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This is the place you don’t want to be but sometimes it’s just where one has to be. The lines have clearly been drawn and G-D knows which side must win but you must fire the cannon.  Conflicts are difficult but sometimes there is nothing one can do but fight. Just make sure in those times it truly is for a higher authority for then the battle will be won not necessarily by might but right!

Talking To Myself

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Am I talking to myself when I speak to Y-O-U  especially if you’re in one of those moods?  For, I know what I say isn’t even going through one of your ears so is it sane that this mouth is still speaking? At least when I talk to myself the message and response is clear with Y-O-U and your moods I can’t truly be sure.  Maybe it’s because the mirror doesn’t point to me that I continue this one way conversation or could it be that I have know one else to speak to anyway?

FOOTNOTE-  Has this feeling ever came in your mirror?

Dog Leniency-Funny Philosophy **E**

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Can I get some dog leniency please?  I’m not asking for the full tail clemency but just get a little of what my four legged friends have.  Don’t worry I don’t plan to have an accident on your rug but if I miss the toilet seat a bit can you just clean it up as well.  Maybe once in awhile I’ll forget the towel after showering would that be such a big deal especially when Rover walks around his birthday suit all day and he’s not even paying rent.  If I woke you up in the middle of night with kisses could you accept this dogs affection?  Listen, I know I was blessed with these two legs but a little dog clemency would be the “Scooby Treat” I’d love to bite into.

NY W Paper/Plastic Bags- A Business Concept

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My products will come in a free clear plastic bag especially in NY. For these bags are banned to give out to customers in many a store but not for packaging items in.  Therefore those who by my “product” will get something else they can’t get in any other  shopping aisles freedom from governmental control.  You can use my bags for whatever purpose you want for at least we still trust Y-O-U.  Free bags with our “products” something I hope to institute soon.

Stomach Plans

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I had plans but my stomach told me to cancel them and when my stomach speaks I better listen.  All of sudden what was important just a moment was flushed out of my system I just wish my stomach would do the same.  For in the end one might think they’re in charge but when the stomach calls trust me you’ll be one to listen.


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If there is a L-O-V-E list (previous post) I believe I should have a H-A-T-E one too (hopefully this is shorter).

(1) Nutella-  That the even claim it’s a chocolate substitute is a disgrace.

(2) Silent Treatment-  You can tell me almost anything just don’t zip the mouth.

(3) Conflict-  I guess I’m a lover not a hater. Don’t get me wrong I love a good debate but when let’s not get personal

(4) Blue Grass/Folk Music-  Definitely not my genre.

(5)  Abortion-  I’m Pro-Life to the core

(6)  All Nighter’s-  Me and Cinderalla have something in common.

(7) Explaining A Joke-  If you don’t get the punch line the 1st time you definitely won’t get it afterwards.

(8) Just Following – I’d be horrible in the military unless I started as a General.

(9)  Fentanyl Dealers- You are worthless individuals and this comes from someone who is Pro-Life

(10) Child Abusers-  How can someone live with themselves if they destroy innocence

(11) Animal Abusers-  Cruelty is just wrong.

(12) Waiting-   Please don’t do this to M-E

(13) Repetitiveness-  I got the point after you said. Please not again.

(14) Procrastination–  Yes I’ll do it for you because dammit I can’t wait!!

FOOTNOTE-  Some hate has more a comedic edge while others is in my bones.


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Here (below) is my L-O-V-E list which I hope will only grow over time.

(A+….)  G-D –  who allows me to enjoy all these loves and lessons the list of hates in my life.

(1) Chocolate– (70 % or above)-  Yes, this is on my last meal list as well.

(2) Good Cheese –  Sorry, this is where American falls straight off

(3) Reading a good book-  One that is a page turner can turn my moods

(4) Music usually on the heavy side-  I’m a head banger although sometimes a good ballad can stay in my mind as well and I definitely have a country side to this equation.

(5) Writing-  That’s pretty obvious as I often wake up before the roosters to get my daily doze.

(6) Shadow Type Podcast-  I love using my imagination to fill in the pieces I can’t see with my eyes

(7)  Musicals that aren’t woke –  Sing, dance even make me think but don’t take me to the woke stage again…please

(8)  My Podcast-  This is currently my favorite work I’ve every done. I just hope someday it will actually pay a bill.

(9) Improv Acting-  The childhood years never leave this mind

(10) Heavy Work Out-  Nothing beats the feeling afterword except…

(11) Adult Activities-  These are the activities that raise your heart beat or make you legally dizzie (just a bit) driving not required.

(12 ) Appreciation-  Who doesn’t enjoy enjoy a good tap on your back

(13)  Making Others Laugh-  I know I’m not worthy of standing but once in awhile I can have them cracking up even sitting down.

(14)  Movies with Twist-  Yes, it can be horror, comedy or action but leave me breathless and I’ll remember the moment way past the credits.

(15) Great Conversations-  Can we talk?

(16) Accomplishments-  Yes, it can be short-lived but for the moment it’s amazing especially if I’m not the only one counting.

(17) Dogs- Most Animals-  Maybe it’s there innocents to this world we created or maybe it’s their depth we could never fully understand, all I know is most are great to be around except for the rodent and insect family.

(18) Babies-  Ditto above except for the rodent and insect category



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Y-O-U have a therapist whether it be in an office or an auto body facility. For, all of us ask for advise from someone whether it be in your relationship, work, home life or even car just one gets paid to give it while the other appears to be “free”. Yet many of those “free therapist” don’t come without strings attached it just adds up in numbers your not counting right away. The one’s that don’t have a formal degree attached might give you advise that later requires the pad from a professional to come out.  They also might tell you what you can hear not what you should be listening too.  Therapy comes in many forms it’s just some are more hidden than others.

Don’t Give An F’… Months

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Don’t give an F’… months is a celebration of live an let live yet let each have their own space.  In other words you can be Spiderman for all we care just don’t put your webs in our face. We’ll live within our own values, morale’s and codes as you do with your book but neither book needs to be opened unless we ask. We don’t discriminate in any way but also have the right to state our views in a civil way if asked among friends.  Have your way and we’ll have ours just please don’t shove it down my throat every day in June. Don’t Give An F’… Months is one I celebrate all year long are you joining in?

Scarface, Che,Trump

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Which one of these 3 shirts would have the snowflakes melting? Would it be the one who killed many innocent individuals for his own glory, the one that fictionalized doing so or the one who many believe is trying to make America Great Again. I think we know the answer but do we know the answer? Don’t get me wrong if the shirt was of a different political leader I might schvitz as well. Which begs the point is it really what someone does or what team they actually play for?

FOOTNOTE- Chev Guevera was a political leader but not the one who was fully in charge.

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