Warning!!! Too many choices can get you bored.

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bored with tv

I know that I’m dating myself but when I was a kid we didn’t have as many choices on TV and I think we were less bored then the children of today. We had three basic channels and UHF channel if your television antenna was just right.  You would wait all week for your favorite T.V show to go on and watch it as a family or at least with your brother or sister. Every week you waited with anticipation for the next episode. It was the time when the movie of the week was truly the movie of the week.  Yes we had less selection but I believe this led to more anticipation and as such more excitement when a show came on.

Today if you don’t like the first two minutes of a show you can switch it to over a hundred different choices. If you don’t have time to watch a show one night you can watch it on your computer or DVR it for the next night. Yes there are big shows that “everyone is watching” but if you miss it today you can watch it tomorrow.  Don’t get me wrong I’m glad technology has taken us to this level but sometimes I wonder if these choices are truly more enjoyable then the ones we had in the past.

Book Vs Movie

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book vs movie 2 book vs movie


I have yet to see a movie that is able to capture all the details that a book can deliver yet on the other hand I have never read a book that is able to capture the action that a movie can deliver. One example of this is “The Hunger Games”.  The books description of the murder of these children was so graphic that it deeply moved the reader while the movie showed these deaths in an almost cartoon way. I believe the producer  felt this needed to be done to achieve the PG13 label.   It also is hard to deliver a book into a movie form because the reader has their own concept of what the characters and scenario should look like that can’t be exactly duplicated in a film.  In conclusion if you’re looking for action go to the movies but if you’re looking for depth read the book.

Freedom Restaurant-Great Food, Great Fun, Equally Offensive

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laughing at Restaurant

PC Police not welcome. This restaurant will serve as a sanctuary for the politically incorrect and also serve great food.

1.  Sandwiches which make fun of us all including the “Jew Sandwich” which is cheapest sandwich, “Colored Sandwich” of course served with Watermelon, “WASP Sandwich” your classic Bologna and cheese on white bread, “Homo Sandwich” served on pink bread with extra fruit etc, etc,  Trust me there will be a name that insults you in some way even if we have to make combination sandwiches.

2. Video Clips will be shown of acts that got commentators, comedians, or actors in trouble.

3. Comedians will go around tables insulting guests until they ring the” Surrender Bell”

4. Waiters and waitresses will wear offensive clothes.

5. Banned or offensive products of the past will be on display and for sale including books and movies.

6. On special nights comedians from different ethnicities, religions, regions etc will attack each other on stage (words only)

7. Security will be on the premises to boot those who might use sticks and stones instead of words, and/or are  disruptive to others guests enjoying their meal.

So if you want to protect freedom and enjoy some good laughs this might be the place for you.

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