New driver agreement- PLEASE SHARE

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One of the scariest moments of a parents life is when their child gets a drivers license. For driving is a skill that requires a lifetime of learning and one error of judgment could result in  (G-D forbid) a lifetime damaged or ended before it’s time. Therefore I believe it’s incumbent on every new driver to keep a contract/agreement with themselves  (see below) that they hold onto throughout there driving years. Please share with new drivers or parents of these individuals. It could save a life!



1. I will not drive when I feel that I’m impaired such as over-tired or when I feel I’m too angry.

2. If I’m distracted due to annoyance I will park the cark on the side and take care of the matter that are distracting me before driving again.

3. I will not drive down hills under poor weather conditions such as snow.

4. If I’m unable to drive for any reason (tired, anger, distraction) etc I will call someone to pick me up and leave the car if need be but notify the owner before hand.

5. I will not text or use my cell phone while driving but may have someone else text or call on my behalf.

6. I will not permit other outside factors to effect my driving skills (music, friends talking etc) and therefore if need I will lower the music and/or tell my friends to be quiet.

7. It is my understanding that speed limits and other road warnings were put into effect to keep me and my passengers safe and therefore I will pay attention to those warnings.

8. Although I might ask my friends for driving information I understand that my decision is what I must follow.

9. This agreement is for my own safety and those around me so I intend to keep this agreement for as long as G-D willing I can drive a car.

A great vacation….but

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missing piece

You’re having a great time on your vacation but as soon as the trip is about to end you realize how much you missed.  It was the one wild & crazy restaurant that your son or daughter really wanted to go to but some how time ran out . Or that store that had the one item that Uncle Joe would really like but some how you missed it when planning ahead.  Then the weather hit because this was your vacation day and who has time to check the weather unfortunately the amusement park rides did and  therefore your amusement was cancelled.   I guess there’s always next years vacation.


No Drinks = $$$

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glass of water

It amazes me how we will look to pay  $.99 for a  gallon of  soda at our supermarket but don’t mind paying $4.00 for a 8 oz glass of soda at a restaurant.  I don’t believe it’s the cup , ice, or year of the soda that makes that coke worth so much more at the restaurant but I guess the ambiance that this glass is placed in. Sometimes our drinks can be more expensive then the meal itself so if we really want to save dinero (money)  I would suggest we stick with water when we go out to eat. Some restaurants will even allow you to get seltzer water for the same zero price as water and with a lemon it can hit the right price without hitting the wrong pocket.

Don’t serve me!

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If I went to a business and they refused to serve me because of my race, religion or sexual orientation I’d go to a different store. Of course I would be offended and who knows even participate in a boycott of that store but would I really want a baker to be forced to bake goods for a Jewish wedding, that would definitely be unkosher. Seriously if  they don’t want my hard earned money I’m sure in today’s marketplace and today’s internet sales I could find someone else that would accept it.  There also is a difference from being proud and throwing something in someone’s face for example why should a gay couple have to announce the particulars of their wedding to a Christian bakery who doesn’t approve of such unions.  They could order the cake and/or flowers and have someone else who shares their beliefs decorate it for them.   As long as that business didn’t harass these individuals then let them serve who they want. Supply and demand will insure that we all have a place to shop and let’s not have the government impose  it upon us instead.

Scharffen Berger 82% of heaven

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scharffen berger chocolate

**** 1/2 Cocoa Bars


This is one of the best chocolates I have ever tasted. It has the nutty flavor of a Theo bar but adds a hint of a unique fruity taste that’s makes it stand alone. When your day is just a bit too ordinary add the taste of Scharffen Berger 82% and your taste buds will taste heaven.


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silent treatment

You write an email, text message or even leave a message to a loved one full of your emotions only to receive no response.  An editorial that you’ve worked on for weeks is ignored as if nothing was written.   Do you respond to their silence with more silence, vindictive speech or is there a different path?  I believe there silence might tell more then you expect. Sometimes when a person doesn’t respond it’s because they have nothing more to add.  Deep inside they might feel guilty for what has occurred or agree with you but don’t want to let you know. Therefore it might be best to let that silence be your victory lap, enjoy it with modesty and move on to the next race.

Free Arab Radio/TV

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muslim laughing


It’s time for those who are oppressed in the middle east to hear free information that is entertaining and still promotes basic freedom for all humanity.  This would be a television/radio network that isn’t afraid to showcases Imam’s that promote peace with Israel while promoting the idea that Jihad is a holy war within each individual to become a better kinder person to the world.   This network’s business code is that basic freedoms such as freeedom of religion, speech, press etc aren’t rights given to us by governments but endowed by our creator.   This network will also have raucous debates where various viewpoints on an issue will be expressed, comedies that clearly touch the funny bone, drama’s that tell historical facts denied by governmental controlled networks, sporting events throughout the middle east, and music acts that normally aren’t heard anywhere else.  Free Arab Radio will be a profitable based business although donations will insure it’s basic initial survival.  Free Arab Radio/TV bringing freedom to the air waves of the middle east.

Wall Street Journal Weekend Review- 3-28-15- NEWS THAT TEACHES

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Today I focused on the news that taught me something new that led to a question. Please share your answers to these questions.

(1) Gemanwings Co-Pilot Andreas Lubitz hid his depression from his company.  How can we create a system of openness so that people who are mental ill will openly speak about their sickness and get the proper help they need without feeling they will have a  permanent stigma attached?

(2) Artists make .15 per streamed song.  Is it better for an artist to use traditional ways to sell music or have it streamed instead?

