Politician Lie

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One lie leads to another which has the whole roll of twine unraveled especially if you have the R in your label.  Sometimes the media will ignore what a politician will say do to old age or party affiliation but if a tree falls in the woods and nobody hears it does it still fall?  That is why I’ve always tried to be honest in my life even if the picture of me is less than flattering.  I believe the authentic person is someone I can deal with and G-D willing improve with the many flaws and imperfections. I’m a work in progress but an honest one.

Brother- A Could Be True Story

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You achieved all the fame, fortune, and glory then why did you become M-E ?   I lead a simple life on a farm where what I grew was what I ate while your taste buds traveled the world. My speeches were in front of a handful of congregants while yours inspired armies into battle. You could have almost any possession you wanted while I just barely could afford to patch my roof.   Yet through all your possession, fame, and fortune it appeared you never came close to my simple happiness. Nothing it appeared could fill that empty spot except I guess when we were together.  Maybe it’s all because the coat dad gave me never was worn by you that possessed you to shoot for the stars but then when your enemies took out their hate on my body you decided to keep my soul alive. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for walking in those footsteps I can never walk again and pray to G-D that my will gives you the simple happiness you longed for.

Come Together- A Faith Note

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In the end, will we bring our loved ones together or will our existence pull them apart? Yes, reminds you of another song (below) but more to the point have we put in the grain that our loved ones can harvest after our mission is coming to an end? I guess in the end through all our trials and tribulations that G-D has made it one of the key points. Joseph was a perfect example of this fate and G-D willing we are on this same path in the end.

FOOTNOTE- I’m not having a 60’s retro moment these songs just fit the “vibe” of these posts man”. Boy does that sound corny.



Slow Down-Personal Reflection

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I’ve often been too slow down I move too fast (reminds me of a song) to the point of inputting medicine to this data stream.   Yet I wonder where would I be if I listened to this song?  It is true many of the grammatical errors you’ll read in this blog post and others would most likely not be produced but neither would the contact thereof.  Yes, I would smell many more Roses but would any of the gardens around my life be established for others to enjoy?  Life is short so I can’t drive 55 and maybe it means the miles I’ve driven in the end will be less but G-D willing each mile will weigh out pace those who have slowed down.

Oasis – A Film Sanctuary Concept

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I want to build an “Oasis” for the true survivors. Those who make it through the extreme cold and heat without any help except for what is on their backs and feet. These creatures never ask for a hand out just survive through it all so why not make it that it a bit easier at least on my land.  Therefore I’m going to attempt to make a 3 sided structure in the woods where they can go in for some comfort, food, and rest from the elements. I will input a 24/7 camera system in this structure so we can watch to see who takes the bait and who decides to continue to live free from any help at all.

FOOTNOTE- This structure will be made out of respect for the creatures that have lived and died around the place I call home.

Cone- A Sad True Story- I’m Sorry

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Really?!!  This is probably my biggest letdown in history. Imagine all your thoughts are on heavingly ice cream and the cone it’s in and then this occurs!  What do I deserve for this torture? The next time you’ll say is break a leg and I’ll be in a cast instead of broadway.  They say it will only be 2 weeks or 336 hours but who’s counting M-E that’s who! All I know is when this is over you better get me the cone that’s crunchy not this monstrosity that is around my neck instead.

1923- Classic For Today- Netflix Review

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“1923” might just be a classic for “Today’s times”.  For, this show appears to take the viewers back to a time that was fought with guts, glory, and much pain.  This show has incredible acting, a storyline, and beautiful cinematography which takes you to a simpler time that was actually very complicated to deal with.  1923 a show that is a classic even 2 episodes in.

FOOTNOTE- It can be slow at times but it burns like a candle giving light to the predictability of standard shows.

***1/2- 1st 2 episodes.


Title 42 -Solution -BUSES- A Political Concept

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Let the buses roll from just over the border to the more “liberal states” and then we’ll see if they decide not to end “Title 42” and protect our border.   For, once we give easy access to those who illegally enter our country to access states that have more benefits they will go to those states which will make liberals finally realize it’s important to protect our borders. The key is to have enough buses ready, willing, and then will see how able the federal government is to leave our borders open.

FOOTNOTE- Please note legal immigration is not the problem only those enter illegally.

Norseman- Conquer Silly- A Netflix Review

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Norseman may not conquer anything but silliness.  For, those that feel the history of the Vikings is nothing to laugh about “Norseman” is not the show for you.  Norseman, proves that even a conquering army that really stood for most of the things we stand against today can still be something to laugh about.  Humor crosses the line as Norseman often does and that is why it’s refreshingly funny.


FOOTNOTE- I’ve only watched two episodes so who knows my line past humor might still be pulled and the remote control might have to save me from this Viking attack on funny.  The remote appears to be coming out but at least the first few episodes were fun.

Father- A True Story For Too Many

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He was a good father and a bad man to the outside world. My father was the picture of the perfect dad tender, loving, and caring little did I know another picture was being scene by the FBI.  I guess he lead two different lives and only at the end with the gunfight did they come together in the violence that he supposedly controlled. It still doesn’t fit the image I’ve held on to all my life and the one I still keep. The evidence on paper will never overall the one in my heart.

FOOTNOTE- Criminals are often also parents and sometimes one doesn’t lead to the other.

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