“Creative Solutions” for you

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Don’t worry there is a creative way to feed him.

  Let’s face it even the most brilliant mind sometimes get stuck trying to find a solution.  These problems can be seen in our work life or personal life but when we’re stuck we need a creative mind to help us find a way out of this maze. Whether it’s writers block, a deadline for a new project, or getting through a difficult situation the solution could be within our reach if only someone could cut through the vines and thorns that get in the way. 

Bud Rebel has the creative talent to see through the clutter to find a solution that truly can work.  His skills have been developed from his youth where he developed the anti-bacterial band aid and kept a diary of ideas that flowed to him. He sharpened that creative mind as a Cum Laude graduate at Bryant University in Entrepreneurial Management. This education has enabled him to create several successful businesses and clubs in various genres from politics to the arts. Mr. Rebel is probably best known for his scripts including “All Screwed Up” which is currently being distributed by Indican Pictures.  Now he wants to bring the creative talent to you and he even makes house calls.

“Creative Solutions” is currently seeking an Executive Sales Associates”. Send resume and references to budrebel18@gmail.com

Would a vegetarian eat this meat?

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meat on tree



In the future meat could be developed without the use of killing an animal with a brain.  This organism would be a mutated form of a animal (cow, chicken, duck etc) that would develop without the ability to feel pain because only the brain stem would work.  It would enable the organism to grow but function as a plant does. Would the killing of this organism like the killing of spinach be acceptable to the vegetarian or would their be another justification not to eat it? 


Quick Fashion – “COLORS”

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    Many people feel they don’t have time to shop for clothes but they also want to look good. “COLORS” is a store that works with those  individuals.  In “Colors” closed is separated by Colors: black, blue, greens etc and the shades that match.  Therefore it’s easy to pick up a black shirt and black pants or find a blue shirt if you decide to contrast.  “Colors” also organizes these clothes at different price levels so you can see how fashionable you can afford to be.  This store also has the clothes needed for the holidays whether it be X-Mas, St Patty’s Day or Superbowl Sunday so you’ll never be out of style.  Colors has a bright future if people like you add you’re own unique color to the vision. 

Wall Street Journal Weekend Review- June 28

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My goal is to make you brilliant among your friends at least for this Saturday evening dinner discussion.  Here’s your chance

(1) The Ukrainian President is extending the 72 hour seize fire with Russia

(2)The U.S. Special Envoy who was supposed to broker a peace between the Palestinians and Israel’s has resigned.

(3) The Vatican has  defrocked one of the highest officials of the clergy over child sexual abuse.

(4) The Chinese Premiere is going to visit South Korea before visiting North Korea.

(5) The White House review of the VA Hospital health system suggests it must be restricted for it to improve its accountability.

(6) There have been protests at Las Vegas University over the $225,000 that Hillary Clinton will be receiving for a speech.

(7) Ukraine Billionaire Kolomoisky leads a major front against Russia’s push into the Ukraine

(8) 2/3 of the American Youth wouldn’t make the armed forces today.

(9) Wimbledon has seen an abundant crop of strawberries for this years tournament.

(10) Phone searches by the NSA have expanded by 50 % this year.

(11) Baby boomers have held on to their houses rather then moving to smaller places to live once there children have left.

(12) Rand Paul is testing his foreign policy position against those in his party that might be at odds.

(13) Republicans are stalling Ambassador nominees as they seek revenge from Harry Reid eliminating the 60 vote filibuster on judges.

(14) The U.S won’t acquire new land mines.

(15) Kurds won’t relinquish land they won from battles with ISIS to the national government.

(16) Power outages continue in Venezuela including in the capital.

(17) ISIS in Iraq has a willingness to not only attack the innocent but the artifacts that Iraq has possessed for  hundreds of years.

(18) The Export Import bank needs to be disabled according to a commentary in the paper.

(19) The “Showboat Casino” is the latest Casino in Atlantic City to collapse after business in A/C has fallen.

(20) There is a great effort by some to make “Ultimate Frisbee” a professional sport in NYC.

(21) Argentina is close to default in their loans to the world banks.

(22) Afreeza was approved by the FDA as an inhaled Insulin for those who suffer from Diabetes


Which one is the best?

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It’s summer and that means dipping in the water but which source is the best?  Here is an unbiased view of your choices (below) ? Maybe it’s a bit biased.

(1) The Lake- natural, peaceful, can swim or use light boat,

(2) Pool- Chlorine – no boats allowed except those floaty types. If someone has accident well the party is over.

(3) Ocean- Sharks, Salt Water, Jelly fish,  traffic leaving and coming.

I would love to see someone argue with these facts. I dare you!


Iraq War must be there war

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iraqi war


I hate to watch the death of innocent but those that are actually seeing it must be the one’s that pick up the sword.    We can and should support their efforts but unless they are willing to fight and die for basic freedom it’s not worth an ounce of our blood or monies to support a losing cause.  Therefore unless the  Iraq government gets that support from its people our efforts should only be to insure that this terrorist group ISIS keeps from spreading their actions to the homeland and allies.

Unknown Heroes

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unknown hero


We all know of those that risk their life’s to safeguard us. They maybe the fireman, police office or Marine that jump into danger to help us and we can’t express enough gratitude for their actions but there in another group of heroes that aren’t even known.  They may not risk their life’s to safe others but their efforts truly do save life’s.   If my Aunt had one of those heroes in her life she might have been around today.  If James Holmes had one of those heroes 12 people would have returned home after seeing a movie.

When someone is physically or mentally sick they are often unaware of the actions that their sickness can bring to themselves and/or others. It takes a brave soul to confront such an individual in an effective way to get them the proper treatment to remedy such sicknesses.  This individual might even put him/herself at financial or personal risk to insure this person gets the treatment they need. Many times these heroes must be persistent in pursuing this course at the point of losing friends and family along the way.  They usually don’t get a thank you along the way but instead must be gratified by knowing that there persistence truly changed or saved a life.

Why they choose to be liberal and….

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Why do many individuals choose to be “liberal” and “conservative” may have very little to do with the actual issues but instead the cultural that these philosophies espouse. These cultures can make it more difficult for those to get a job  or move up in a position if they are unwilling to adopt a certain philosophy.  They may be treated like a Piraha  and or be ostracized by their community if their philosophy doesn’t match what the majority believes.  Even in the best case situation those that adopt a unique philosophy will only be known by that philosophy instead of the other wonderful characteristics about them.

It’s time that we truly allow individuals to be themselves and not discriminate against others because their philosophy may not be the same as the community we live in.  Instead of condemning or ostracizing let’s listen and gain a new perspective. In the end our communities will be stronger by welcoming  different voices.