The Blind Date Podcast… with 3rd Wheel

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blind date  3rd wheel

It will be the one show that will combine a blind date with the added benefit of having your buddy along. A perfect way to make sure everything is just right… or wrong.  Many times dates occur with superficial topics being discussed but the “Buddy” will make sure all the uncomfortable topics are asked as well politics, religion, sports etc so that we can determine whether this date stays blind or whether their is chemistry in the air. “The Blind Date Podcast” because dating should be fun and uncomfortable.


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If there ever comes a time when people ask me what has kept me looking or feeling so young I’ll have to give credit to my “Lake of Youth”.  It is one of the most invigorating and peaceful experiences I feel throughout my body, mind and even part of my soul.  For the fresh water brings me back to a time of youthful frolicking where for that moment time stands still.  Find your “Lake of Youth” and go back in time as well at least until the towel comes out.

Roots & Snoop Dog

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Snoop Dog New Roots

Snoop Dog has got a serious point with his disagreement on the new production of  “Roots” although I would have used different words to express such feelings.  It is similar to the Jewish experience with “Holocaust” movies where we continue to see our race and religion as victims instead of the success we’ve become.  Sharing the difficult past with future generations through such films is important because too often they forget but also showing our victory over such situations is equally as important. In the future let us build on such movies and show the positive growth that has occurred after such misery. Maybe me and Snoop can work on such a project in the future together.

Smarter then Steven Hawkins

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Stephne Hawking 2 Donald Trump Huge

I never thought I’d say this in my lifetime or any future lifetime “that I’m smarter then Stephen Hawking”…. at least with this theory. Stephen Hawking can’t explain why Donald Trump is so popular now but I can.  So Mr. Hawkin let me explain (below) just the basics I don’t want it to get over your head on why this is occurring and then you can be more brilliant then me again and again and…. until it’s absorbed by a Black Hole

(1) People are tired of Political Correctness they want to hear someone in politics state what they believe without the filters.

(2) Politicians promise the world and don’t deliver they see in Donald a person who through his buildings has actually accomplished what he put his mind too and it’s a clear as a skyscraper.

(3) There is a desire for a strong leader who will stand up for America 1st.

(4) He resonates with those who believe America has got a raw deal in it’s involvement in the world.


Pot is Dope

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Sitting doing nothing

With all the great P.R Pot has recently been given in the media all it is Dope that leaves the individual user in a state of uselessness. Where they will waste precious hours days, and even years of their life (depending on their usage) doing nothing productive for themselves, their loved one or society as a whole. They’ll sit in a black and white world where they will not be able to experience the great colors that encompass truly living in the here and now. Pot also has many other detrimental effects to the individual and society but for others can help them relieve pain and suffering in a way that many other drugs can’t. Yet for most Pot is just dope that only lessons one life’s experiences to sitting doing nothing.

Hillary Clinton FBI Investigation Verdict

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Hillary Clinton In Jail FBI Director

Sorry this won’t be the verdict (above) that the FBI Director will decide in the Hillary Clinton Investigations. What will probably occur is the FBI Director will make a water downed version of the following statement below (full of Poland Spring). Do you agree?

Although we believe there is substantial evidence to indict and prosecute former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on numerous violations of law we don’t feel justice will be served if this occurs at the present time. Any prosecution of such a high ranking authority within this current political season will appear political and therefore true justice could not be determined. Therefore we will refrain from taking any legal action against Hillary Clinton until the Presidential Race has been determined but will continue to investigate and prosecute any other individuals we believe were involved in any criminal activities including the Secretarie’s own staff if necessary.

Memorial Day- Indianapolis 500

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Memorial Day 4 Alexander Rossi

What does Memorial Day a day where we honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom and peace, have to do with this years running of the Indianapolis 500, more then you might initial think. Those that gave their life were fighting for a country that unlike most could allow individuals who came from nothing the opportunity to make it to the top and this year Alexander Rossi demonstrated that principal as a rookie winning the greatest race on earth.  It doesn’t matter where you start from if you work hard and stay strong throughout the race  of life the freedom in this country will allow you to make it farther then anywhere else. Those brave men and woman knew that these freedoms are worth fighting and dying for and we salute them in every victory lap we take in our life.

Memorial Day 3

Indianapolis 500

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Indianapolis 500 Indianapolis 500.crash

Will you be watching the Indianapolis 500 in less then 2 hours and if so can you honestly say you’ll be watching the sport for the race or the wild crashes in between? To be honest the sport is exciting because of the speed that these drivers are performing in and with speed can come some bumps along the way.  Car racing without crashes is Hockey without the fights we might want to reduce them but not eliminate them.  So enjoy watching the sport with the bumps along the way and G-D willing it will be a great race in which everyone gets the checker field for the next race on earth.

Horse trail of life

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trail horse Wild horse 1

Don’t get stuck in the safe horse trail of life day after day go wild once in awhile just to change up the pattern. I know the safety of such a trail can keep many traveling along that path but unless you take a risk you’re bound to only see the dirt in front of you instead of the beautiful wild country your bound to be missing.  Therefore keep on that path for your basics but once in a while just go wild!

Wild horse 2

Married not Blind

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sexy woman 1   sexy woman 2

Just because someone is married doesn’t mean they lose their eyesight or mouth. For if G-D wanted you not to look he would have made your vision blurring when seeing beauty after the ring.  Therefore looking and even flirting is fine as long as those words don’t cross the line to action that could make any daydream a nightmare.

sexy woman 3