Leave broken

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break in wall

Sometimes it’s best not to fix. For a small break adds character where everything appears “too perfect”. It allows us to remember that there is always work to be done whenever we might feel complacent. A break can let us look through and see things in a whole new light as well. Cracks  that  appear to be closed  can also build  up pressure over time  and  explode  leaving a more dangerous crack in the  first place. We must not allow the break to continue to grow but closing it completely may close  who we are as  well.

Personal Diary 5-30-15

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I walked  into  a Synagogue with all the  bells and whistles but without the spirit to keep me their. It was  a reform Synagogue  and it felt as if I was going to receive a history lesson then a lesson in faith so I decided to walk across to the Chabad synagogue instead. This Synagogue may have had only a few bells  but the Rabbi’s spiritual message and warmth allowed the place to ring throughout my heart and soul.

BASEBALL CATCH- It was great to be able to throw the baseball around with my nephew even  though my ear got in the way… ow!

Another big fancy meal with my family. It’s  hard for me to  be part of a group rather then lead in someway or have my own  special mission.

HOUSE OF CARDS MOMENT- I was disappointed that the show took such a strong political correct move into the issue of gay marriage.  Yet the tensions between the characters will keep me watching … I think.

CHILDREN- Spending time with  your children allows you to get a deeper perspective on their positive and negative traits but more importantly help you realize  how  much you love them.



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car pool

You have to get to the city but don’t want to be driven  by some taxi, then it’s time  for CADILLAC CAR POOL.  At CADILLACCARPOOL.COM we match  people  going to certain locations with  people needing rides to those locations and their financial requirements on both sides. This website also provides a security review  for an additional fee to  make sure your driver or passenger  are the  type you are looking for.  On this website maybe  where your going isn’t as important as the car your going in so we also  provide the car make and model you’ll be driven in.  It’s  time  to get out the yellow and step up to CADILLAC CAR POOL instead.

Private Blog

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Sometimes  I wonder if I really would be happy if this blog took off? If I found out that thousands of people were listening to my every word on a daily basis would I feel intimidated to write certain things. If I knew my family and friends read it would I gain their readership but lose their openness with me?  Would my words be taken out of context and portray me in a image that was far from true?  How many haters would  come out and bash  me  just to get there name attached  to my  blog?  In the end I’ll take my chances and  if someday these problems  come to fruition well then I  know that it comes  with the territory. A  territory I’m searching to reach everyday….I think?


My Diary-5-29-15

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It’s the annually family weekend where we celebrate my father’s birthday and that means  it’s a 3  hour trip driving to the beach. I never understood the purpose of a beach where  you spend hours upon hours  to get there so you can sit from the car to glorified dirt. I understand I’m being a bit cynical with the beautiful ocean and waves  but that’s only when  the weather is just right otherwise I’d rather jump  in a lake  or a nice hot shower.  Yet if you’re brave  enough to jump in the ocean and feel refreshed with the waves pounding you to the ground then  you can experience the wonderful feeling  of being a dried salted fish as you leave the ocean.

FAMILY TIME- It’s important to spend quality time with the one’s you love but if you spend  too much time  together it might make you think differently. In the past I used to wound everyone up by speaking about a controversial issue in politics or faith thinking I could change a mind or two  or  just to keep me on my toes but today I realize peace  is the answer although at times it can be too tame for my brain which drifts to a whole different place.

FANCY RESTAURANTS- The reason many people  think the food at fancy restaurants taste better is because  of  the atmosphere, they  would fill stupid  paying for the bill otherwise and because they’ve taken 12 hours to eat a meal and at this point  Purina Cat Chow would have that distinct  and wonderful flavor.

Telemarketing and me.

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I’m caught between two worlds when  that telemarketer  calls me. The one world is the one that most of us are in I didn’t call for this “service” then why the  hell are you calling me about it now when I’m trying to….  The other is the salesperson in me and do unto others world where I’m supposed to understand the other person on the other side of the line. Therefore  from now on when  a telemarketer calls I’m going to be polite and ask them how there day is then hang up on them. This way both worlds can be happy.

Secular Judgement

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passing judgment


Many in the secular movement will look to pass judgement on those of faith. They will search to find acts that are contrary to those believers without accepting those of faith aren’t perfect but are just continually trying to be better.  These individuals will also continually work to belittle those of faith by saying how “primitive” they are in today’s world without seeing the beauty that is found in their world. Many secularist will continually ridicule the observant by working hard to find holes in their theories without observing the bigger holes in their own lives.  They claim to be tolerant but want to silence those voices that disagree with their political and cultural vision of the world.  We in the faith community must stand strong to these challenges with respect and tolerance to those that disagree and pray that through example and G-D’s insight that mutual respect will build within these diverse worlds.


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body monitor 2

Every moment of the day our body gives signals on our health but how many do we miss to our own detriment or even death? With the BODY SECURITY SYSTEM we will monitor those signals 24 hours a day 7 days a week and if a condition warrants it send an emergency response to you and your doctor.  At anytime you can check in as well as see how your body is functioning for that time period, the week, the month or even year(s).  By installing our system in key areas of your body the monitoring can begin on day one. You can get the more extensive system that monitors more areas or the less intrusive system that only looks at the most vital areas.  “BODY SECURITY SYSTEM” won’t guarantee you’ll live forever but will guarantee you will be warned.

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beautiful 2

You’re taken back by her beauty but they say that beauty is only skin deep how about if you saw it that way? What would it be like if we actually judged people (literally) from the inside instead of the outside how disgusting we’d all be. Have you ever seen the inside of your body?  Oh what a sexy heart and kidney you have and I can’t keep my eye’s off that gooey brain.  G-D sure knew what we should keep inside and what should be outside.   Therefore the next time you stammer trying to speak to that beautiful woman or man really look inside and you can be disgusted as well unless you’re into the gooey brain stuff and all.

Life’s Puzzle Pieces

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puzzle piece

Life is a giant puzzle. You try to connect one piece to another and as hard as you try sometimes they just don’t fit. Other times you are ready to throw the whole puzzle out because nothing appears to be working when suddenly a piece comes in that makes you see the whole picture again. I believe that those pieces are suddenly coming together in my life but I haven’t really tried to put them together. Tonight (G-D willing) I will start to assembly this new puzzle and if it works the picture will be brighter for all those involved.