WARNING- Boring Post- Plans

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BoringBored 1

WARNING -This post is boring



I already told you not to go any further but you’re too stubborn to listen.

I plan to work on the following items of business in the next month.

(1) Have my son get his feet in the door at a local club

(2) Get a personal trainer for this son of mine.

(3) Make a determination whether to proceed with Budrebel Bags or table it.

(4) Find a social media expert to help boost this blog and the contents thereof.

(5) Consider other products and services that could be created from this blog

(6) Look into whether my property can be turned into a farm

(7) Have my financial adviser see whether a charitable trust is something I should consider formulating.

(8 ) Make sure people don’t fall asleep from other blog posts I write.

My Strengths & Weaknesses

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Mirror 2

I hope this blog post is not read by someone who might want to use it against me but I’m going to take the risk since this blog has always been about honesty whether it be good, bad or in-between.  Therefore I’m going to list my top 5 strengths and weaknesses as I look into the mirror of my soul or at least head. CONSTRUCTIVE criticism is always appreciated.


  1. CREATIVE- I can find a solution to a problem that is not only out of the box but down  the street.
  2. DRIVE- When I’m motivated  to do a task I will complete it as if my life depended  on it or at least an arm.
  3. PASSONIATE- If there is something that I love I’m full of enthusiasm that can energize a lightbulb.
  4. VALUES- My values are not to be pushed out the door when evaluated life goals or how to get there.
  5. HAPPY- I try to find my “happy place” when things around me appear sad or blah.


  1. BORED- I can become  bored with idle conversation and drift off to a different place.
  2. DETAILS- Not a big fan of reading or following detail instructions on how to get things done.
  3. NAME & DATE FORGETTING- Thank G-D Facebook alerts me to birthday’s with the people’s names attached.
  4. DARK HUMOR- My mind can locate a joke in some of the worst places that even  Amy Schumer wouldn’t step well maybe a few steps.
  5. ACTOR- Many times  I want to be on the big stage, little stage or any stage to get the attention my body craves.


A Regret and a change

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nerd Quirky

I spent way too much time trying to be with the “cool crowd” that I didn’t see the “more loyal” friends in front of me. Yes, these individuals might be a bit quirky, nerdy, strange or a combination thereof but they’re also loyal and caring while the cool crowd may only bring ice.  They appreciate real friendship based on what’s deeper then the initial appearance and have a unique insight that can be fascinating and yes even sometimes a bit annoying. Even as I write this blog I know that my insecurities will continue to have me search through the ice but now I’ll keep a more open mind to those wonderful nerdy, quirky and/or a bit strange friends that I’ve taken for granted for too long.

Presidential Candidate 2036

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White House Presidential Podium

I’ve decided to declare my intention to run for President of the United States in 2036. Of course I’ll still have to be alive, not in jail, sane and have a country to be President of but if those conditions exist I’ll be hitting the campaign trail then. You might say that I’m making the announcement a bit early but there will be many steps to take to insure I can walk in this path and the early you start the better the chance for success. I will of course study the success and failure of the candidates that proceeded such a race, along with putting my private life in some type of order. Would I decide to run before such a date, it’s possible but that will be totally up to those who would support such a run while in 2036 it will be my decision to start.  I hope that within the next 20 years I’ll prove to you that I’ve earned your support by just being myself and continuing to seek improvement along the way.

Strangest Night/Day Ever or Dreams Eclipse reality

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confused 4

From all appearances it seemed to be just an ordinary morning in my life where the alarm went off, I took a shower, said my morning prayers and was just about to take the dogs for a walk when a simple laughter from my daughter woke my up to reality.  For the alarm on my phone didn’t wake me up but the alarm in my head had and it had to decided to start the day four hours earlier then normal. Without that laughter I probably would have been at work standing outside wondering why my place of business was not open for hours (well hopefully I would have caught on sooner). Yet just the night before I dreamed that an alarm went off just a second or so it seemed before it actually did.  Lately I wonder are my dreams eclipsing reality or is my reality becoming part to close to my dreams?

