All Temps

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We are all Temp’s with one job here as we  wait patiently  for our next call.  I would suggest holding this job as long as you can because the other position has unknown risks and maybe rewards. It’s also good to have a strong resume before one leaves to the next position which is truly dependent on what we’ve accomplished in this line of work.  Maybe if we do a really good job here it will be noticed by others who take over our positions.  G-D willing our next work will be heavenly bound.


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It can motivate you to action or reaction in a way you later regret. For your emotions have taken over logic as the words “it’s not fair” filter throughout your head, body and soul. Then you must act not just yourself but the injustice that is occuring right in front of your eyes. Envy can take over till you’ll sell your own brother to slavery (story of Joseph) or condemn a whole people (anti-semitism).  Yet when one takes a step back from the “feeling” and actually walks in their own shoe’s they realize that the one’s the other is wearing really don’t fit them at least for now.  It might not feel right but G-D knows what is right for this moment in this time.

President Trump Michael Cohen

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If what the Rat uh I mean “Michael Cohen The Rat” says is correct, that during the campaign he was negotiating on behalf of Donald Trump with the Russians on a real estate deal then I fault the President for not telling the truth. Yet as a businessman I know that many deals are up in the air and until their is something in writing many times you don’t want to speak about “it”. For one negotiations can help open a door to a real deal that wouldn’t have occurred if words were leaked. I still believe that the President should have been more forthcoming but that is not a crime just a morale opinion. Yet being a trusted lawyer means not leaking confidential discusssions no matter what that is unless you are the worst kind of Rat a Michael type.

Don’t Care

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Don’t worry about it I really don’t care. So you made plans on my birthday after I told you months ago I’m not at all bothered. It’s fine that you belittle all my ideas it won’t effect me. Trust me I’m not hurt that we weren’t supposed to get present and you still did. Yes, it’s perfectly  fine that you always have time to talk someone ahead of me.  Don’t worry that you give me that I crazed look everytime I ask a question it really doesn’t …

 well maybe it did but it’s a dead issue now.


Sign or Concidence

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 Is this just a concidene or a sign from above?  A few days ago a loved one said they were thinking about contacting “Just For Lunch” to find that special person. Yet before they even looked at the phone this company was on their line.  I would have gambled on this premonition but the price tag was over the table limits. $850 for a one month subscription which includes get this one date and one hour of dating counsling.  That is not the premonition we were hoping for even when the Prince meets Cinderalla at his expensive ball at least food and drinks were included along with a shoe.   I’m a gambling man though and if my 2nd thought comes true I will roll the dice for him. Without giving this thought away let’s just say this premonition will have to see a greener pasture … in my wallet.  If not G-D willing my loved one will have another premonition and this one will be in my price range.

Eagle Drone

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When unwanted critics enter your land it’s time for anEagle Drone“. This drone will have the speed of an Eagle and their own version of  talon’s to pick up Mickey and any of his friend’s as you dispose them in your version of Never Never Land.  Whether that be in the woods to live happily ever after or  a more permanent space you’ll decide what happens next in this story, not them.  Eagle Drone’s will have the ability to sense such small mousketeer movement on their own or you’ll have that power in your hands. Eagle Drone,  this tale will finally have the ending you want.

Automatic Toilet Seat

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You know what’s right but your loved one(s) will never understand then it’s time for the Automatic Toilet Seat.  Whether you’re an Opener/Up or Closer/Downer (correct in my seat) once their done it will go back to the way you want it and will stay that way until the next user comes their way. Automatic Toilet Seat has the controlling mechanism that will make sure you’ll see the seat in the function it was meant to be in your household. For the toilet seat is your throne and you deserve to have it your way at least in this location.

Cut Me

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You cut me so all I can do is watch the blood. For I’m tired of looking for another bandage to wrap up these feelings. How many times can one be cut before they just feel completely exhausted and hide in their safety corner? The knife never actually touches the skin but the venom has already entered if not by words then of action which constantly never occurs. Where life might not be what one wanted but at least you’re safe from the pain? Exhausted to the point of just wanting to let go of where one is and go to a place of peace even if it’s where one’s eyes never reopen at least the pain and suffering will go away.

FOOTNOTE- Please note how your cuts of other’s can cause another to lose hope until we are all bleeding in someway.

MLK – The Time

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Martin Luther King was the man of his times but I wonder  if he would be recognizable today.  Is there an obvious evil in our society that one brave person must risk it all to dedicate their life through peaceful civil disobedience  to change it? The murder of unborn babies appears to be such but it is not as easily seen as the period of open segregation where it appeared to all who were looking.   Many could see the signs (literally) but only a relative few stood up to see them torn down peacefully.  Are there such signs today and do we need a leader such as Martin Luther King so that we will do more then look but act?

FOOTNOTE-  This is based on my reading of “The Autobiography of Martin Luther King by Clayborne Carson

Absent THEN

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It is when one decides to get off the grid and leave it all to the wind that more then that takes over.  Know one can be in charge all the time but when you leave an absence of your power someone else will fill in.  This could hurt more then your ego if you haven’t trained anyone to actually step in when your breeze is calling.  Power can not only be found in one’s that have possessed it but in one’s looking for that absence and sometimes that can be disaster for those in the space and those looking to take a break.