My Womb… Store

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unborn baby Altered State

You spent 9 months in that womb and probably wouldn’t have left if you weren’t literally pushed out maybe it’s time to take another visit.  With My Womb…Store you will get to relive this experience with a few extra’s.  Yes you will float in a liquid similar to the one created oh when you you were a bit younger and hear a heartbeat as if you were still there but other exciting options that mom didn’t have will be offered. Options such as various lighting and sound experiences, machine flow water cycles and clothed or your birthday suit.  My Womb… Store  because it’s never too late to return home even if it is for a short visit.

Walking in STEPS

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President Trump 101 Kim Jung Un

President Trumps scheduled meeting with Kim Jong Un might have this President walk in the steps of Ronald Reagan another great President who was underrated at his time. If the President is able to convince Kim Jong Un to actually give up his Nuclear Weapons he might be the first person in years to actually deserve a Nobel Peace Prize as well as re-election.  Maybe even the Anti-Trump folks will see that actions really speak louder then words.

“The Shape Of Water” wins best movie as

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The Oscars 2016 The Shape of Water

As “The Shape Of Water” wins best movie for the 2018 Oscars some might find interesting symbolizing for the movie industry. For example the movie stars a male creature who is forbidden to touch or talk to a woman throughout most of the film a good way to stop sexual harassment in this industry.  The woman who falls in love with this creature doesn’t use sex appeal to move up the swimming pool.   To be perfectly honest I didn’t see the film or even the Oscars after last years fiasco with the real winner La La Land being passed over but understand how this film swam to the top of their picks. It is a safe pick with predictable theme’s bad anti-communists and girl meets creature after what was unpredictable year in the film industry on, off and between the covers of the red carpet.

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Behind the Scenes- Bud Rebel Show- Line 1

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behind the scenes writing-a-book-2


I’ve decided that 2018  is the year to bring Bud Rebel to life (18 stands for life) with with the Bud Rebel show.   The purpose of the show is to help promote the various ideas from my blog to a wider audience in a fun filled way that is cost effective and G-D willing profitable. In many ways it feature aspects of late night television shows (skits, interviews, musical talent, comedy, serious discussion etc) but with a conservative tilt. I’ve sent the following correspondence to four  of the most talented people I’ve worked with including film-makers, T.V Producers, and those with extraordinary talents behind the lines of entertainment fire.  Hopefully I will receive several proposal that covers the following points and then decide which allows this show to breathe on it’s own for as long as it can. Line 1 has been written and line 2 may be just around the corner stay tuned.

(1) TALENT- What talent are you confident you can bring to the show?
(2) MARKETING- How can we insure that this show is known to exist in a crowded marketplace (social media marketing, where it will be seen, possible distribution)?
(3)  LOCATION- Where and when would you be able to produce this show?
(4) COST VS BENEFIT- Not only do I want to know the cost of producing this show but when do you think these monies can be recovered?
(5) CREATIVE SUGGESTIONS- I’d love to read some of your own skit concepts and thoughts?
(6)  TIME – What is your expected time from pre-production to post production?
(7) LIVE- Do you have any way to produce live streaming video with good quality for certain segments and at what cost?
(8) FAMILY- Will you be able to incorporate my family and/or talented friends in this production?
(9) EXPERIENCE- Do you have a track record in this field or will this be your first venture in this media format? If it’s your first jump in the water why should I be swimming with you vs an experienced swimmer?
(10) BLOG- Which business, philosophical, political, life’s challenges, or film concepts from the blog do you believe would draw the largest audience in and keep them watching?

NY Times- Washington Post- BREAKING NEWS-

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Breaking News 7 Breaking News 5

BREAKING NEWS-  5/20/17 -8:40 AM

Sources within the White House (Stretch) revealed that the President is using the IRS to target political opponents of his administration and that the Special Counsel Mueller will be looking into…. Wait please ignore this story this was the previous administration so everything is just fine ….WAIT

Sources within the White House (Stretch) revealed that the Administration has sold 30% of it’s titanium reserves to Russia this surely will be looked into as collusion with Russia and the Administration (Yeah) ….oops sorry this was the past administration and I’m sure there was a fine reason why.  WAIT

Sources say that the NY Times and Washington Post have replaced Stretch as there secret source  in the White House with Stinky who appears to have more of the smell of the type of story they seek to present.  Here’s some images of their new top named sources.

Stinky 2

Enemies Within

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Israeli Bomb Threat Suspect House Freedom CaucusAmerican Healthcare Act

Sometimes you spend so much time worry about the enemy outside your group that you forget to look within.  In the extreme it is an Israel calling in bomb threats to Jewish Centers as most of us would look to some anti-Semitic group/person for this horrible crime. Less serious but just as dramatic is the battle with the replacement of Obamacare where Paul Ryan and his Republican House are pulling each other apart as the opposition party laughs at this war within.  In the end G-D willing the bill will pass the House and be better then it is today but the animosity that this fighting within will last through many internal debates to come. Maybe we should spend more time finding common ground with those that we normally oppose just to have some ammunition in case the fight turns internal.

CNN Breaking News

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CNN Breaking News 1   Donald Trump Eating Cavier

Friday March 3rd-7:58 PM- BREAKING NEWS- The caviar that Donald Trump is eating during the Presidential campaign is “Russian”. The NY Times and Washington Post have done a DNA test on the fish eggs and they truly do come from Russia. To make matters worse for the administration this is same town that President Putin comes from. Could the Trump administration obtained the  Caviar  directly from Russian President Putin as a “special favor” for the Russian Administration? Minority Leader Senator Chuck Schumer is asking for  a special prosecutor to look into this matter further and has also stated he saw the President eat a Bliny as well.   More details to come.


FOOTNOTE-This caviar is also available in Whole Foods.


Secretary of State Tulsi Gabbard

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In a move that has shocked the political landscape Donald Trump has picked Tulsi Gabbard as Secretary of State. The Democratic Congresswoman who originally supported Bernie Sanders for President was picked to show that the President Elect is truly trying to unite the entire country.   This move has sent shock waves through the Democratic party that has tried to de- legitimize the President Elect’s standing and is sure to send shock waves throughout the entire political establishment.  ….. Hey it’s nice to dream.

Election News!

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Friday, November 6th 6:43PM- In an effort to boost out the vote for Hillary Clinton the National Election Bureau will allow those voting for Mrs. Clinton to cast their vote by email or fax. This Bureau believes that her server  is secure and no foreign entity could ever interfere with your vote.   A Hillary Clinton spokesperson said ”  Our supporters are too busy to wait and line and read the difficult ballot. This way it will be nice and easy”.  Just send your email to or you can fax your vote to 1-800-467-8877 Ext 3. This service will be up and running on election day so you avoid the lines no ID, or brain is required.

Officers Killed in Iowa

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Although we are yet to find out the details of the killing of 2 police officers in Des Moines Iowa there are some facts we can’t ignore.  An officer puts his/her life on the line for their community everyday they wear the Blue.  There are no “safe” communities for these Peace Officers and there has been alarming trend in attacking/ killing of those who seek to enforce the peace and security.  Most officers wear their badge with pride in the work they perform on behalf of our communities and we as a society need to do more to insure that they don’t have to wear them six feet under before their time. RIP

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