Personal Diary 5-30-15

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I walked  into  a Synagogue with all the  bells and whistles but without the spirit to keep me their. It was  a reform Synagogue  and it felt as if I was going to receive a history lesson then a lesson in faith so I decided to walk across to the Chabad synagogue instead. This Synagogue may have had only a few bells  but the Rabbi’s spiritual message and warmth allowed the place to ring throughout my heart and soul.

BASEBALL CATCH- It was great to be able to throw the baseball around with my nephew even  though my ear got in the way… ow!

Another big fancy meal with my family. It’s  hard for me to  be part of a group rather then lead in someway or have my own  special mission.

HOUSE OF CARDS MOMENT- I was disappointed that the show took such a strong political correct move into the issue of gay marriage.  Yet the tensions between the characters will keep me watching … I think.

CHILDREN- Spending time with  your children allows you to get a deeper perspective on their positive and negative traits but more importantly help you realize  how  much you love them.


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