3 Stories that impact you!

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youWall Street journal 2


Here are the 3 stories from this weekend’s Wall Street Journal that can effect YOU!  I guess if you don’t drive or plan to die from some accident these 3 stories won’t impact you but otherwise they should be something you should be concerned about.

(1)  They’re planning to change the length of time that a Yellow light stays Yellow. This can impact how fast you get from point A to point B and if you receive a penalty  along the way.

(2) Doctors are going to be paid by the Federal Government to discuss end of life options with their patients.  These decisions will probably be influenced by the type of doctor you see and the philosophy they bring to the table.

(3) There is a movement to put a “Driver’s Mode” on your cell phone so when you’re driving you won’t receive calls, texts  or other “possible distractions.  How this would be implemented and how much of the Nanny State will be utilized to put this into effect is yet to be determined.

See Saw of Presidential Politics

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See Saw

It would be great if we had that one candidate who believed in our values completely and still had the best chance to win but unfortunately the “political see saw” exists instead. Where a person might have to decide to support a candidate who isn’t sharing their entire philosophy because this candidate is more likely to win then the one they truly desire.  it is the issue of settling and if and when we should make this balance or even consider sitting on the side?  Settling is never easy but the key is to find the basic values that are unmovable in your heart and soul, then determine whether this candidate or office can truly have an impact on those values in your location.  Depending on how you determine location and the significance of these values will help you to determine whether you should move the balance beam or leave it alone.

Hit in the face- How many times

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hit in face

How many punches can you take before you get knocked out?  This is truly life’s lesson for we will take hits either in our medical, financial, love life or a combination of the above that will take the wind out of us.  Will we continue to fight the battle or fall down for the count?  How much can we absorb before our corner is ready to throw the white flag?  Eventually those punches will be too much for even the strongest and we will enter (G-D willing) the heavenly ring but until that moment be prepared for the fight because it can come at anytime and keeping our legs vertical, no matter how wobbly they might feel, is our only option .

“Halloween Back Story” or ” In the Dark Nobody Can Hear A Bark”

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Michael Myers dog running away

Damn these night lights! The door was opened and my owner didn’t even leave the room  so I decided to go for my own walk, but then I saw him! Usually  I enjoy the sight of a human but this one felt so dark and cold as if he was full of evil and he was following me with a knife full of some flesh. I had to run!  Into the woods I turned this way and that way but still he lurked near me and as he came closer I smelled the familiarity of flesh on his knife.  It was my owner’s flesh what was it doing on his knife. As he came closer and closer I barked but nobody heard. I was trapped in a corner right by a cliff.  All of a sudden he reached down and appeared to pet me as I froze in fear.  His pets became harsher and harsher and surrounded my neck. Just as breathing became impossible a loud noise shattered my ears as the smell of gun powder filled my nose. This dark creature broke his grip and fell down a large cliff. I ran over to my hero and tried to show him so affection for his brave dead. He stopped to notice me and smile. We then walked to the cliff and looked over but the being was know where to be found this Halloween Eve.

Be afraid… be very afraid …. it’s good for you or deadly

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fear 2 evil laugh


As Halloween creeps up, let us realize that fear is good  unless it’s deadly. Fear keeps our mind alert and insures our heart is pumping.  It enables us to make sure that we are aware of our circumstances and helps prevent accidents.  Yet if overpowering it can drive us mad to the point of deadly paranoid.  Where one’s heart beat stops as if a knife was thrust and all that is left is misery and death.


Fear, Horror, Nightmare- REAL!!!!

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fear 2

It was if we were nailed into the same coffin biting and crawling to escape as they buried us together and all we heard was dirt encompassing our graves. The nightmare’s enveloped our life’s and only when was it too late did we realize we were not alone.  Every waken hour was met with fear as we knew it would soon become dark and our eye’s couldn’t stay open to avoid the horror that waited.  A horror that took us together to the burning depth of fear and only grew worse as the eve of Halloween approached.


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lost soul 1   lost soul 2

In today’s secular world too many souls don’t know how to fly and their beauty is hidden from themselves and the world. Basic Judaism doesn’t accept this principle and therefore beliefs the basic foundations of faith should be heard by all who have the ability to listen. Lot was pulled away from evil by Angels and we should be willing to do so for our fellow man whether they be people of the faith or those who feel lost and confused. When we ignore those because they have a different foundation then ours it can also bite us back as they fill that empty space with a philosophy that is bad for them and us as well. G-D has created every soul and we should try to reach out and help those in need with material as well as spiritual charity.


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As I ran through a cemetery a man with a knife who some how knew I was the last Jew followed with a blood thirst ripped in his soul. He cornered me into the side of a building and just as he was about to rip me apart I awoke. This nightmare occurred many decades ago but it still lingers in my mind as do the following (below). Leaving a legacy of fear that still haunts me today.

(1) I’m laying on my bed as an army of bugs from all sides slowly makes it’s way up. I throw down my blanket and run into my parents room finding the bugs disappear as my eyes open.

(2) The bridge was swinging a bit too far and broke in the middle as me and my family tumbled down to the icy water below.


Vote For all -CNBC Presidential Debate

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Republican Presidential Candidates


After watching the CNBC Presidential Debates I’ve decided my best vote is “all the above”.  I see good and bad in each candidate so why don’t they just share. Monday could be Marco Rubio’s chance to be Commander in Chief and then he could pass the buck to Donald Trump on Tuesday. There’s 5 days a week so we can continue to rotate the leadership. It would truly screw up our adversaries because they wouldn’t know what to expect when Carly Fiorina says something on Wednesday will Ted Cruz will follow up on Thursday? Come to think of it this might confuse our allies as well. We’ll have to work out the details later I guess. Anyway this way everyone wins and gets to play in the “White House” together. It’s just too confusing for me to pick someone right now but here are a few  quick highlights (below) of last nights debate.

NICE DONALD TRUMP- Donald Trump showed the truly Presidential side of his campaign by actually being kind to his competitors on stage.

MARCO RUBIO FIGHTS BACK- Jeb Bush and the media looked silly as they tried to  attack Rubio on issues that they wouldn’t launch on those in the left or more liberal Republicans

TED CRUZ THROUGH SOME GREAT UPPER CUTS- The moderators had to change the tone of the debate after Ted Cruz landed some great hits.

CARLY FIORINA SMILED & INTERUPPTED-  Her remarks appeared to prepared this time around but her smile was authentic.


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