Ballet WWF

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I have to admit I never allowed my mind to enter the arena’s of the World Wrestling Foundation or ballet. Yes, there is a time constraint for any leisure activity that must be followed if one is to be productive with their life but I don’t truly believe that is my whole story. It’s the image I felt that “society” has trapped one in if they become an active watcher of either one.  The stereotype image is of  ballet appears to be one  the elite and feminine while World Wrestling is one who live near the “other side of town”. I understand it’s far from the truth and stereotypes are meant to be broken so I plan to live my rebel image and I dip my feet in both activities a bit more. This is true even if I get smacked down as I try to relever.

Cocky For US

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I have to admit sometimes President Trump, Trumps his praise too much but is it really just for him? I believe the President is raising his voice for all of us “deplorable s” who have never been given the credit we deserve. Whether it be the blue collar worker on the assembly line who actually goes to church on Sundays, the stay at home mom who protects her family with her 2nd amendment right or the executive on Wall Street that actually believes in the capitalist dream.   Maybe society has put us in “our place” because we haven’t followed their rules and the President helps us to realize they shouldn’t be the one’s who make them.  Yes the President is a bit boastful but when did we really have someone who shared that boast with us?  It’s time we stand up as well even if MSNBC , CNN and the rest of the elite try to push us down and the President has the pulpit for us to stand on as well.

PC Police- Exist

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The PC Police actually exist in NYC and they will be going for your words anytime soon. That’s right the “PC Police” have designated certain words to be “hate speech” and the truth is you may not know you are using them before you’re hit with a hefty fine.  Let’s just say if you see this  walking the street you can say it’s an Alien but don’t put illegal in front unless you want to pay big time. I know it doesn’t look like he (could be she now a days) received an official green card but that would offend “the state” if you said so. To make matters worse some of our Democratic Presidential Campaigns want you to lose your 2nd Amendment writes permanently if  you are “caught” uttering such words. Which begs the question “who is really intolerable”?

I’ll Take It

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I’ll take the extra hand or two.  I’ve proven to myself that I can do it alone enough, so now if someone wants to help me I believe I’ve earned that right.  Trust me if I “keep it a bit un-real” I’ll have more time to explore the creative side instead. I won’t waste my time napping but a bit more down time once in awhile I guess couldn’t hurt.   Yes, it’s important to take out the garbage, do the dishes, fold the  wash etc, etc but if someone wants to do it for me well then I’ll take it as well with pride.

FOOTNOTE- This doesn’t appear to becoming to my household anytime soon.

Mall + Music = Success

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For the mall to achieve success in the future music must be listened to.  Adding  “LIVE” musical acts to the center of a mall will bring out the customers in droves and have them shopping their heart away. To further increase sales merchandise should be geared to said artist before and after such a performance. The music industry is also hitting a slump so having an artist jump from mall to mall to sing a hit single or two will help promote them in ways that will help with the rest of their concert tour. Mall plus music is the future that will help both industries stay live for many more years to come.

FOOTNOTE- Music is just one realm in the entertainment that must be expanded in a mall near you.

Posted by Bruce - in Blog - No Comments will insure that the date doesn’t go to far and/or make sure there is a witness to the truth. When  going on a date will be there with you recording what is occurring from a safe  distance and documenting in case others might challenge what has actually occurred. This way G-D forbid if  accusations of sexual misconduct occur they will be backed up by a certified witness.  Information of course will be kept confidential unless needed by the party. will also be able to intercede in a date if need be.  In today’s world everyone needs to be protected by the truth will be the proof one can count on.

Impeachment Ends

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12/24/2019- Nancy Pelosi is closing the impeachment inquiries on the President after a vote by the house of an official Reprimand instead. This occurred after the White House agreed to let Inspector General’s report on the 2016 campaign be kept top secret until after the 2020 election and Attorney General William Barr squashed the work of John Durham into past abuses of the previous administration during the 2016 election.  During this time period economic growth has slowed to the point of near recession levels. Now it will be up to the voters to decide what really is the truth.

FOOTNOTE- Yes this is fake news …. well at least until it becomes reality.

Bullies Just Move

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Bullies don’t leave they just move.  They look for those individuals/groups that are under attack and then make their move. I’ve seen it occur with those who come from a different background and/or racial background to now have the bullies attack individuals who dare challenge the “popular culture”  whether it because of a particular faith or dare I say different viewpoint. It’s sad to say bullies never go away they just move with the wind and that is why we should all fight for this wind to stop sot that all may truly live without fear of the “bully”.



Emotions For Living

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One shouldn’t hold back how they feel as long as the feelings help them go where they want to be.  Feelings should motivate you to achieve an end not cause you to stop and cry along the way.  Yes, it’s important to let them out but there are productive ways to do so whether it be through music, the arts, physical fitness or even within a good relationship yet knowing when to draw a line and move on is essential as well.  Feelings must be felt but not always on one’s sleeve under the arm pit is good as well.

Ugly Stay

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It didn’t want to leave even as the razor’s came out. The ugly beard which took over my face would not leave without a fight that required a deeper battle then one would have expected. For it’s roots were ingrained in me and a new battle plan had to emerge immediately before the ugly could grow any further. I realized I wasn’t fully equipped for this battle alone so I used the professional care of someone who spoke their language and had the tools to insure victory …. the barber.  Victory is in my face as I am beautiful again …. well at least not ugly.

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