Hot Socks- I want a pair

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Hot socks

Sometimes a product you’ve invented already exists I’m not sure that is the case with “Hot Socks”. For although you can put this clothing apparel in the microwave it’s more of  a slipper then a sock and I also believe it’s sorta unsightly to put socks directly in a microwave  there should be some bag they go in first. It’s a bit disgusting to think that the place you cook your food is the same place you basically put your feet in but by having that cover your mind might ignore such thoughts.  From the reviews “Hot Socks” is not for the active person but for those more reclined. Therefore my invention is still in the microwave cooking away but needs some more ingredients before it is taken out.

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Trump Leadership

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Donald Trump Signing Executive Orders

I always believed that setting examples was the key to great leadership but strength and willingness to be hated if need be, can be just as important.   Trump might not set the example in terms of the words he’s Twittered but his willingness to take bold action and even be hated by the opposition are leadership qualities that one needs in the seat of power.  I for one have not been as strong as I should be and my willingness to be hated usually lasts only in a political conversation not in the actions I’m willing to take.  You may not always agree with the actions the new President takes but you must admit he’s shown strong leadership techniques in taking them. G-D willing he’ll have the foresight to take that leadership technique for the good of the country throughout his term and pass that on to other potential leaders in our country.

Banned Countries VS Jewish Refugees of 1940’s

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Syrian Refugees Jews banned in 1940's

To compare the plight of the Jewish people in the 1940’s to those of the Syrian refugees, as some commentators have tried to do, is completely wrong. Of course we as a nation feel for those who are innocent victims of brutal dictators and would want to help those victims  but comparing the two in any serious way needs to be refuted strongly. Here are just a few differences.

                             JEWISH OF THE 1940S’           SYRIAN REFUGEE TODAY

Extermination Camps             Yes                                 No

Terrorist Cells infiltration      No                                  Yes

Acts of Terrorism performed   No                               Yes- small but deadly-Paris, Germ-etc

Ability to fight back                    No                               Yes -Have weapons

Willingness to assimilate         Yes                                No

Love of New Country                Yes                               Maybe

FOOTNOTE- The refugees that have been persecuted for their religious/ethnic views (ex Christians) have had the smallest % allowed in our country which the current administration wants to change.

Another Dog’s Review

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Sidney 2  Good Buddy Jerky Strips

I was a bit confused by the review of a close associate, Cinnamon as it relates to “Dingo Sticks” and am not sure why my name needed to be in such a review. Of course occasionally I will enjoy a Dingo Stick but to my other four legged friends (with tails of course) seriously, does it even compete with the smell of Butt. Dingo Sticks might be fine for the common dog but for those who have more of a palate for the finer food in life can it compare to a Good Buddy with real Chicken? Cinnamon on the other hand will eat almost anything! A matter of fact I saw her once eating a Tomato how revulting.   I understand those who enjoy a Dingo Stick over time but if you want quick lasting taste try Good Buddy instead.  A Good Buddy is so good that it’s actually worth sitting for and even thinking about giving a paw…what’s a Paw

*** 1/2 Howls to Good Buddy

COUNTER ARGUMENT-  I did eat a Tomato and it was great. I’m thinking about being an Omnivore.


Smart T.V

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Timeless BBC Radio

Most of the time I might feel like a boob in front of the “idiot box” but sometimes it actually feels as smart as a BBC Radio and is even entertaining. Shows such as “Timeless” which bring history back to life as well as add new wrinkles to those true stories is a perfect example. Whether it’s a special on the History Channel, National Geography or even Timeless my mind is actually absorbing new deeper facts as well as being entertained. For example I never knew that the Lone Ranger was African American or that one of the 1st serial killers worked in a hotel near the World’s Fair where Teddy Roosevelt & Houdini were.  When a show is well produced, has unusual twists, and makes you think a bit differently then the time spent watching it might be smarter then the box it is on.

FOOTNOTE- If you want to really add to your brain power go check out books or even a google post about the subject matter in the T.V Show.

Less Tolerant

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Nasty Protestors 2

I feel that I’m become less tolerant of those that oppose President Trump. That my mind is less willing to listen to a different point of view then in the past and that is a shame. For sometimes the greatest nuances can occur when your mind is wide open. I’m not sure if it’s due to the constant false stories that have predicted Donald Trumps failure even before he ran up to now, the extreme/hateful protesters that have continued unabated, or even the Trump Administration attack on it’s opponents taking an effect but I believe it might be a combination plate.  I’m going to try to move the conversation with those I disagree with on specifications but if it continues down the same path I’m afraid my mind will be shut to the brilliance that might come from differing views.

A Dog’s Review

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pomeranian dingo dog treat

Dingo Twist Sticks are something worth howling about. While other rawhide sticks keep your attraction for a few minutes the Dingo sticks with Chicken in the Middle can keep you going for a 1/2 an hour and that’s a lot of time in a dog’s life. Dingo itself is a brand that keeps making excellent, fun products for all our four legged friends except for Sidney who prefers smelling my butt and other things.  Dingo Twist Sticks for the dog who needs nothing but a good smooth stick in their mouth.

*** 1/2 Dog Bones

This review is published by “Cinnamon Rebel”   smart dog


Moving out

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moving out

In the next few weeks my son will probably be moving out and although it’s only a few hop & skips away from home it might feel at first as if he moved to another continent. It’s not as if he spends endless times in our house but there is something to know that at the day (or night) he’ll be resting under our roof.  It’s scary to think that now he will have to figure out when to take out the garbage and actually bring in the cans as well as that a T-Shirt might not work well in the water.   I still will continue to try to help sometimes even more then he likes for although he maybe soon out of the nest the nest will never entirely be out of him.

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Would we listen?

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I’ve always wondered how  Pharaoh could ignore the plagues that invested his land yet could we harden our own hearts not to see a disaster in our midst? We are told that G-D made it less painful for Pharaoh to absorb the effects of a plague just as a doctor gives us a pain killer to lesson our own pains but we both know they still exist. Would we open our 5 senses to what is occurring around us even if it was dimmed and change the path we were walking, if it went against our own ego and glory?  Could we stand for live even if everyone around us has a more convenient path that has been used for over 30 years or would our own plague hit us instead?  The truth is it isn’t as easy as it may seem when someone hardens their heart to the signs G-D has put on their path. The path of blood might not look as red to those who only see their  own blood.

Trump Effect- A Dog’s Purpose

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Donald Trump Signing Executive Orders A Dog's Purpose

Will the :Trump Effect” help the box office for “A Dog’s Purpose” or are movie critics immune to the larger media? This weekend will we write a new chapter on who decides what we decide to watch or will we read the same paper?  With critics generally giving “A Dog’s Purpose” a paw down will the audiences ignore the establishment on this front and still show up to see this film.   Has the media elite lost so much power that the people who don’t listen to their “political wisdom” will also ignore their film advise? If so who will step in that will give us this helpful advise that we can trust or will we dare to go alone?

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