Can we be kids again?

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At one time in our life’s did we lose the energy and excitement that a child has and more importantly how do we get it back? I believe we can get that spirit back by ignoring the bad influences and focusing on the good. This will take a great deal of effort (depending on our circumstances) but needs to be done, at least for a few minutes in a day. I know it’s an old saying but take the time to smell a rose and if you have allergies make it a chocolate chip cookie. Thank G-D for this moment and you’ll feel young again. Well at least until you eat that cookie.

Child happy

Prevent Terrorism = Behavioral Profiling

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PROBLEM: Acts of Terrorism SOLUTION: Behavioral Profiling. It’s time all law enforcement is trained in being able to spot out the behaviors that have been demonstrated by those who perpetrate  such evil acts. This has been the key to Israeli and must be the key to our security



Abortion solved

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Those that are “Pro-Choice” want a woman able to be able to remove an unborn baby if they want while those who are “Pro-Life” belief that unborn babies lives are independent of the woman and deserve protection from the state. The solution is unborn baby transplants from a women that doesn’t want to carry a baby to a woman that wants to carry a baby. This procedure could be developed without any government expenses by simply allowing institution that perform these procedures to pay no taxes on the profits they receive from this service.


unborn baby

PPC (Preppers Paradise Club)

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Many law abiding gun owners from New York, Connecticut and other states feel that their 2nd amendment rights are being infringed on. They are looking for a place that not only can store their legal owned firearms but a place where they can be properly trained on utilizing them as well but that is only 1/2 the store. Preppers Paradise Club enables it’s members to learn survival skills such as self defense, natural healing methods, basic first aid, canning, farming yet this still only part of the store. Preppers Paradise has the facilities so that the whole family can join in this great outdoors adventure with fishing, paintable, skeet, obstacle courses, archery and even snowmobliling. Finally an investment in Prepper Paradise Club enables it’s members to participate in the production of film produced right at the facilities.

WHO: Members will purchase a share which will enable them to own a portion of this club with all the rights deemed for members including a percent ownership of the facility, rights to enjoy facility on a monthly basis, right to participate in film project, place to keep and protect firearms, right to invite guests to facility, voting rights and a portion of profits should they become available.

WHERE: Our first location will be in the Poconos because of the great resources this location provides, the wonderful freedoms enjoyed there, and the central location between NYC and NJ.

(1) Locate possible investors
(2) Locate possible locations
(3 )Hire Legal Expert to draw up papers
(4) We will hire an administrator/producer to insure resources are provided to produce project.

Clay Pigeons

Opposites Attract- A Dating Website that breaks the mold

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Most websites work on trying to match people who are exactly the same but I say some of the most interesting and exciting relationship occur when opposites attract. This website will enable people to meet others in a personal way that normal wouldn’t occur and provide incentives for those meetings.

Opposites attract


Chocolate Universe

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There needs to be one central location for people who absolutely love (or like it alot) Chocolate. A place where companies like Lindt, Hershey, M&M etc will fight for prime space . “Chocolate Universe” will have chocolate fountains in the middle where people could sit and enjoy amazing dessert. There will be sections for the vegan chocolate lover, kosher chocolate lover, and sugar free chocolate lover.  Chocolate Universe is a bit daring and dangerous but also delicious.Chocolate World

Winning the drug war- Should Marijuana/Pot be legal?

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I personally am against the use of illegal drugs but I also believe adults should be able to do what they want with their bodies as long as it doesn’t effect others and they are fully educated on the consequences of their actions. Today the transportation of these illegal substances has resulted in the death of innocent people caught in the crossfire of gang violence.

Therefore I believe that adults should be able to get a license to be able to use drugs in a controlled environment. The license would require the individual to take a one day class on the effect these drugs can have on their bodies. The monies obtained by the state for these licenses and the taxes received on the sale of these “products” would be utilized to set up drug rehabilitation centers, educating the youth on the use of drugs, and prosecuting those who sell these substances without a license. Those who choose to get a license for use would have the following restriction on their licenses.

1) The use of these drugs would be at a licensed facility which would provide transportation  for the user, so that they don’t drug and drive.

2) The user of these drugs would have to go for a medical exam every six months (at their expense) to see the health risk of their usage.

3) The facilities would have to provide information on drug rehabilitation centers in an open area.


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True Faith vs Forced Faith

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I believe faith must come from the heart and soul. G-D gives us the free will to make decisions on faith and we should respect others decisions as such. Muslim Extremist on the other hand belief that faith can be forced on people through the sword if necessary and that they can decide who’s faith is right and who is wrong and punish them as such. I belief that these individuals feel that they can play the role of G-D instead of being a true faithful servant. A true faithful servant humble serves G-D and works with their own “Jihad”/struggle to be that faithful servant in their own personal life.


Stop Terrorist from entering the U.S.

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PROBLEM: Terrorist entering our country SOLUTION: Tightening our students visas/green card.

1) People must apply for a student visa/green card at a U.S embassy and must be thoroughly vetted (by intelligence) before they are given a visa. Those in the intelligence agency can deny this individual a student visa/green card based on any security concerns

2) Those applying for a Visa must be shown a video and take a test on the freedom and responsibilities that they would have if they are granted permission to come to this country.