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Hoboken Train Crash- What it tells us

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hoboken-train-crash-1 hoboken-train-crash-2

Before the politicians and NTSB try to tell the American people why the tragic Hoboken Train crash occurred we can conclude some basic facts.

(1) Train’s are prime avenue for terrorist attacks and security needs to be stiffened. Most trains are driven by one engineer and that means there is only person for a terrorist to take out to cause massive destruction.

(2) Computer Security needs to be tightened as even this system can be hacked resulting in further death and destruction.

(3) Competition in mass transit with the private sector needs to occur. When there is a government monopoly of such systems there is no incentive to update and improve safety until a tragedy occurs.


BlackListed Stars

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While reading 83 Minutes which concerns the last few days of Michael Jackson Live, as well as seeing the untimely death of fellow talents such as Prince, Marilyn Monroe, John Belushi etc I realize it’s time to bring the blacklist back. This blacklist will not be based on a political/religious belief’s but instead on trying to make sure these talents are actually alive when they perform.  We in society must realize when someone is addicted to a substance (legal or illegal) that this is a physical as well as a mental condition in which tough love must be applied. Therefore all celebrities should have written in their contracts mandatory random drug testing. If a substance is found in there system twice then they must go immediately for treatment and during that time period not receive any compensation or offers for further work until they are clean for an approved period of time of at least two months.  I’m sure some lower level entertainment companies will still seek such talent but let it be known to the public what those companies are doing to such individual(s). This way we can insure the monies such stars receive go to livelihood not toward their destruction and death.

Should I run?

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run-for-office-1  run-for-office-2

My daughter would pull her hair out of her head and my son would probably not even care? Financially it would be a lousy move as well and my chances are winning would be better if I played the lottery or was struck by lightning but every one in a while that shark does bite.  Yet how could I let an eleven term Congresswoman run unopposed when there is so much to oppose her on (support of Obamacare, Increased Taxes/Regulations etc,etc)?  Of course I have not only skeleton’s in my closet but a few bodies as well (figuratively of course) and I don’t want to kiss every baby.  I’m truly interested though in testing new out of the box solutions to today’s problems or at least see them come out of this blog into the bigger world.    To conclude I’d be happy to support another candidate but if the stars are aligned in the right order with a great team behind me I just might put in a hat or two (I have a big collection)… let’s hope it doesn’t come to it.

Right Attitude… When

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I’ve got my mind & body just ready to fall asleep when the alarm clock rings to wake me up. The vacation has just finally suck in as I enter my house.  College is so much fun as I graduate. Why does my attitude appear just right when the experience has finally past me by?  I guess experiencing the wonder of the moment motivates  you to try it again even if you know you’ll love it again after it’s finished.  Or maybe we’ll eventual learn to love the moment now just as much as when it’s finished and maybe if I jump out the window this time I’ll fly.


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Are religious institution supposed to take these least among us and give them hope and direction or can they ban individuals who are causing a serious disturbance to others?  What kind of disturbance should such institutions accept in their attempt to help those who are lost and need to be found? It appears obvious that those who cause serious disruption by words or actions must not be allowed to attend those institutions but where does the line between protection and censorship begin?  It is difficult line to weave that must be clear to all those present whether in spoken words or because of standards of decorum.  Those that violate such protocol though should be given a 2nd or even 3rd chance depending on the degree of their outburst and the treatment they seek outside such institutions. Maybe they can’t be present for the “main service” but a clergy member can reach out and give them guidance instead.  For when religious institutions such as Church’s, Synagogues, & Mosque’s are permanently closed to the lost soul then only darkness, destruction and even death may open instead.

A NEW FACT that will write your day

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Unless you’re from Argentina the picture above doesn’t appear to jolt your memory but I guarantee his invention is something you’ll be writing about.  Laszol Jozsef Biro (don’t ask me to pronounce) is the inventor of the ball point pen a fact that would have slipped my writing pad as well.  He sold his invention to Marcel Birch which was to become the main product of his company called “Bic” and the rest is written history. Just a new fact that you can tell your friends as well and if you can’t pronounce his name then write it down with his invention.

Tim Teebow- Home Run in 1st Bat

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With the Met’s only a 1/2 game in front of the Wild Card race it’s time they get some faith power behind them and Tim Teebow might just be the ticket. After scoring a home run at his first at bat in the minor league division it would be great to see if he could add some fire power when it’s most needed.  Even if it was to be a designated hitter it’s worth a try and it would add so much to the fans enjoyment of the game as well as sell many more jersey’s.


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lestor-holt  libera-bias-2

You can’t fully blame Lestor Holt for the completely liberal bias he presented at the 1st Presidential Debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump after the drilling that Matt Lauer took from the liberal establishment after daring to ask Queen Hillary a tough question or 2 but it truly hurts their journalistic cause as a whole. For more and more people don’t accept their view of “the facts” even when they might be true because they believe there is an alternative political motive.  Instead of  being all the news that’s fit to print many assume it’s all the news that helps their cause.  A matter of fact which can be dangerous when there is a real truth to be told.

Work ……

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If you want to achieve success it must be done on a consistent basis with a commitment as if dollars and sense are on the line (bench press).  Working out must be thought of as a 2nd job where missing a day makes you lose your money.  A 2nd job has less hours and commitment then your first position but when you’re supposed to be there, you are there, ready to go.  Working out gives you the power and strength to be able to handle your primary job so in a sense the time spent at the gym is an investment that keeps paying returns every time you go.

Amy Baumgardner- School Drug THIEF

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How low does a person have to go to get or sell a high?  Amy Baumgarder appears to show us the way as she is accused of stealing prescription medicine from students that need it.   If true this School Clinical Aide has done exactly the opposite of what her position required and at the harm of our most precious asset our children.  It’s time we think twice about what individuals work at our schools for the health and safety of our children should not be stolen away.

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