Not Too Deep

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Sometimes when an individual looks too deep they find too much dirt and disgusting thing so I recommend turning to the light instead.  For example I take care of my dogs but I’d rather not explore all the steps and stops we take along the path (especially the stops).  It’s important to take care of loved ones as they get older but it can get depressing if one explores to deeply into the times it was reversed.  I can spend hours exploring the details of how a blog piece should be written but then nothing would be on this page.  Exploring to deep can also get us in trouble with our home life and positions that we currently hold.  That is why I learned when to dig and when it’s time to walk away.


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I’ve done it by myself too many a time and would love the help instead.  Of course the help would get me over the mountain but I would still decide to climb and which steps I want to take.  I understand the satisfaction of doing it all by yourself but it goes away after this feeling is repeated over and over again with no applause except your own. Furthermore how many hours are spent doing it by yourself that could be spent in exploring or thinking about something else.  It’s important to keep it real as well but realism doesn’t mean you have to pick up every scrap along the way.  Help will allow me to expand my horizon’s  and walk in many different directions instead of the one I continue to push through day in and day out.

Democratic Debate ACTING

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I realize after forcing myself to watch parts of the Democratic Debate (like that bad taste of medicine) that ACTING was the key ingredient to success. For it wasn’t exactly what you said that counted but the connection you can make those words have with your audience. Let’s face it the President’s role as an actor on the Apprentice helped him build the “character” he is and on that stage were 10 who were trying to get through their 2nd auditions.  Here’s a few takeaways.

Bernie Sanders & Elizabeth Warren-  You’re acting for the camera not on a theater stage which means you don’t have to scream out every word or appear to cry on the other side.

Amy Klobuchar- Came across as that mean teacher who sent you and me to the principal.

Steve Bullock – Had a bit more time to practice his role since he didn’t get to the 1st audition (debate) and it showed with a sharp straight forward performance.

Marianne Williamson – Looks to play the role of Mrs. Smith goes to Washington in a 1969 remake instead of 2020.

Pete (whatever his last name)- Had such a bad hair day that I didn’t notice what the hell he was talking about.

The rest should be cut from the next audition stage.

Entertainer Entertained

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Some die to be in the spotlight while others die to see the show! I guess by the opening you can tell which dramatic role I would  perform in.  A matter of fact when I attend a show I enjoy it  much more when I can pretend I’m one of the characters on the stage or sing a long at least if not with my voice then my heart.   Yet I understand the appeal of just watching the action in front of you as well especially when one takes in to count their own time and effort they would commit to such a performance. Therefore enjoy the show from all different angles even if you’re acting as if you’re the one on the stage.

Bug Distinction

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Let’s face it we’re all not created equal and some of us bugs really don’t bug you.  A matter of fact some of us are quite distinguished in the world of other insects especially when you see us alone. Some of us can even light up the night sky’s.

So we ask that you stop lumping us together as “bugs” but recognize our individual characteristics instead.   Each of us deserves to be seen in our individual light instead of sprayed down. For  we are beautiful bugs of distinction and deserve to be treated in a whole new class.

FOOTNOTE– This is an elite club no mosquitoes or their kind can apply

Day Off

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I need a day off this job is literally killing me.  It wears you down day after day for 5779 years but who’s counting.  If you think the parking meter attendant is hated you should see the faces I get when I show up and the words that are used against me they’ll strictly for hell.  One day for me to live maybe go to the beach is all I ask for is it so much. Maybe it will give me time to get a new wardrobe who carries around a scythe anymore anyway. Oh no who does the bell toll for me and I’m off for another job. Someday soon can you give this Angel a day off and live instead G-D knows I need a break.

I Don’t Mind

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I don’t mind that your glucose meter went off like 10 or twelve times last night it gave me a chance to analyze the counting sheep a bit deeper.  Yes, the noise wasn’t so pleasant but maybe it will help me to write a great song someday or at least appreciate not hearing it for an hour or so.  So what I got up an extra or so  hour earlier now I can accomplish more in the morning then ever even if it’s only with one eye open.  I truly don’t mind so much that I’ll stay up a bit later tonight to G-D willing make sure “I don’t have  to mind “for several months in the future or at least tomorrow night.

Why Top Of My Head?

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It’s on the top of my head…really?  Wouldn’t it make more sense to be mushed in the middle of one’s head instead where items are hard to fined? How about tucked in the corner or side of your head I know that’s where I usually find lost items?  Maybe it’s actually underneath a neuron or two have you every checked what’s under your bed?  The truth is , the most obvious spot would be on the top of your head so find that idea or conclude it’s a whole different location.


Felt Right

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As someone who rushes through their own eating experience it just felt right to take it real slow with a loved one so they could get the nutrition they needed.  All of a sudden I didn’t feel rushed to do this or that just focus on making sure my loved one take one spoon of nutrition at a time.   I’m sorry to say that this type of volunteering is usually not in my DNA as many of my other volunteer activities are under a clock. Yet this one was special maybe because she is so special to me and finally I had the chance to give something back to her that she would do for me or maybe my watch decided to stand still for kindness instead.


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It started with one fish and then it spread to schools of them within minutes along almost every coast. The fish epidemic rotted out sea gulls and others who digested the fish from sea to sea before anyone knew not to take a bite.  It crossed all time zones and entered all ecosystems before we knew what hit us.  With the sea as vast as the earth it spread so fast we had no way to contain this epidemic and no real way to cleanse it from our oceans. Death and destruction lay across the globe and it all occurred with one little fish which maimed more then any war could have done.

FOOTNOTE- Does society have any means to detect, prevent or cure us of this epidemic if G-D forbid it comes to our shores? 

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