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Gangster Effect

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Peaky Blinders

As I watch another episode of Peaky Blinders I notice that it has an immediate effect on the way I see life at least for a few minutes after the viewing. It’s not as if I’m going to rub someone out but if they crossed my path at that moment well let’s just say there would be consequences, I matter even yell at them. It’s the feeling of respect you start to believe that you have even as in the next moment you kids scream at you for finishing up all the Oreo’s.  Peaky Blinders and other gangster shows won’t send you up the river but for a moment you’ll feel as if you know who really is swimming with the fishes.

They Can’t- They DO

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Baby Walking

Just when you feel “they can’t” they suddenly do.  As a parent we have all experienced that terrible feeling for as we have helped them with the first step they then fall on their face. Yet just when we stop looking they get up and drive down the block or get that first position in life. As painful as it is we often must watch our child fall throughout the years just to see them walk on their own. Maybe it’s best to realize G-D has the calendar and sometimes we just have to grin as they date suddenly appears.

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New Technology 1 Newest Technology

You want to have the ** Newest Technology** when it barely enters the marketplace or want it after it’s been tested in the real world then NEWTECH is the place you will go.   NEWTECH will bring the technology to your home,set it up for your 6 month lease period and explain the condition it must be in for there to be no additional fees during the pick up.  NEWTECH then will re-lease this new technology to another individual who wanted to see how others enjoyed in the real world 1st at a reduced cost then the initial leasee. NEWTECH will continue to lease the equipment at a lower cost to additional leases until either it is sold or the lifespan of the product has ended.  NEWTECH soon you can enjoy the ** Newest Technology** without owning it for it’s life.


Anti-Semitism Enters the Kavanaugh Debate

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Kavanaugh Family

As emotions supersede facts Anti-Semitism is another entry into this surreal discussion, where guilty is found before innocence.  Today I heard from a friend that during a discussion of whether Judge Kavanaugh is fit for this office his associate used the size of his nose to condemn him.  This individual claimed the size of Judge Kavanaugh’s nose determined he had a drinking problem and as such committed the 30 year sexual harrassement allegation. Here was the evidence to convict him and many others of the Jewish faith.  As many people know the image of a large nose was used by Anti Semites in the not to distant past as a way to spread false and vile rumors about the people of the Jewish faith, so when this was said by a “member” of the faith the surreal moment became past bizzare.  Yet when “emotions” not facts lead one to action then we can see how “hate” becomes rationalized and with it destruction of good individuals and their families.

It’s for YOU

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one drop of blood STABBING KNIFE

Your parents have ordered me to protect you  and that is what I’ve done even at the cost of my own life.  Whether you realize it or not there were others who meant to do your wrong or lead you down a path of destruction. Therefore, they needed to be a taught a lesson that there was no way they could forget and if they were stupid enough not to remember well then they needed to be permanetly out of life.  Protection is the service I provide and there is know one I will let harm you even yourself.

FOOTNOTE- Not a true story or is it!

You’re Invite

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You're invited

12/1/2018- 10AM- Congregation Shaarey Israel- 18 Montebello Road-Montebello, NY

This is YOUR official invite to attend my annual D’var Torah on the bibilical story of Joseph. Where I attempt to delve a bit deeper to show how this ancient story is relevant in the times we live in today. I can’t promise that the insight will change your life but I’ll try and at the end you’ll have at least an extra bagel with some cream cheese to go with it. For a wonderful Kiddish with friends will occur afterwards and it’s on my house or maybe just a bedroom.

California Senator Feinstein Indicted

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9/29/2019- California Senator Feinstein is the latest Democratic Senator to be indicted after a one week investigation into Justice Brett Kavanaugh led to a deeper investigation into the system that led to Professor Ford’s accusation. Although the initial one week investigation into Justice Kavanagaugh led to no conclusions it opened a bunch of worms that the President allowed the FBI to pursue. Here are some of the conclusions they have so far reached.

(1) Senator Feinstein office purposely leaked confidential information to the Washington Post.

(2) George Soro’s has funded the entire operation from the polygraph test, GoFundme page to  Professor Fords worldwide “Speak Out” Tour.

(3) Senator Feinstein’s former driver a Chinsese Spy worked in coordination with the Senator to help spread the news. Which led to her indictment today.

FOOTNOTE: This is fake news but beware opening up this investigation against Judge  Kavanaugh might lead to the real truth behind all the dirty monies and tricks to get him. Leaving him Justice Kavanaugh and fingerprints for many who have tried to bring him down at all costs.

Too Religious?

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religious leaders together Jews praying

Many might say that they are “too religious” but I believe that there is more in those two words then what is written.  Here is a deeper take (below) of what others just might be thinking and believing themselves.

LACK EMPATHY-  These individuals can’t understand what and where I’m going. Yet between their robes is a person who has felt much of the pain even if the clothes cover it.

LOOK DOWN AT   – Remember a truly religious person seeks to improve themselves first and foremost.  If these individuals appear to be looking down at you maybe you should show them a mirror instead.

NO FUN-   People who appear to religious may have all types of restrictions on themselves yet get to know them as a human being not a symbol and you’ll see fun in a whole different way then before.

PREACHY – Know one likes to be lectured too but words of wisdom are hard to come by these days so have an open heart and listen. You might find a better way to walk on your own path.

G-D    People of faith will try to connect G-D to everything and that might make you feel uncomfortable. Yet sometimes discomfort allows you to feel a fabric you never knew you were wearing.

Our Voice- Lindsey Graham

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Lindsey Graham was our voice yesterday. He was the voice of those that were held guilty and had to prove their innocents before they even had a chance to speak themselves. Senator Graham was the voice of those that have watched their loved one’s work and names destroyed by a baseless accusation. The voice of those that accusations should be based on facts on the ground not words in the air.    Finally the voice of any good American who truly believe the presumption of innocent before guilty no matter who that person might be.



Political Repeat

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Waking up tired 2 tired from work

If there is one basic concept we political junkies and those that casual watch should agree on is the political repeat over and over again. Whether you’re party is from the left, right, or middle you can be sure the catch phrases will be used passed nausea to the point of zombie brain. For there is no way that if you listen to your side that you won’t get what they want you to hear even if there brains are saying something else.  Yet we political junkies continue to our drug even after awhile we are completely numb to it’s effect.

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