World’s Worst Worry!

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Iran Nuclear Threat  Nuclear Explosion

We all have our problems to worry about and they can be as diverse as the civilized world is but there is once concern that should top all Iran having the nuclear bomb with the capacity to use it. Yes, other countries possessing  this weapon can be scary but most fear M.A.D (Mutual Assurred Destruction) that is if they were to use this weapon it would be used against them with much more force. Yet strict adherents to Shiite Islamist faith believe they can play an active role in the  “Messiah” by bringing destruction upon the “unholy” (anyone who isn’t a Shiite). The faith of the current Iranian regime therefore doesn’t accept MAD as a deterence and might actual accelarate use of these most destructive of weapons. If G-D forbid Iran obtains a nuclear weapon and the technology to use it all the civilized world maybe able to do is pray that this current regime is replaced by a more rational government that understands using nuclear weapons is MAD.

Ideas To Film Club/Business

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You're invited Filming

If you have an idea for a product, script or even a philosophy let’s put it on film for the world or your close friends to see!  IDEA TO FILM CLUB is a such a group that will allow your vision to be seen under the big or maybe medium lights. We will meet on a regular basis allowing all participating members to be involved in seeing their idea(s) (on a rotating basis)  come to a or similar format near you. Of course these will be shorts with one location, limited cast and low budget but with incredible talent involved.  Eventually a core team of hard working, dedicated, talented individuals will be able to formulate a business based on their achievements in this club.  So if you’re tired of just letting it be a thought that only you see this is the group you must join.

PRELIMINARY DATE-  Sunday June 24th 7PM Starbucks Montebello NY -215 Route 59, Suffern, NY- Please bring resume and references with you.


3 % for the masses

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3 Percent

3 % is the one show everyone should watch not because every episode is perfect but because it isn’t.  For just like in life you never know who will be hear today and tomorrow so does that occur on this Sci-Fi show. A show that is more realistic then a police drama where some how every week the hero returns from a death we all would have been buried in. 3 % characters and script keep you watching because you really don’t know where it will go and who will be left standing.  It is a show that helps you think a bit deeper while other shows don’t allow you to think at all.  It’s not perfect in it’s cinematography, acting or even look but neither is life itself.  3 % a show the other 97 % should be watching and thinking about.


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Alexa & Hearing

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Alexa 1

While we can still exist when our hearing goes out Alexa and her cousin Ok Goggle end up in trash heap of life when they say “what did you say” a few too many times.  They might have brought us the songs of our life but when they can’t hear we soon forget. Alexa and OK Goggle’s entire existance is about listening to our every word so any ADD moment might spell doom as well.  Imagine if we all had a bit more of Alexa’s pressure on us then we truly would live with the saying that G-D gave us two ears and only one mouth.

Busy as Beaver or Sloth

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Busy as Beaver Lazy Animal

You can be as busy as a Beaver or a Sloth who worries about where she/he should take their next nap.  I tend to live a Beaver’s life even if my damn only holds up for a day or two.  Sloth’s on the other hand fulfil their day if they have enough to eat so they can go to sleep.  Yet a Beaver continues to try to change their world one branch at a time and leaves a legacy of sticks all over the place.  We Beaver’s may not be as successful as we want in leaving that log term impression but at least others will know we tried and hopeful that we add a few more Beaver’s to the next generation.

Everyone Welcome

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I want to create a restaurant where everyone is really welcome.  A place for the left, right and middle to eat at in peace and their own truth. This restuarant would welcome those who observe strict dietary restrictions whether it would be based on faith, health concerns or any particular values.   Individuals could come in suits or a dry bathing suit and of course all hats are fine as well.  With entertainment that crosses all spectrums and respects all those who come to eat and listen. For Bud Rebel wants people to be themselves and be happy with others that share this aspiration as well.


Michelle Wolf -DON’T APOLOGIZE- White House Correspondence Dinner

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Whit Houes Correspondence Dinner

I found many of the “jokes” that Michelle Wolf made at the White House Dinner repulsive and probably on the verge of obsene as I still want to make America Great but Mrs. Wolf should not apologize.  Yes, I and millions of other Americans can be offended and believe her “jokes” weren’t funny but they were attempts at humor and for that nobody should have to say they are sorry.  Freedom of Speech is under attack by “the offended class” and I’m tired of it, especially when it comes to a “joke” or an attempt at one. Sometimes the jokes that are the most offensive can be the funniest and fear of having to say your sorry afterwards opens only a laugh track. For if there comes a time when you humor has to be checked at the door then laughter will be locked out.  Michelle work on your punch line not your apology speech.

Pain Attention

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baby crying for attention 2 Pain 1 raising hand

You know I have a life other then you. I understand that you feel I’m ignoring you but trust me I’d love to but I really can’t.  You’ve always been there against me and until I give you what you want you’ll always do the same. I know just one more piece of Tylenol candy and you’ll leave me alone but you’ve had 2 last night.   Pain, maybe it’s time you become more independent and make it on your own.  Until such time I’ve decided to ignore you well that is at least until this prescription is filled.

Mutual Loyality

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Dog Loyality 2 dog-loyalty-3

You get all the credit for being loyal but I think I have a hand in it as well. For is the one who will take you out for a walk as soon as he can open in his eyes and just before he closes his eyes for the night?  Who is the person who will make sure you get the first bite of his meal and a whole bunch of other bites as well? Just curious how many times have I got to sit on your lap or bed?  I’m not saying that you haven’t been there for me especially with a lick or pet … wait I’m the one petting you.  You might be a man’s best friend but I’m a dogs best friend as well.


White House Correspondence Dinner = Fake News Mirror

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Whit Houes Correspondence DinnerMirror Reflection 1

Has the Fake News media finally looked in the mirror after watching the vulgar performance of Michelle Wolf at this years 2018 White House Correspondence Dinner.  Maybe, just maybe they are seeing how far they have gone in creating division and hate for this administration and all the public servants that have given up their life’s to serve this country. Michelle Wolf came out slashing against this administration in a way that even the “media elites” found distasteful if not distracting. The “media elite” would instead love to continue prick and nick the administration where-ever they can so they can have at least some crediblity … I said some.    I’m sure they’ll contine their biased reporting but just maybe now they’ll apply a temporary band-aid because now Michelle Wolf has opened some really ugly wounds.

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