVISER APP.