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donald-trump-4  degree

You don’t have to go to any College to absorb some key facts of success in a Trump Education. It is observing the brilliance of the key factors to his success that will help you attain this diploma. Here are just a few you should consider.

(1) BRANDING-  Don’t worry about controlling your products from start to finish but allow those with the talent and resources to do it for you as you just attach your name.

(2) KEEP MOVING- Failures will happen along the path but don’t let them stop you close the door to them and move on to your next project/dream no matter what others believe.

(3) INNER CONFIDENCE- Allow your vision to see through the clouds others put in your path and even the storms that will occur for a rainbow is just across the horizon.

(4) DREAM BIG- There is nothing wrong for shooting towards the sky even if you only go a few feet off the ground for if you don’t climb you’ll only stay where you are.

(5) SIMPLE STRAIGHT TALK- Don’t worry about impressing “the elite” instead keep the message simple and straight so everyone can understand and hold on to it.

(6) FEELING CHANGE BUT TALENT DOESN’T or interview Mitt Romney

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