My Story- Part I- Bud In Joseph’s Sandals- Section 7

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Continued Story

I’m working my butt almost off when two men in black suits come into my business and urgently say they need to speak to me in private and what is said adds my name to the NY Times which is the main impetus to reveal this story to you..  These FBI officials tell me that there is an active death threat upon my life and that I should leave my residence as soon as possible.  The culprit who else but bad old Tom Steven’s.

I packed my bags as me, my wife and young child go into hiding at my sisters house. To tell you the truth I wasn’t in the panic mode maybe it was because of what I’d been through or maybe as evil as I thought Tom Steven’s could be I didn’t believe he was a killer. Not everyone in my family took this relaxed attitude many were in fear of my life.

Tom Steven’s went through the system as I did but was also under house arrest for a period of time after his bail was set.  The investigation determined that he was “entrapped”  into feeling he should commit this act and didn’t have the  serious intention for conviction.  I found out during the investigation that my former Vice President of the Club was involved in someway in these actions but even today I don’t know why he acted in such a way. Was it to seek revenge on my part without my knowledge, did he feel that Tom Steven’s was still a threat to the public or could it have been an alternate motive I guess I’ll never know?

Tom Stevens was exonerated of criminal activity in this incident and even though I didn’t see afterwards he still haunted my very being. Therapy helped me deal with these feeling and also allowed me to speak up about what had occurred.  In the past I would be embarrassed to tell this story even to my closest trusted friends and even family but today I’m as open as book about it.  I thank the NY Times for keeping this story in my spotlight and therefore making sure that I would tell the whole truth to the world.

In closing I ask that we all remember that those individuals without statue in life maybe the one’s most harmed by false accusations  justice is difficult for them to seek and therefore we should think twice even three times before passing judgement.

My Story- Part I- Bud In Joseph’s Sandals- Section 6

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A story in the bible was about to change my life but not before I tried my own forms of justice.  Here I was totally and completely exonerated from the bogus allegations even before a grand jury was called and now was the time for my revenge to begin. First I went to the police station that had me arrested in the first place and asked that they bring charges against Tom Steven’s for these false accusations. They warned me not to get started and since my trust in the police was shaken I decided it was best not to ruffle their feathers.  I then sought justice through civil means but it’s hard but financial gains don’t replace pain and it’s hard to get monies from a dry sponge. In other words Tom Steven’s was talented enough to drag the civil case for as long as possible and claim financial hardship when it was finally decided against him.

The system of justice was failing me but my faith was rescuing me. I read the story of Joseph with a different depth that I never had before and it left a mark on me. I decided I would forgive Tom Steven’s as a person even if I couldn’t forgive his evil actions. The depth that he would go to for some silly files was pathetic and therefore he was a person who should in a sense be pitted instead of hated.  In other words it was sad to see that something so small could make a person feel that he act in such an outrageous way.  I was released of my anger and hate instead it was replaced with love for all those who stood by me during this most difficult part of my life .  A new sense of appreciation of some basic freedoms and simple pleasures that were ignored in the past became a center force in my life then and even today.  Although I wish that this would never happen to another I realized it helped me become a better more compassionate person.


Yet revenge would come but not by my hands or even thoughts.

My story- Part I- Bud in Joseph’s Sandals- Section 1

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Murder seeped through my every heartbeat and burned my soul as I needed to seek justice, until a new light shine upon me.  The day began anew in one moment I was Mayor in the next I was behind bars all  because of a despicable lie meant to rip apart my very being. The reason that this hideous accusation was made is behind the scope of sanity yet in his twisted mind the idea of being thrown out of the nominating committee of a petty political club was enough to act. Machiavelli would have been proud.

Tom Stevens a name that still holds the scars of injustice in my heart was behind this action.  It was strange because he was the man that helped me escape my insecurities to the security of politics.  I was looking for my own identity and found a part of it in the re-election campaign of Ronald Reagan.  Political philosophy was something I could speak about for hours with the confidence of a surgeon seeking to find the end of a splinter. At a rally for Ronald Reagan,  Tom Steven’s was looking for another  naive young man  with ideals who was willing to jump in the ice cold world of politics even if he couldn’t swim. I grabbed at this life jacket. It would be years later that I found out this life jacket was full of holes and weights.

The connections I believed I had enabled me to move up the Republican ladder. I became President and Founder of Students for Reagan in SUNY Albany and started the Young Republican  Chapter at  SUNY Albany.  Politics already became a bit dirty as the College Republican’s of SUNY Albany were vindictive with a competitive YR chapter even though we both had a handful of members. I attended lavish Young Republican statewide events that Tom Steven’s was responsible for and bits of peculiarity about Mr. Stevens would occasionally slip out but I being loyal to the cause would discard them as just idle gossip.

The distraction from personality instead of cause left me with a bitter  taste that made me decide to drop out of the political world until Amy Carter pulled me back in….