Something for nothing…. and the trip was free.

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free deal

I know they say you get nothing for free but once in my lifetime I truly did and it wasn’t a time-sharing scheme. I saw an application to receive training as a public speaker for the Tea Party Patriots and decided to apply for free. For some reason they accepted my application and flew me down to Alexandria Virginia again for free. Not only did I receive excellent accommodations but my room and training was included as well. I got to meet some of the most talented warm leaders from around the country,received excellent training  and wondered how the hell did I get  included with this group.  In conclusion it is generally true you get nothing for free but generally doesn’t mean always.


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rob astorino


It was my first political fundraiser that I was to have in my house and if it wasn’t for Mr. Astorino (G-D willing Governor to be) it would have been my last.  I had sent out beautiful invitations with RSVP to all the members of the Clarkstown Republican Committee Members along with my neighbors and bought a delicious spread for this beautiful reception that would bring in 5o to 100 people that instead worked out to be chromosomes.  In truth we had approximately 12 people attend including Rob Astorino his bodyguard and my 2 dogs (for this fundraiser we count dogs). Mr. Astorino walked in as if it was a crowded room and graciously answered all our questions, shook everyone’s hands or paws, and shared the time with us as if we were raising thousands of dollars for him.  I’ve learned from my lessons and hopefully in the future will have a more successful political fundraisers  but until then I hope NY will elect a Governor with true class, humility and honesty Rob Astorino.


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In one’s life we sometimes make decisions that later on we realize were cruel but if we were truly honest would probably still do it again this was one of those decisions.  I had just graduated college and wanted to have a girlfriend even if this wasn’t the woman I would take home to the dog (the dog would be attracted). This older lady to put it plenty was 28 and I was a mere 21ish  had gone on several dates me with me when I invited her to a club.  Of coarse as soon as I walked every woman looked like a model or a close runner up while my date well let’s just say had a nice personality.  I immediately realized that it was best that I explained to the date that I believe it would be best if we were just were friends. Of course it was cruel but sometimes the other head rules. The night ended as it should with me going home alone but just like playing the slots sometimes the temptations so great that you feel you have to give it a chance even if you end up empty in the end.

Dogs humanize us

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dog and child


In a daily routine we can become cynical of those around us  but dogs can bring us back to the basics.  Whether it is a tough day at the office or school, dogs have a way to make us smile when we were ready to cry. They show us that it’s not the fancy cars and clothes that are important but the love we share with each other.  Their loyal when others have walked away and stay with us during the most difficult times. Dogs never get embarrassed of how we act a matter of fact they enjoy us most when we’re the silliest. Dogs humanize us so that truly understand unconditional love and friendship.

Journal Note- 1/12/14

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PAST:  I’ve always loved playing a role in entertainment.  My first acting debut came when I was in grammar school playing Arnold Horshack in a Welcome Back Kotter Play to playing Howard Cossell in another skit and finally playing the 3rd ghost in the Christmas Carol.  This acting continued in summer camp as I played Tennille opposite the Captain (hey I was only 9 years old). I also had many other smaller acting roles in camp but I need to go under hypothesis to remember them.

My first attempt in the film industry attempt occurred as an underground campaign in at Camp Schodack.  This film was a horror movie that made Friday the 13th look like an Oscar Winner (I was just 13 years old).  For 10 years after that I focused my energy on script writing which led me to “All Screwed Up”  a full length film currently being distributed (more details on further posts).  I put together a meetup group in NYC which led to the production of several shorts which can be seen on my  youtube channel.

PRESENT: Today I produced a short that which will  G-D willing be seen at the Alamo Theatre on 1/20/14.   This weekend we enjoyed a great deal at Kumo restaurant while watching my Chargers lose as well as seeing all the teams I wanted to win lose. I also met with the possible producer of PPC.

FUTURE:  G-D willing I will be able to lower my cholesterol so that I can continue to live a healthy happy life.  I hope that my son doesn’t get charged for the lens that he accidentally damaged.

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