(3) Texas is considering allowing parent to take up to 60 % of the monies geared to educating their student in public school and allowing them to decide whether we should spend it on public or private school education.  Is this the future of education?

(4) Those with liberal arts degrees earn more after college then those who have physical science decrees.  Does this mean that we should that liberal arts decrees are more profitable then previously assumed or is this just one factor to consider?

(5) John Wilkes Booth was a highly paid actor.  Can you imagine the media buzz if I high paid actor today (G-D forbid) attempting an assassination attack?


2016 President & Cabinet

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2016 Presidential Election

While many are focusing on the Presidential Election I’ve decided to go a step further and add several cabinet picks as well with a brief reason why I’ve made this selection. I’ve only added a few cabinet picks because they’re are a ridiculous amount of cabinets. Please share your comments.

1. PRESIDENTMarco Rubio– Competence, Virtue & Image to not only win the election but be a successful administrator.

Strong back up- Scott Walker

2. VICE PRESIDENT Nikki Haley– A truly competent choice that could take over in a heartbeat if G-D forbid something happens to the President

back up- John Kasich

3. DEPARTMENT OF STATEMichael Huckabee– He would insure our country stood on morale grounds

4. DEPARTMENT OF TREASURYMitt Romney– Extremely competent especially for this position.

5. DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICETed Cruz– Just watching the liberals eye’s light up will be worth this pick plus nobody will protect constitution freedom better then Mr. Cruz.

6. DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSEJohn Mccain– A wartime hero who understands the responsibilities of our military

7. DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIORRick Perry– An effective administrator who ran one of the biggest states in the union gives him the talents to run this office.

8. DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCEMitt Romney-He deserved to win in 2012 so why not give him 2 cabinet positions.

9. DEPARTMENT OF LABORScott Walker– He understands the true plight of the American worker.

10. DEPARTMENT OF HOUSING AND URBAN DEVELOPMENTDonald Trump– Finally something will be accomplished with public housing.

11. DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITYRand Paul– He’ll insure we are protected from outside our country as well as inside our government

12. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATIONBen Carson– What a great example of a man who was able to pull himself up to the top through education.

13. DEPARTMENT OF ENERGYSarah Palin– She’ll insure that we are truly energy independent.

14. DEPARTMENT OF VETERAN AFFAIRSAllen West– A true patriot who will work to make sure our fellow patriots are truly protected.

15. DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATIONJeb Bush– A Governor who kept one of our largest states running smoothly surely can keep our roads are airfields running smoothly.

16. DEPARTMENT OF SMALL BUSINESSRick Santorium– In 2012 he showed how a small campaign can turn into a true race for the Presidency and therefore realizes the value of how a small business can truly make a difference.

17. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY DIRECTORBobby Jindal– An effective administrator during one of the worst environmental disasters is suited for directing this office.

18.OFFICE OF MANAGEMENT & BUDGETNewt Gingrich & John Kasich– They had the greatest impact on the last time our budget was balanced and would be effective in having this occur again.

19. UN AMBASSADORBill Clinton– He’s loved on the world stage so let’s keep him there.

20. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION ADMINISTRATORHerman Cain– He is an effective business person who could add an aspect of business to this administration.

21. DRONE ENFORCER– (New Position)- Barrack Obama– This is the one job he’s done well.

22. UNITED STATES TRADE REPRESENTATIVEHillary Clinton- She was able to turn a $1000 cattle investment into $100,000 I’m sure she could make some good deals on behalf of the United States.

23. AMBASSADOR TO IRELAND-Joseph R. Biden– He may not be the sharpest screw in the tool box but he’s got a great smile.

24. AMBASSADOR TO ITALYAndrew Cuomo– Just to get him out of NY would be a good enough reason.

23. AMBASSADOR TO ISRAEL Bud Rebel– I truly care about the Protection of our greatest Ally and want a peace that will last.

Please Stop Obama

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Iran Nuclear Threat

Usually on a Friday night I try to a bring a certain lightness to my  blog but with the reports that President Obama plans to do it alone with a deal on Nuclear weapons with the terrorist nation nation of Iran the lightness has gone dark.  Not only would this be another unconstitutional act performed by a rogue President but this action directly puts our nation and it’s greatest ally at an extreme dangerous peril  For the President can not usurp the constitutional powers of Congress who has the duty to approve all treaty’s. If reports are correct this President continues to add fuel to the fire as he seeks the U.N approval before his own employees the American people.  Whether you’re a Democratic, Republican, Conservative, Liberal or anything in the middle this reported action of the President must be stopped!  I was told on a radio show short of impeachment which is impractical there is no way we can stop him but I beg to differ. Here are a few legal ways (below) we can demand action! PLEASE SHARE WITH OTHERS OUR COUNTRY NEEDS TO DO SOMETHING!!!!

(1)  Stop all funding to the U.N if this treaty is brought to them before it is brought to the citizen’s representatives in the House and Senate.

(2) Pass a new round of tougher sanction on Iran if the President won’t seek approval for this treaty from Congress.

(3) If the President continues to abuse his power cut off funding for all Presidential Perks (golf outings, butler service etc).

(4) File an immediate lawsuit to stop the President from trying to enforce a treaty that wasn’t approved by the Congress.

(5) Pray to G-D  that I’m totally off base and therefore the President’s & the administration are suddenly hit with a swift case of common sense that pulls them away from a deal that would be unconstitutional and dangerous.

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