My Pillow

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child with pillow  My Pillow 2

I resent “My Pillow” for “My Pillow” growing up was so much better.  In order to keep it simple “My Pillow” growing up will be noted as “My Pillow A+1”.  This was not just some sleeping device but a stuffed friend that went along where ever I went as it gave me the support I wanted awake and asleep,  until that fateful day when it got into a fight. It wasn’t “My Pillow A+1” fault for I left her on the bed (my first girlfriend) as if it didn’t matter and somehow the fight began with it’s decimation into feathers.  I tried to repair “My Pillow A+1” with duct tape and the bits of sewing skill that I accumulated but it was to no avail “My Pillow A+1”  would not last more then another year.  Then “My Pillow” comes out and for some reason I thought it would bring back those magical times but you can’t replace a “My Pillow A+1” with just some ordinary “My Pillow”, as you can’t take back those magical youth years.


It was mine!

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band aid w ointment

My parents were steamed at me as I just spent my allowance money on an “Inventor’s Help Center” to produce my crazy idea the band aid with ointment.  Yes this was before “Band- Aid” even thought about this idea let alone manufacture or distributed it.  Yet as a  Pre-Teen my parents disappointment in me led my toss away this idea and the possible millions (or thousands) that could have come my way.  The truth is many good ideas don’t have the monies/contacts to manufacture or distribute their product properly and fail for that reason. .  Today I might have a few less Shekles in my pocket but at least the world is better with the invention that came from my mind first.

Mets Vs Cubs-Game 1-A lesson for us all

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Met's Vs Cubs

It’s Illogical, Irrational and thoroughly unrealistic but the NY Met’s proved it could be done. For during the season the Mets lost every single game they played against the Chicago Cub (that’s 0 and 7) but some how managed to kick butt last night. Whenever anyone says it’s time to quit that you’re being illogical, irrational I want you to pull this memory out of your head and give it one last try because you might just have a NY Met experience as well.

My Personal Diary- Sunday 6-5-15

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I know I skipped a few days or even weeks but I don’t want to bore the reader with trivial like what I ate for breakfast (although who knows where a healthy diet might take me) and instead want to focus on the more exciting aspects of life.

EXCHANGE-  Our family has brought in an exchange student from France and this experience so far has allowed us to exchange some bad emotions with good ones. As this young bright young lady has showed us the beauty and excitement that we miss most days and has inspired us to be happier with our own environment. When my children were younger we had Au Pair’s in the house to help my wife. These young ladies came from all over the world (actually Germany and Africa) and the experiences helped us see the world in different “shoes” (see last blog).  Just like friends most you lose touch of but one has stayed close and we hope to see her if we ever visit Germany.

BIG BIRTHDAY-  My actually birthday falls out in the winter so I know many of my friends and family won’t be able to join in the celebration or at least have that excuse. Therefore to end that excuse I’ve decided to extend it to the summer and have invited them to a cruise in June along with my family.  If you consider yourself to be one of my friends and have been left out please contact me. I’m not able to afford to pay for your trip but at least I’ll get you a beer or two to get you spinning along the way.

Personal Diary-6-23-15

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Monday’s are usually a very predictable day but I decided to toughen mine up with a 1 hour massage. It was interesting doing something that was totally for myself, well I guess being more relaxed would allow me to be calmer with friends and family but for this hour I was truly pampered. I remember swimming in the pool in Mexico for the first time in my life the hot wasn’t relaxing but actually too hot.  The massage went well but my masseuse was a bit too quiet for my taste and not the most attractive person in the room. I always wondered how a massage could lead to an act of prostitution but after having someone rub your body down from top to bottom it dawned on me that this could turn into a domino effect where rub went a bit too far for client or masseuse. Sorry for the voyeuristic it was just a thought… for now but could make a great script.

MARCO RUBIO FUNDRAISER- My friend sent me an invite to attend a fundraiser for tonight but I never received a response from the organizer by text or email. I guess I’ll spend my monies in a different spot tonight.

WORK- Work was crazy in the morning but by the late afternoon a few pins could drop and they would have sounded loud and clear.





Crazy Business-6-22-15

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Inspired by the book “Waiter Rant” by Steven Dublanica I’ve decided to add my own experiences working in the “family business” to my blog page. Twenty seven years of working within a business that I was never going to go in the first place is an interesting place to start. For I believed and probably still do in someway that a family business was no way to show your individual talent to the world.  It might be my own insecurity that lead me to this believe or the words of supposed friends and the culture around me that made me believe that everyone would say or believe “his daddy gave him this”.  I hope that these stories will help end this myth shed light on the incredible hard work and individual talents of  those that have taken up the calling of continuing a legacy that has truly helped so many and tells about their struggles as well.

PERSONAL DIARY-6/17/15- 6/18/15

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personal diary


I decided to go back in time because I can with my blog and want to make sure some exciting facts aren’t missed. For the “INPEX  Convention” might have appeared 1/2 empty to some but I saw it as 3/4 full with opportunity. There are so many great products out there that if only the right partner came forward would bring a great deal of wealth too many. I will explore whether my skills and contacts will allow me to be one of those partners.

OFF THE BEATEN TRAIL-  The other reason I had to go back in time was Clem’s Cafe (RT 22 East Blairsville, PAwhere the best garlic mashed potatoes can be found. These potatoes are so full of flavor it’s hard not to gain an extra pound at lunch time.   I thought they were so good that I had to save some for a loved one, unfortunately I forget to take them out of the car so Mr. Garbage enjoyed them instead.

RETURN- It was surprisingly easier then expected returning back to “routine work” ,  although it wouldn’t appear so in the first few hours. Yet I actually got to eat my lunch and dabble in other pursuits for a few moments as the day came to a close.