One Key-To freedom and peace in the Middle East

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One key to establishing freedom and peace in the Middle East can be found in supporting the free enterprise system in those countries.  Businesses that seek to make a profit will need to hire the most talented in their society whether they be male, female or individuals from the majority or minority party in their country.  These individuals who might not normally associate with each other will have to work together and by so doing will learn that their past prejudices were incorrect. A friendship can develop and in so doing a feeling of empathy for others plights might help change the discriminatory practices that are occurring in the state. To enable this to occur we should support companies that enable all their employees the chance to move to the top based on only the talent they bring to the table. Eventually these enterprises will prove to society as a whole that laws  and societal practices that discriminate based on sex or majority/minority position in society are not only wrong but counterintuitive to running a successful prosperous society.

Syria’s – Obama’s Pickle- Unless…

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President Obama is in a pickle as he tries to find a proper way to respond to Syria’s use of Chemical weapons. If he doesn’t respond the U.S. loses additional credibility with our supporters and more importantly with its adversaries.  If we do attack but it’s insufficient it will bolster President Assad because he can clearly state that he survived an attack from a super power. If on the other end the President plans a full scale attack it can be a long drawn out war which could bring others into this war against our interest including Russia, China and Iran . Therefore the President must instead follow a clear plan that solves the specific problem and not draw us into an extended war.

1) The President must address the American People with clear proof of Assad attacks, tell them why this hideous attack is unique act and that it must have a clear response

2) Any action should be clear and precise to deal with preventing further attacks. Therefore the U.S must work with its partners to find and destroy the chemical weapon stockpiles in Syria and/or the means to use these evil weapons (ex attacks on missile launchers and aircraft)

3) The U.S and its allies will support the rebels with military aid/training that only agree to basic human rights for all its people including minorities. This training will occur outside hostile areas.

4) The U.S. and its allies will work with these rebels to educate the populace on the importance of constitutional democracy and the need for clear separation of powers.

5) If these follow actions occur and nothing more then the U.S and its allies will declare victory.


No black No white

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Lazy people invented the term black and white. Let’s face it there’s no true black or white person we’re are instead a combination of brown’s and tan.  Imagine if instead of the simple term of defining people as black or white we had to use more accurate terms like Point Pleasant, Runyon Canyon Tan, Ebony etc.

If this occurred  then maybe it would be harder to define people according to the color of their skin because there are just too many varieties in the color scheme. Would we then just forget about it and judge each other as individuals in this scheme or would we all attack the evil Pancake Syrup color? Note color names  based on the Benjamin Moore Paint Chart.

No more Syria’s

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The world community waits as dictators utilize brutal means to hold on to power. How many times have we read this headline and felt helpless? How can we  continually watch country after country deny basic G-D given human rights to it’s people?  It’s time the world took a stand that truly made a difference. The “Freedom Coalition” will insure that stand is taken.

The Freedom Coalition will be made up of countries that practice basic human rights, non-profit organizations, profit organizations and labor unions. Basic human rights consist of the “freedom of the press”, “freedom of speech”, the right to vote, freedom of religion, right to assemble, protection of minority views etc.  The countries that are part of this coalition must also have separation of powers to insure the rights of their citizens are continually protected. This group will be broad enough to invite those from various political perspectives but narrow enough on” basic human rights “so that most countries can join.   When a country violates basic G-D given rights of  individuals or groups the “Freedom Coalition” will go into action (see below).

(1) It will state to the world the violations that are occurring.

(2) Support will be given to the freedom loving opposition. This support will be financial, economical, educational (ex development of a constitution) clandestine, and military aid if necessary.

(3) They will demand a buffer zone to enable such individuals and groups to live in free of government abuse.



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I’ve decided to delay some of the dates per previous email for the Indiegogo campaign because we are exploring some new and exciting ways to finance such a film project. Details coming soon…..

Battle of the Burger Joints -Round 1

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1- 1 = 5 Best  Burgers  1 -10

ROUND 1                                                      Five Guys                             Smash Burgers

APPEARANCE OF RESTAURANT            4                                                 4.5

STAFF                                                             4                                                  5

BURGER                                                          9.5                                              7. 0

EXTRA                                                            4                                                   5


Total  =  21.5  Five Guys                                    Smashburger – 21.5

The tie goes to the best tasting burger Five Guys. Wow that was tough!

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