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Two clouds pass…

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clouds in the sky

Two clouds pass in the night never knowing what each other brings to the world. They may never see each other again but still feel the cool breeze as they pass by. For just a moment they notice each other but just like the darkness in the sky it appears as if it was all just an illusion.  How many clouds have you passed by?

Gotham the experience

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Watching the show “Gotham” was not just watching an ordinary show but an entertaining experience.  “Gotham” is quite an entertaining show in itself with plenty of twists and turns (see quick review below)  yet it isn’t just a show that truly captured me but the marketing genius.  The experience flows like a river down a stream

I DVR’s the show but to no avail as the commercials drew me in as well. They were sleek, action pact and truly knew the target market they were reaching.  It became an experience that I couldn’t take a bathroom break in between. This is similar to the experience which many feel during the “Superbowl” where sometimes they ads can even be more entertaining then the action on the field (Superbowl blowouts). There is a certain art that is created when the Ad’s truly match the action on the screen and “Gotham” was able to create that art and in turn become my Monday night event.

Gotham tells the story of Batman and his world in his youth.  It is truly interesting to see how these characters develop from their youth to the characters we know and love. The acting can be a bit overdramatic at times and the characters need a bit more flushing out but these problems are compensated by the action and twists and turns we witness on the screen.   ***

My first million …. almost -BUD REFLECTION

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band aid


At the age of twelve I came up with an idea that appeared so brilliant because it was simple like peanut butter and jelly. The idea was to combine band-aids with first aid ointment (before it was invented).  I saved up all my monies in my “kosher piggy bank” and brought them to a “Inventors Help Business” to make my dream come true. This organization would perform a patent search, build a business plan and find other unique ways to spend my monies.  Unfortunately to complete the project would require a deeper investment and when my family found out about the project it was immediately  shut down. Not having the confidence or cash to continue my band aid idea died a bloody death.   Today whenever I look at that band aids with ointment I’m proud that my idea really worked and has made millions for others although I would be prouder and happier if they decided to share it with the true inventor.


Life isn’t a movie but…

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truman  show

Sometimes we want life to be like the movies not the dramatic death of course but all the good stuff in between. We want to score that winning touchdown with .01 second on the clock or fall in an everlasting love that burns so bright an orchestra of birds sing our song unfortunately their aren’t many birds that sing that well and that touchdown usually is in someone else’s hands.  The events in our life maybe dramatic because of the choices we take or we can chose the calm peaceful path but no matter which path we chose we have to realize it’s never going to be as exciting as “Indiana Jones”.  To put it simply they have two hours to tell a story and keep the interest of the audience throughout while we have a lifetime to hold onto special moments with family and friends. I guess life is pretty terrific after all and you get to watch a few films in between.


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1986 Mets

It was 1986 and two college students from Rhode Island decided to take a road trip to NYC that night to get tickets to the World Series. A World Series game that the Met’s had only seen since 1969. I know of this event because I was one of those students and that was one of the most incredible nights of my life!

What made it so incredible were the stars were in the right place for everything to fall in line.  We had just made the last train going to Shea Stadium (it existed then). When we arrived at Shea Stadium the prices for the tickets were $200 each way above our price line and therefore we decided to walk to a bar to watch the game but just as the National Anthem was being played a scalper agreed to sell us tickets for $50 each.  WARNING this was 1986 way before fine fake tickets could be made.  It was the 6th game of the World Series and a game that teetered on the edge from sky divers in the middle of the field to a ball between a major league superstars legs this was the ultimate baseball experience.  I may forget many things in my life but this event will be glued to my mind till my very last days

Forgetting when is it a concern?

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We all forget items in life whether they be your keys, wallet or cell phone but when that problem becomes persistent it might be time to look at this problem a bit more deeply. If you combine that with forgetting common numbers and names or forgetting what you were supposed to do it might be your brain  telling you it’s time to take care of me.  Here are a few ways (below) you  and I can make sure that our mind is truly be taken care of.

(1) Do mental exercises for example puzzles, read more, write more , listen more to classical music or play games on “”

(2) Give your mind sometime to meditate or reflect on idea or life as a whole.

(3) Insure that you have quality rest-time.

(4) Eat foods that give your brain the nutrition it needs

(5) Do regular exercise.

(6) If all else fails see a doctor who might help find the correct medicines and treatment that can be helpful.


Wall Street Journal Review-September 27th-With a little humor-in 60 minutes

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Wall Street Journal

Today my challenge was to get through the Wall Street Journal Weekend Edition in 60 minutes and produce a blog that had a little humor . I initially tried  to complete it in 20 minutes but couldn’t get past the first page or so.  I put the posts in order of funniest lines….I hope.

