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It wasn’t the image I was trying to create but one that created me. For, I started the day with my cup at the top of the rim and before 2 PM there was barely a drop to look at.  Individuals kept chipping at me as if I was an ice sculpture, but I only cracked and turned into one A**hole.  I lashed out at Y-O-U as if you were the screen and I was the projector.  They unleased this A**hole in me one I never knew existed until I looked at my own cracked mirror.

Meta Room- A Business Concept

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With Meta Room kiss those glasses goodbye. For, this will be a room where with a simple pair of glasses you’ll feel as if you left this world for another. With green screen capacity the images will come alive and with the gloves and nose protector other senses will feel the same way.  The Meta Room will be found in many a mall location and can also be produced in your own spare room.  Meta Room your new universe will feel a whole lot closer to reality.

FOOTNOTE- Is this a room you would want to enter?

Deep State-Cancelled

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Friday Apil 21st 9:30 AM

LA- He’s too powerful and needs to be stopped at all costs!!!

MG-  What we have Donald Trump in legal co-webs whether their made of paper or not it will keep him to busy to fight the …

DB-  Shut up! You know direct names are never to be mentioned.  It’ TC right?

LA-   Exactly, he knows where many of the bodies are buried and is actually reporting the truth that’s..

DB  –   Taken care of before this week begins he no longer will be a threat.

LA-    But how?

DB-   Let’s just say the Dominion deal had more pieces involved than just a court case.

LA-    Great! That should take care of our biggest problem.

MG-   Unless another big network hires him before November 5th 2024.

Urge & Truth

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Passion burns within but is it taking me to a place full of heat or one full of destruction? It is a path my mind and soul say I shouldn’t go but over time my body is directing thou steps. Those other paths become weaker as I the pull to the secular “truth” even if it is really a lie. G-D knows I’ve tried in the past to fight it but the passion is my final pull down  a path I shouldn’t be walking.

FOOTNOTE-   We must be human before we give into the animal.

Explosive Entertainment RIP or Farewell Jerry Springer

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Whether one liked him or not you can’t say Jerry Springer wasn’t entertaining. Jerry Springer brought the hard cold unbelievable and sometimes true to an audience of millions.  Jerry Springer may not have been the best but he was definitely explosive entertainment. Rest in peace Jerry Springer the world will miss your fun.

Deep State- Religious Legacy

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LA-  If we want to control the masses we must destroy the religious legacy once and for all

MG-  That is why we must do more to separate children from their family roots by whatever means necessary.

PB-  The younger we start them on the transgender, socialist path movements the quicker we can erase this past.

LA-  Exactly, and as we do we can replace the past with the governmental utopia. The only mention of faith will come from our vines not a divine one.

PB-  Resistance will truly be futile and we not only win in 2024 but never lose again.

LA-  Without any pride in a higher purpose we will be their only goal to serve and obey.

MG-  No, religious legacy must be our greatest legacy.


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There is nothing to worry about but everything!! I should be at peace in my surroundings but feel the constant threat that it will end suddenly in a horrific fashion. Maybe the perfect storm will hit this island, the red ants will suddenly attack or the Sushi I ate attack within I just know I’m doomed to live with this anxiety.  If that doesn’t create fear I know one word I say the wrong way will cause this peace to end in a war. I fought many a wars in my head and even in this “peace” the battles have just begun.

FOOTNOTE-  Peace isn’t a place but a state of being.

Missed It

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I’m sorry I missed it and instead enjoyed my life. Yes, I took in a deeper breathe of air while you huffed and puffed instead. The sun rose a bit brighter while you only stared at the one dark cloud.  We were there and I felt it while you only felt the emotions that lay within.  So sorry (not really) I missed it and hope to keep this piece lost for ever.

FOOTNOTE-  It’s important to show empathy but not allow those feelings take over your puzzle.

Would You!!

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Would you even consider asking to extend your contract if you failed the following.

(1) Lost income to the majority of those you were in charge of?

(2) Implemented policies that created unsafe work conditions for those in your borders ?

(3) Divided the work force between those who supported you and those who disagreed with your policies?

(4) Put people in responsible positions not based on their merit but what category these individuals happened to be in?

(5) Implemented policies that hurt the basic supply chain to keep things going?

(6) Created policies that made your organization more dependent on the will of others rather than independent?

(7) Destroyed alliances that were solid with previous administrations?

(8)  Spoke with a tongue that appeared often to be in a grinder.

(9) Overall put the long term future of your organization in a precarious dangerous position.

Now tell me why you’re voting for Joe Biden in 2024?

Dog Pitch – A Silly Business Idea-

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With the “Dog Pitch” your dog barking will be on right on key.  They’ll be no high pitch annoying dog barking in this house only barks that might be loud but just not that annoying.   The “Dog Pitch”  can even add it’s own music beyond the bark too make the whole dog barking experience actually something worth listening too. “Dog Pitch”  you may not be able to stop the barking but at least you can turn it into something beautiful or less annoying.