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The “Bud Rebel” named started with a film now it continues to clean up with the first new additions to the family .  An incredible ALL PURPOSE & STAINLESS STEEL CLEANER will take center stage for the moment and who knows where it might end up.  Of course when you clean up there needs to be a place to put the garbage so come to think of it….   Talk is cheap but action now sparkles or at least looks cleaner.

Born Hated

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hated 2 Hate 2

It’s 1933 and your family doesn’t follow politics too much so why not name their new son after the new leader of the country Adolf of course with the last name Hitler you’re damaged for life. Yet being named Oscar … Simpson can’t help if you live in Nicole’s neighborhood. It’s hard to be born hated especially when it’s truly your parents fault. Imagine trying to get a break in Wall Street if your last name happens to be Madoff.  Of course you can change your name at a later date but if someone finds the original birth certificate forget about being elected … dog catcher. Sometimes being just another Smith isn’t as bad as it really could be.


FOUND IT- La, La, Land Returns?

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I found it and I’m not going to let this song leave me again. It got me at the first “La, La” feel with a bit more crude words here or there.  It’s such a fun summer song that once you found it you’re not going to let it go until it’s #1 in the pop charts then you’ll probably hate it.  Then it will soon fall off the charts until you have got to back to you or at least this song.

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Film Concept- Million Dollars to……

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million dollars 1

A father offers $1,000,000 dollars to the man who will marry his “difficult” daughter and stay married to her for better or WORSE.  This is the film concept/logline that came to my head last night but I’m not sure it’s worthy of expanding on. It could be hysterical or become tiresome fast but at least the logline is funny….maybe.  Is this worth putting fingers to keyboard or should I toss it to the wind. YOUR DECISION COUNTS!

Afghanistan New ISIS Threat?

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Suicide Bombing in Afghanistan

As another act of mass terror occurs in Afghanistan, this time at an Iraqi embassy, one must wonder has ISIS found it’s new territory for evil? Let’s face it any unstable regime is any area for this evil group to grow and a land mass as large as Afghanistan only helps breed this disease.  911 may seem like ages ago but it occurred in a vacuum where the world got tired of fighting and this only allowed evil to grow. We must realize that evil will never rest or fully die so we must bring the battle to it and continue this fight before it G-D forbid brings it’s ugly head to our own  shores.


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dumb & dumber

I feel stupid therefore I have a right to be stupid.  Not only do I have a right to be stupid but you can’t laugh at my stupidity because it’s wrong to make fun of people who are just different. Therefore I believe movies such as “The Jerk” and “Dumb and Dumber” should be banned because they hurt my feelings.  So the next time you see me lick and old cold pole in the winter please don’t laugh even though it is really funny.

Happy Birthday?

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Happy Birthday 2  Happy Birthday!

How would you like to celebrate your birthday every day, well you can if your name was “Happy Birthday”.    That’s right every time anybody called you they could be celebrating your name. Even if they only call you by your last name I’m sure they might feel guilty if they didn’t say Happy at first.   A matter of fact your name would be one of the easiest to remember and bring joy to all that heard it.  For isn’t Happy having a friend that is truly Happy if only in the name? Of course if you were in a bad mood that might be a problem and G-D forbid you passed away well then would all Happy Birthday’s die as well? Maybe we should make sure that anyone with such a name had children to carry the tradition or just forget this idea in the 1st place.

Starbucks & Post Office

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Starbucks 1 Dunkin Donuts

Whenever possible any governmental owned building/rented property should be sold over or co leased to a private entity to run while still providing the public service. This way people can actually enjoy something at the DMV, Post Office etc and the governmental could lower current operating costs. If performed correctly there is an opportunity for these governmental services to actually have a 0 %  balance for the tax payer and still provide great service well maybe okay service (coffee helps trust me).   It’s a win, win for Dunkin Donuts/Starbucks etc and the government employees as well as those that seek their services with a Cappuccino.  Let’s utilize our strengths in the private sector to make the public sector run better and even taste good.  I’ll have a glazed donut with my tax refund.

Missing Pocono Raceway ?

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Poconos Raceway 1 NASCAR 2

I’ve given up a day hanging with the boys at Pocono Raceway to hang out with my boy at home. The Pocono’s Race is one of  my highlights on google search but I hope these moments we spend together will be the highlights of my week. Even if it doesn’t work out as planned and a few crashes occur throughout the day G-D willing me and my son will pass the checkered flag feeling as winners.

FOOTNOTE- I was also distracted by the amount of driving back and forth it would take to get to the big race.


Lazy Kryptonite

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Superman & Kryponite

Anyone who truly knows or even somewhat knows I’m a pretty hyper person but even I have my lazy Kryptonite. Where two factors force me to slow down for the good side. My dogs have me on this path whether I like it or not and it can be an extra rub of the belly or smelling a bit more grass (not the funny stuff) .  The other pull to the lazy is the lake where I can sit and reflect and reflect and swim until hours have been pulled off my clock. I’m so happy I’ve discovered these pulls as they help me find solace in a hectic life.   So maybe a Kryptonite isn’t as bad for this Superman who doesn’t fly over tall building but normally runs past them.

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