My Diary-5-29-15

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It’s the annually family weekend where we celebrate my father’s birthday and that means  it’s a 3  hour trip driving to the beach. I never understood the purpose of a beach where  you spend hours upon hours  to get there so you can sit from the car to glorified dirt. I understand I’m being a bit cynical with the beautiful ocean and waves  but that’s only when  the weather is just right otherwise I’d rather jump  in a lake  or a nice hot shower.  Yet if you’re brave  enough to jump in the ocean and feel refreshed with the waves pounding you to the ground then  you can experience the wonderful feeling  of being a dried salted fish as you leave the ocean.

FAMILY TIME- It’s important to spend quality time with the one’s you love but if you spend  too much time  together it might make you think differently. In the past I used to wound everyone up by speaking about a controversial issue in politics or faith thinking I could change a mind or two  or  just to keep me on my toes but today I realize peace  is the answer although at times it can be too tame for my brain which drifts to a whole different place.

FANCY RESTAURANTS- The reason many people  think the food at fancy restaurants taste better is because  of  the atmosphere, they  would fill stupid  paying for the bill otherwise and because they’ve taken 12 hours to eat a meal and at this point  Purina Cat Chow would have that distinct  and wonderful flavor.

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