Nancy Pelosi -GOP WIN -House Minority Leader-

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The G.O.P should open another bottle of Champagne as Nancy Pelosi continues to lead the Democratic House Minority.  Other then knowing where the $$’s is Nancy has continued to lead a losing party in the house and G-D willing her streak will continue.  Her leftist views are so far from Middle- America that she is the poster woman for why people from outside the coasts  (West & East) should continue to vote for the G.O.P.   Nancy we in the G.O.P are delighted to have you back and may you continue in the success you have for many, many years to come.

Trump Education

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donald-trump-4  degree

You don’t have to go to any College to absorb some key facts of success in a Trump Education. It is observing the brilliance of the key factors to his success that will help you attain this diploma. Here are just a few you should consider.

(1) BRANDING-  Don’t worry about controlling your products from start to finish but allow those with the talent and resources to do it for you as you just attach your name.

(2) KEEP MOVING- Failures will happen along the path but don’t let them stop you close the door to them and move on to your next project/dream no matter what others believe.

(3) INNER CONFIDENCE- Allow your vision to see through the clouds others put in your path and even the storms that will occur for a rainbow is just across the horizon.

(4) DREAM BIG- There is nothing wrong for shooting towards the sky even if you only go a few feet off the ground for if you don’t climb you’ll only stay where you are.

(5) SIMPLE STRAIGHT TALK- Don’t worry about impressing “the elite” instead keep the message simple and straight so everyone can understand and hold on to it.

(6) FEELING CHANGE BUT TALENT DOESN’T or interview Mitt Romney

Google Doodle Education – Jagadish WHO

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jagdish-chandra-bose  doodle

Forget college and just study “Google Doodles” for your education.  Thank G-D  I just have to write about their doodle today Jagaish Chandra Bose instead of speak his name for it’s hard for me to get past his first name let alone middle and last name.  This man has made great achievements that I never knew about in all my years of college and other education formats (see link below). Thanks to Google I can write the name of the man who discovered plants can feel pain without the pain and embarrassment of trying to speak his name. Google Doodle Education it’s a bit less expensive then college and will give you facts you will never learn there as well.

Facts about Jagaish Chandra Bose

Health to Harm

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nysc rockland-bakery

In a twisted case of irony my gym which helps people live a healthy lifestyle is being turned over to the Rockland Bakery to make sure they don’t.  It is not only that bakery items are not the healthiest food choice but it’s rumored that this location will specialize in sugar cholesterol driven cakes. Let’s hope this isn’t a sign of the times and that individuals will just have to walk a bit longer to stay trim from those cakes instead.

Secretary of State Tulsi Gabbard

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In a move that has shocked the political landscape Donald Trump has picked Tulsi Gabbard as Secretary of State. The Democratic Congresswoman who originally supported Bernie Sanders for President was picked to show that the President Elect is truly trying to unite the entire country.   This move has sent shock waves through the Democratic party that has tried to de- legitimize the President Elect’s standing and is sure to send shock waves throughout the entire political establishment.  ….. Hey it’s nice to dream.

$1000 a word

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one-thousand-dollars-2 one-thousand-dollars-2

 I will give $1000.00 for one word to be spoken by this individual in English. Just one word that’s all I ask. Who is this individual only one of my true best friends. She’s very intelligent so one word shouldn’t be hard for her to say. Of course we all have our own limitations so why should one’s tail truly matter.  Right now all I hear is ruff, ruff and I’m sure there is more to her vernacular.  So if you’re up to the challenge and aren’t a ventriloquist this monies could be yours for one simple word.

Life at Core

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“Pro Life” is not just 2 words to me but who I am. These are not just words I use on election day but words I hold in my very beating heart.  If it means taking in a stranger who is having a difficult time or suddenly finding a new responsibility at my doorstep I will oblige. “Pro Life” means making those difficult decisions in my own personal life when loved one’s offered me a different option.  It means having an extra dollar for a charity that helps those in need at any stage in their life and defending that life whether it be in this country or a far away land. “Pro Life” for every innocent beating heart truly deserves to continue through this path and G-D willing I can help even after the beating stops.

1 Equals 20

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big-mouth   big-talker-10 big-talker

Please don’t take this to your math class for in any equation 1 = 20 doesn’t work, accept in the real world. Where when such an individual enters it’s as if 20 people came along with them. They are loud, full of themselves and even sometimes a bit of obnoxious that their entrance leads 20 footsteps along the way. They can truly be the party or the end of it all at one time.  1 = 20 because sometimes life doesn’t always add up.

Mitt Mystery?

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It is one of the biggest political mysterious of our time two enemies on the political battlefield Mitt Romney & Donald Trump willing to put away their hatchets and not in each other’s back…. (for now) against their most ardent supporters (Kellyanee Conway, Newt Gingrich & even dare I say Sean Hannity) who want them to continue the feud or at least keep the knife’s in hand.  Have they given up their beast or just found a new one? Here are just a few reasons (below) for this sudden change in plans.

(1) CHICKEN- Just as two cars going towards a head on collusion each is testing when the other will blink.

(2) REBEL-  Donald Trump continues to want to defy what other’s say he must do to be political successful even the other’s are his friends.

(3)  NEW FRIENDS-  Forget this one.

(4) EXCUSE-  At the last moment before that big dinner Donald can say he would have chose Romney but ….. and really pull the rug from under his feet falling on his … 

(5) CRITICS INSIDE- It’s best to keep your enemies close and working for you whenever you can.

(6)  INSIDER- Donald Trump is more of an insider then his friends want to admit and wants to be liked by all even his most ardent critics. He feels his friends will continue to support him even if he shoots them in the foot (not literally although he has a pistol license).

Ohio State-Slaughter-Could open our eye’s

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The terror attack at Ohio State should open our eye’s to a truth that our nation has ignored for too long, at our own peril. Our nation has feared for too long the weapon but not worried about who has held it. Those in power have used this rational to follow the guns but now the terrorists have proven that they will use common items to perpetuate their hideous acts of violence.  How can we defend ourselves against an individual that would use a common car to kill and maim the innocent? Are we to outlaw or register every person who wants to buy a common kitchen knife? Let us learn from the  horror that occurred at  Ohio State that we must follow the individual who would act in such a despicable way instead of worrying about the tools they might use for evil.