Anger Freedom

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As I blew my temper I realized that letting out some steam gave me new freedoms (for the moment) that a calm person would never have.  For at the moment of anger I didn’t worry about the effect my words would have on others or the impact of my actions. I was totally naked (not literally) as if I had drunk a bottle of Tequila in the shower.  My inhibitions were gone and if I held onto it for to long my sanity as well.  This total freedom would end as soon as my rational side would come back and then I would have to deal with the consequences of letting go (hurt feelings, poor impressions, lost business, jail not this time etc)  but for the moment the freedom was exhilarating.

My Diary 5-26-15

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Today the plate slammed into the wall or I lost it. It was so busy at work and I had this one customer who gave me an extremely complicated order, well with complications come little mistakes but would my customer except my apology why of course not which led to my explosion.  I remember in my youth where one word could turn me into a bomb,  Brucie! I don’t care how big or mean you were I would become meaner and grow 50 lbs heavier (in my mind) when that name would be said in my direction.  I’m glad I calmed down otherwise I’d be righting this blog behind 4 steel walls.

FAMILY- It’s great to have your children help you with the business but is having a better life meaning giving them the stress of the business as well?

GYM- It was such a relief to finally get that tension out of my system and use if for some good looks (I hope).

2016 Election-  Although I’ve placed a few large marbles in Senator’s Rubio’s run for the Presidency maybe I should spread a few out in other camps (Scott Walker, Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee etc.) … I might need to buy more marbles.



Film Images

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The movie/T.V. series appears to be going no where and just as your about to turn it off in your head when  image appears that pulls it all together and leaves it’s mark.  That is the art of film-making!  It is to present these images at just the right movement before your audience has left your world but not to soon so that they won’t feel the full impact of such a view.  An entire T.V. series only needs a few of these images to insure that a viewer keeps coming back to the series and you never know which one’s will actually click with such a diverse audience yet once you have them you’ll have them feel like they are stabbed in a shower or thrown in front of a train“.


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alone walking

If my grandfather didn’t leave alone from Poland before WWII this page would probably have been blank.  For I would probably have been another victim of the Holocaust. My lovely family would have never existed as well.  Yet I wonder if I would have been so bold to leave it all behind and go to another country with only the shirt on my back. This was a true act of guts but I guess when you feel like there’s nothing to lose it’s easier to leave it behind. Yet what happens when you have some of the comforts and material success but you know there’s something more you need to accomplish beyond this town or city would you be so brave to make this step?  Leaving it’s not just about timing but the guts behind such a move.

My Diary 5-25-15

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I’ve always tried to perform some charitable act and today was no exception.  Meals for Wheels needed a handed and I provided 6 (with my children) along side.  To be honest this was the 2nd time I did this and it was becoming tiresome. Was I really helping individuals who had no where else to turn or was I continuing a dependent cycle that only hurt everyone involved. In the end I can’t tell you that my volunteer activities met the goals I set but at when I saw one older lady who’s husband served in the War I knew that it was going to some that truly needed it.  In the past my charity activities have included working for NY Cares,  Food Pantries (employment services), running in charity marathon’s, volunteering at Senior Citizen Centers and VA Hospitals etc.

I HOP- It still serves the best value breakfast for the entire family but leaves you with enough extra pounds to go to the gym.

CARS- We were looking for an Auto Stop car/Adaptive Cruise Control and were shocked at the ignorance of so many different dealers. The only dealer to truly understand this mechanism was Dodge and we will continue the search to find the safest car at the right price.

INDIAN FOOD BUFFET- Food was a problem today because we ate too much after I-Hop the Indian Buffet topped it off. Gym tomorrow.

DOGS-  I love my dogs but sometimes they hate my friends and show it. The wheels are in motion to insure that they learn to love or at least tolerate them and other four legged friends in the future


My Diary – May 24th

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Wow, it’s amazing how life’s perspectives can change! There was nothing I dreaded more then going to Synagogue when I was younger (root canals appeared less painful) and now although I still have the lingering doubts before I enter, it all changes when I get there. Shavuot was just another great example. Where everyone at my Synagogue Shaarey Israel greeted me with a compliment and/or smile. It continued as I was the one who carried the Torah around and prayed for all the congregants as I did the  Dukhanen.  Who knew being a Kohen carried such responsibility and honor.


House of Cards -(Moment) I finally caught up to season 3 and let me just say it’s quite Presidential.  The show continues to have me glued to my seat although I find the glue remover in time for necessary body functions.

Fear (L Ron Hubbard) – After reading “Beyond Belief” a negative betrayal of Scientology and it’s founder Ron Hubbard I wanted to look into one of his books to see if it gives me any light into where this “faith” came from. It also appears to be a great read.

Family- It is never easy to have your children grow more independent especially when it relates to habits that you belief can be harmful to the family and themselves. Yet with a steady morale purpose that doesn’t push too hard I hope that my children will see it’s all meant for their benefit. Whether these choices are for college, dating, faith or friends I hope that by setting a clear path my children will see I’m on their side.

Today’s Day!

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memorial day


As I enjoyed a moment with my family I forget for that moment who enabled me to have this special time.  Those true patriots who willingly gave their’s life’s so I can truly enjoy the freedom, peace and security that made this day possible.  These patriots fought for not a piece of land but the chance for those imprisoned to enjoy freedom and peace in their own lands.   As we enjoy our own moments with our families and friends let us take the time to remember those who willingly gave the ultimate sacrifice so that this was possible.

Hidden Bird Binoculars

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bird through


How many times have you gone outside and heard a beautiful animal sing their song but were unable to see that animal?  “Hidden View Binoculars” track the sound of that animal with slight beeping as you move closer to that focus.  They can also help track all different noises that reside around your residence or camp sight. Hidden View Binoculars” have also night vision capacity and a camera to capture those special moments.  Hidden View Binoculars” there’s a whole world your missing that we open your eyes to. 

ISIS & Frank Underwood

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Isis murder

One of the poignant lessons we learn from the Frank Underwood of  the “House of Cards” is that talent will move in the direction of power.  No matter the values that one actually acts in there are many talented people who will want to be with “the winner”.  That is why it’s essential that we defeat ISIS completely for every gain draws more followers.  Every slaughter draws those who will side with power over truth and as we have seen throughout history (Roman’s, Nazi’s, Soviet Union etc) the more blood on the hands the harder it is to remove.  Therefore let us confront ISIS and evil now for a few battles today could be a prolonged war in the future.


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Isis murder

There is great controversy about utilizing the word  Islamic Extremism but the solution resides in the word ISISM instead.  We are/should be fighting a war with those who have taken the Islamic religion to the extreme but fear/paranoia of utilizing such terms together occurs because it might offend those who truly want peace in the Islamic world and faith.  Those that fear putting the two words together believe this will only generate more bodies to this extremist movement. I don’t believe this is the case but ISISM is the solution anyway. Here is the definition (below) which I hope that any administration will agree to totally annihilate this enemy.

ISISM = The practice of  using genocide and barbaric practices on those and justifying these evil action in a distorted version of Islam. 

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