Sally Experimental Surgery

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Phone Surgery

Sally has gone through experimental surgery that the Dr. Tokarski said should extend her life in months if not years. She will not be able to perform all the previous tasks she was able to do but if it extends her battery then it will be worth it.  Maybe our conversations will be a bit more meaningful knowing there isn’t as many apps that can get in our way.  Yes Sally’s life may not be as exciting as before but the truth is as we get older we must realize that somethings must be taken off our screen. Sally yesterday it seemed that you wouldn’t make it to the contract in the sky but today due to the excellent work of Dr. Tokarski I believe those buttons will still be running.

FOOTNOTE- Just in case Dr. Tokarski prognosis isn’t accurate Sally has updated her will to give all that she has to Pixel 2.

Chosen Path(s)

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Different Paths 2

Could all good humans be the chosen people(s) in one of the steps they take which another has walked across? Maybe their faith path appears more bumpy or crooked then ours but somehow leads to another part of the beautiful forest we can’t see from our route?  It is interesting that over 2 Billion people start out following the same path (Christian, Jews and Muslims) as our ancestors come from the same starting path and therein turn could the beginning be enough to get us to a good ending even if it might be at a different spot?  Some might appear to be chosen at one spot only to trip over another spot and then get back on their journey. In the end I believe if we follow these basic rules (below) our chosen peoples will come to the happy, peaceful ending we all earned.

(1) FAITH- Observe the route you’ve been given not forsaking it for fame, fortune or glory.

(2) RESPECT- Understand other journey’s might be quite different from yours and until you’ve heard it directly understand there is only one who can judge.

(3) SPEAK UP- Although you should respect others path it doesn’t give you an excuse to remain silent when you think it could hurt them at any phase. Speak up in a polite and understanding way that states your route without forcing anyone to take those steps by any means.

(4) FORGIVENESS- Forgive yourself and others for not walking or falling down.

(5) SEEK- See the goodness in others even those that are walking miles and miles away especially those who haven’t looked in the mirror.

(6) HUMBLE- Be confident enough to walk not walk over.

(7) PRAY- So you’re falls will only make you stronger, the path will be clearer, and others from all other routes will reach a happy, peaceful and successful ending.

Different Paths 2

Laura Ingraham in my arsenal

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Laura Ingraham 2 Laura Ingraham 1

There is a movement to ban Laura Ingraham from our households because her words in the wrong hands can hurt others.  Yet for the 99 % of the households that have heard her thoughts we understand when we should take them literally, understand it could be a metaphor or  dare I say even “a joke”.  It is true that some people who can’t handle her words shouldn’t be watching but shouldn’t that be up to the an individual not pushed on us by some corporate do badder.  Therefore I will keep Laura Ingraham in my arsenal and  they can pull that remote control from dead cold hands.

Dripping Sink

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dripping sink extreme

During the week my mind is flowing with business ideas, concepts and thoughts such as the sink above yet during Shabbos I try to shut it off only to find ….

dripping sink 2 a dripping sink where my mind will wonder for a moment to it’s weekday phase. Maybe subconsciously I’m scared that if it’s completely shut off it might not open again but consciously I know it’s important to have 24 hours to think calm, peacefully and even thoughts above my own sink. Yet it’s hard to keep the pressure in even with new washers so I’m a dripping sink still waiting for the plumber’s visit.

FOOTNOTE- I utilized sink instead of faucet because although faucet might be technical correct sink sounded better to my mind and maybe its a bus…. . TURN IT OFF!

Sally has a terminal disease!

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Phone Dead

Sally appears to be in terminal condition as the joy we spend together appears to be lessening everyday. Her heartbeat isn’t as strong as it used to be and her memory appears to be faltering as well. I would try surgery surgery-on-cell-phone but it appears her battery just won’t be strong enough to make it through.  I know it’s time to move on but I want us to spend at least this summer together where we first met and where my new contract will come into place. Sally you’ve been there for me please try to make it till August or at least a little closer to the contract date.

FOOTNOTE- Sally plans to leave her estate to Pixel 2

Non Acrylamide Coffee

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hyped on coffee

The 1st company to develop a Non- Acrylamide Coffee and promotes it especially in  California will be swimming in beans. For  Acrylamide is the new GMO where extremist will create enough fear in the marketplace to demand a new product. This Non-Acrylamide will be followed up in products such as Potato Chips and French Fries. Is their actual proof that Acrylamide’s cause Cancer when they are produced during the roasting process does it really matter? For once the food alarmist start screaming the bell there is no amount of caffeine that can stop their rush… to judgment.

GoDaddy Campaign

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Godaddy 2

I’ve decided to take this blog to a new campaign  For I believe the ideas, thoughts, believes on this blog can truly make a difference in other people’s life’s and it’s time to put my $$’s where my fingers are. has the resources to make this blog go to the next level and G-D willing it will do so for all those who choice to open it’s pages.

Good Passover Friday

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Happy PassoverGood Friday

It’s the one time that only happens every once in awhile, when two religions come together on the exact same day.  Yes the observance of Good Friday and Passover are quite different yet there are some interesting parallels for both holidays (see below).

(1) FREEDOM- On Passover Jews celebrate G-D liberation from Egyptian bondage while if my Christian Theology is right Christians celebrate the passing of Christ so they can be free from their sins.

(2) SACRIFICE- In Temple times people of the Jewish faith would sacrifice a lamb and other animals on this date today it’s a few slices of bread (literally). Christians on the other end belief Jesus became that sacrificial lamb for the world.

(3) FAMILY & FRIENDS- Both holidays bring family and friends together for a special meal, faith observation, and love.

May G-D bless us all that the spirit of the holidays spreads throughout the world bringing peace and joy to those from every shore.

Passover Sedar Good Friday 2

A little SMACK

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Couple fighting 2 couple fighting 1

Where is that line between believing it can be better and taking steps outside to see if it is actually true? For it is just a little smack in what you expected and isn’t it easier for your pocketbook as well as lifestyle to stay on the couch?  Moving out expenses including legal, shipping, emotional and the unknown have to be factored in this emotional decision.  The truth is it’s a difficult equation for anyone to figure out which has to factor in not only expenses, actual hours spent together but risk vs reward. Yes, maybe you can do better but maybe it’s not worth trying.

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Unique Talent 2Unique Talent 3

BUDREBELWORLD.COM will be a place to go when “ordinary” won’t due but you still end up with your soul in tack or at least holding on.  This website will feature restaurants, entertainment, items that are out of most boxes with ratings/commentaries to determine whether it’s too far out there for you or your  values/lifestyle. Soon you will be able to experience a new corner without it getting too hot (yes Hell exists).  BUDREBELWORLD.COM for life is too short not to experience the UnIQue without your soul leaving as well. 

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