Movie Election

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voting 2 movie theatre

In the future what occurs on the screen might depend on your vote or non vote. Where the viewer will be able to decide what is to occur next through a voting sequence right at their seat. The “Subway Effect” where you the viewer (with a few hundred others) will determine what’s on the sandwich screen is coming to a theater near you. You will decide who falls in love, who lives or dies … on the screen. The viewer decides could become controversial as recounts might be asked for and even sleepy viewers might even be included in this election.  Would you take on your movie responsibility or would you sit out on this entertainment election?

Marine Hat Confusion

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NY Jets hat Marine hat 1

When I wear my NY Jet’s hat nobody assumes that I play for the team but if a wear a Marine hat or other armed forces hat all of sudden I’m recruited.  I wear hats that support my causes and/or match the color of the clothes I’m wearing.  It is important to me to support the armed forces and those who sacrificed so much for the freedom I and my loved ones often take for vantage. So if I insult anyone who has served or is serving by wearing a hat of a team I never fought for please accept my apology but note my wearing your symbol represents that my heart/soul feels for the sacrifice you’ve made for our country.


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Protestors against Trumps Immigration policies ISIS 2

You might believe that you are fighting for justice but if one Islamic Radical Terrorist slips through our borders they’ll be seeking their sick version of justice with our blood. They don’t go care who you voted for, the color of your skin, your sexual orientation they just want you dead. Just like the Nazi’s this band of hate doesn’t profile it kills anything that differs with their exact belief’s including fellow Muslim’s.  Therefore you might believe Trump’s immigration policy is a bit too restrictive and that might be up to debate but remember a little loser and we can tie our necks in a noose.

Computer on a trial

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Laptop ComputerJanice Rodgers Brown Prosecuting Attorney


I say to the jury my client is as guilty as his laptop. For as we know computers can now read our emotions from our facial expressions and play relevant information that either feeds on our emotions or pulls us away.  This computer knew the anger that my client Tom Steven’s was feeling and instead of pull him away from this hate it fed him the ingredients for the explosion. From the constant violent video’s to the repetitive suggestions to act in such a way. Whether this computer had a virus or not is not the problem it put a virus in my clients head which  lead to the violent act that was inflicted. Therefore my client was only an instrument which the computer controlled.

Janice Rogers Brown is not picked for Supreme Court

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Janice Rodgers Brown

Going with my other predictions that Hillary Clinton will be President & Marco Rubio will be the Republican nominee (etc) I’m hoping that my  prediction that Janice Rogers Brown won’t be accepted as Donald Trumps nominee for the Supreme Court goes in a similar direction. For how could the Democrats filibuster an accomplished jurist who happens to be a woman and African American?  If the Democrats start using “extreme tactics” on such a talented woman wouldn’t it backfire on their faces? There would be no way to stop such a nomination without retribution from the voters at home. Therefore let this prediction continue my record (above) and I will be happy to make more predictions.

Will We Know?

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Donald Trump Signing Executive Orders

Will we know if and when America is great again? For it appears the mainstream media will probably hide it near the obituaries or at the end of the broadcast if the Trump administration can take some credit for it. If we don’t know we’ve become great then are we truly there? It is if greatness falls deep in the woods and nobody hears it does it exist?  Hopeful the other media sources will be so elated with what is occurring that it will force the lamestreet media to move it further up in the pages or in the middle of the broadcast. So G-D willing we will become great again but only know we’re pretty good.

Lost Parent

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Confused Parent Confused Parent 2

When is the time they stop trying to find themselves and find a real job instead? Should they stay in the nest or is time they learn to fly away? What happens if they crash how far do you go to pick them up? The answers to these questions don’t appear to be written in any book and if you’re like me you’re probably just confused. You want your children to get all the breaks in the world but shouldn’t they find some themselves? Being a lost parent seems a bit more common in these days where children find independence not as appealing as in the past and maybe we should be grateful for that because at least there spending more time with you.  I’m truly not sure because just like you I’m still a bit lost but G-D willing they and I will be found soon.

You’re a legend

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fascinated 1 fascinated 2

For the next generation and even some from this generation you’re a legend if you lived before the advent of “Google”. How did you survive? Did you actually have to go to places such as the library to look things up? What is a library? You will baffle their mind further if you’re a few years old but be careful their minds might explode, when you tell them that in your day(s) people didn’t own their own personal computer and what was on T.V/Radio was what you watched and listened to only.  You are truly a legend for just being alive and surviving to this day and you thought you were just ordinary.

Healthy Max- We can agree on

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I was taken back by the insults that my supposed friend and companion Sidney said. It is true that I enjoy life and to me that means food while Sidney enjoys the more lazy side of life and….

Sidney 2

Excuse me if you didn’t add your comments on a previous blog maybe I would have kept my palm closed but….


But what just because you’re a bore….

Sidney 2

That hurts can’t we make peace with a “Healthy Max” I found an extra piece and ….

Healthy Max

CINNAMON- That was delicious SIDNEY- I didn’t actually give it you. CINNAMON – Friends forever SIDNEY- I guess so.



Lion VS La, La Land- a tale of 2 movie worlds

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La La Land 2  Lion

La, La Land & Lion  share the nomination for best movie in the Oscar’s but that is all they have in common.  “La, La Land” is a light feel good movie which takes place mostly in the U.S and moves at a rapid pace. On the other hand “Lion” is a serious sad movie which moves at a much slower pace and takes place in a world quite different from the United States.  There is no glitz and glamour in Lion but the hard dark truth of lost and/or abandoned children in the third movie.Even the lasting impression of each film is quite different La, La Land leaves you putting on your dance shoes while “Lion” leaves you grabbing a Kleenex.

*** 1/2  “LION”  Is probably the best film that the Weinstein Company has come out in years although there are still scenes that could have been cut out and resolutions that were left out.  Yet overall the film was made very well with an incredible performance by the young and extremely talented Sunny Pawar and a story that needs to be told for action that should be taken.