(1) There is a competition between the head of the Extremist Islamic fashion’s between Mullah Omar and Abu Bakr al Baghdadi.  If I was an extremist I would side with Omar first of all his name is easier to pronounce and he’s that one eye thing that reminds of a pirate.

(2) Canada is making a new trade deal with Europe. We in the U.S will soon have to go to Europe to pick up our Maple Syrup and our “Eh”

(3) India wants 3 Billion dollars worth of Arms from the U.S.  In return we get some great tea and chicken curry.

(4) Many trucks in Texas are running on Natural Gas. Is that the odor I’ve been smelling over Dallas.

(5) Teachers allegedly helped students cheat on statewide exams which would have some impact on the salaries they received.  I would have loved to be in those classes in High School.

(6) Captain Juice is going to fly around telling the children about all the benefits of O.J.  His menaces isn’t Kryptonite but Coconut Water which has had him fall 45%.

(7) Writers who appear to smart for their audience aren’t aware of the intellectual ability of their audience or to put bluntly are just a bunch of snobs.

(8) Civilians and Rebels are protesting the U.S and it’s allies attacks in Syria against terrorist elements.  Nice to know your friends really care.

(9) Kathyrn Ruemmler and Donald Verrilli appear to be the two top choices to replaced Attorney General Holder.  It’s good to see the President is trying to find unbiased nominees (lol).

(10) Top college football team get to pick their opponents on some of their games which has lead to larger blowouts and of greater sale of pillows at games.

(11) Russia passed a bill limiting foreign ownership of it’s media to 20 %.  I’m sure they’ll make an exception to MSNBC who will be happy to help with their propaganda.

(12) Orman’s Independent run for the Senate in Kansas isn’t support from either side. Hello he’s supposed to be an Independent!

(13) Delays in putting the police force in Arizona schools has been set aside because some fear the police will be utilized to pick up illegal immigrants. They might also raid a cupcake sale

(14) Chris Christie and Andrew Cuomo get along well in public and private events.  Christie was thinking about running for President under what party?


Hotel Plus+

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hotel plus

I’m about to reveal a way that a hotel chain can become a great deal more profitable, so if it occurs in the next few months or years please note you heard it hear first.. Hotels should have “unique items” in their rooms for the customers to try and if the customer truly enjoys them they can actually purchase them at the gift shop. For example “My Pillows” and Nescafe Dolce Gusto coffee makers would be perfect items for the hotel guests to try and enjoy. The manufacturers of such items would give these items to the hotel at a great discounts or provide them with the merchandise to sell at a greater discount then in other markets because of the increased sales and display of their products. If tomorrow you’re sleeping at a “My Pillow” at the Hampton Inn please remember who brought you that better night sleep.

Lost but found? – BUD REFLECTION

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confused 3


Have you ever lost an item and looked all over only to find it in an obvious place you believe you checked before?. You’ve truly given up hope of finding it and go on to another activity, then randomely check that obvious spot and it’s sitting right there looking at you and if it could laugh it would be cracking up. This happened to me today with my hat and it’s either a miracle that I found it or I need a stronger cup of coffee. Either way I thank G-D that this mystery was solved. Which brings me to one of the scariest mysteries of my life.
When my daughter was around 3 years old she was a missing. We had called her name and searched the entire house. The police arrived and helped with the search. I got down on my knees to pray by a dining room chair and their sleeping in such a chair laid my little angel. To this day nobody under 3 is allowed to sit in such chairs and when I lose an item I’m not afraid to ask for help from a higher authority.

Beheading in Oklahoma & Ties to ISIS

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While the FBI and police department investigate the beheading by  Alton Nolen of  Colleen Hufford in Oklahoma there are some obvious links to Islamic Terrorist groups like ISIS.  ISIS and Al Qaeda might not have given the knife but surely helped sharpen the hatred. Here are just a few ways there evil influence can be seen leaking through our society.

(1) Beheading a person is what ISIS and Al Qaeda not only openly due but promote these hideous acts on video.

(2) Alton Nolen converted to Islam in prison and has posted hateful messages on his Facebook page that are similar to the hate portrayed by these terrorist.

(3) ISIS and Al Qaeda continue to push for Lone Wolf attacks on the innocent in America.

Let us not forget that the only reason this attack was stopped was because a citizen utilizing his 2nd Amendment rights and in so doing prevented a massacre. The police can’t be there all the time so we must trust each other to defend against evil.

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