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Me, Myself & I

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Me, Myself & I

Me, Myself & I appears to be a sitcom that one can watch and not feel as if they seen this before and actually still laugh out loud. For the characters are refreshing well drawn out with a script that goes in a direction we aren’t looking at.  You can feel good watching this show without feeling you have to take a shower afterwards or that you’ve just gone to Church.  Me, Myself & I for all our stages of life are sad and even a little funny.

*** 1/2 – Great 1st episode I hope I can add another 1/2 shortly.

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Illegal Immigrant 2 illegal 3

 ILLEGAL will be the miniseries that truly explores the good, bad and ugly of those that cross our border illegal. From the young man struggling to find a life in a new country to the person looking to make a profit on another’s misery and finally to the drug dealer looking for another avenue to distribute his products.  Plus all the people impacted in between their struggles, gains and loses.  ILLEGAL their story should be told even if it’s not what you’ve been told.

I Missed U- & It’s Good

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baby crying for attention 2

I missed you and it’s good. In society when we usually do anything to avoid any pain from over prescribed drugs to safe zones sometimes it’s good to willingly suffer for a higher cause.  I hope in someway that my suffering was for your benefit because today is Yom Kippur in which G-D causes those of the faith to afflict themselves in order to ask for forgiveness for themselves and their loved ones or expanded tovsociety as a whole. That is why fasting wasn’t enough and I fasted from writing as well.  Sometimes the pain is really worth the gain and G-D willing this will be true in my case to U.


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hiding in shadows

You might hide in a fog but if you’re Jewish many will see through the midst to find the real you. Even if you are far from observant about to dive into a double bacon cheeseburger maybe that knish isn’t so bad after all?  For it’s a history that has it’s up’s and down but led to a great up… “YOU”.  As Yom Kippur begins to call let us awaken the pride we have in our faith and let G-D write you in the book for another year of health, wealth, happiness and pride in who you truly are no matter how hidden you might have appeared to be in your own mirror.

FOOTNOTE-  will be taking my break from my blog post for Yom Kippur but G-D willing (literally) I will be sealed for another year of writing to you!


Dancing by Myself

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Dancing by myself

Most of the time I’m figuratively and literally dancing by myself with nobody filling that floor with me. For the excitement that I feel at a moment doesn’t appear to be in another’s realm. My mind is so excited with some new discovery, opportunity or just breath of fresh air that I feel like dancing.  I may not be using my feet but I’m literally gliding in the air why don’t you join me for the ride? Trust me you won’t step on my toes but fill the rhythm bring new happiness to your life.

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Hole in the Wall….. bar

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Hole in the Wall 2

The “Hole in the Wall bar” will literally be a challenge to get to. You will start your journey through climbing through this hole and then going through a maze all to find the best  drinking location in the world. With some of the most unique and fun drinks known to humans and crazy entertainment to boot. Yet only a few will dare to jump through this hole would you be one?

National Coffee Day- Be Afraid be very afraid

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Coffee Day 1  hyped on coffee


Tomorrow is National Coffee Day and this is warning that the world around you might be a bit more jittery. If things move a bit too fast you can blame on that extra free cup. Friday when  usually everything appears to be slowing down for the weekend will instead move into 4th gear.  So be ready and be afraid but most importantly fill your cup up because you have to keep up with Mr. & Mrs Starbucks or Dunkin today!!

FOOTNOTE- Hurry up already and finish that cup I don’t have all day!

Amazon – Bears VS Packers- Timing is off

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Amazon Bears Vs Bronco's

Amazon first NFL streaming game of the Bears VS Packers couldn’t have happened at a worse time with the kneeling controversy turning away viewers that normally watch for free.  Add the $99 dollars for a yearly membership and the viewership will fall through the roof.  For Amazon’s sake I hope they can get a refund from the NFL if viewership is less then expected which it surely will be.  It’s time other corporate sponsors seek a discount rate as well until enough pressure is put on the league so they will put a  stop to this disgraceful response to our flag.

10:28 PM -Based on a True Story

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At 10:28 PM I looked at my cell phone the only problem is it actually was 4:28 AM? Why did my phone show 10:28 PM was it a sign of something greater that was going to come in my life or a warning of what lays ahead?  Is 10:28 PM the time I die or the time I become reborn and what is the day connected with such a time?  All I can say for sure is 10:28 PM will be a time I surely won’t forget anytime soon if I’m alive to remember it.


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Social Media Marketer   social Media Marketer 2

I’m looking for the right person to help bring these ideas on this blog to a larger more influential market so that we can have a greater positive influence then it currently has.  Of course as the influence increases then so do the opportunities for greater wealth/fame for all those involved. Here are just factors you should consider.

(1) FLEXIBLE HOURS– Work when you want results are all that matters.

(2) PAY PLUS CUT – I’m more concerned about making a difference then having extra $’s in my pocket. A matter of fact I will probably put the $’s I receive from your work back into marketing these ideas to a bigger audience and maybe buying a burger instead of a slider.

(3) OPPORTUNITIES OF GROWTH- Please note that this blog contains business, film, speaking, advertising, advising and other opportunities for growth to those who think big.

(4) COLORS-  I will be willing to modify existing website colors without changing the bones or structure. In other words no posts will be deleted but might be corrected for GrAmmer. 

If you have the skill and experience for success or know of such an individual send resume to

Social Media Marketing 3Social Media Marketing 4

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