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I’ve decided that 2018  is the year to bring Bud Rebel to life (18 stands for life) with with the Bud Rebel show.   The purpose of the show is to help promote the various ideas from my blog to a wider audience in a fun filled way that is cost effective and G-D willing profitable. In many ways it feature aspects of late night television shows (skits, interviews, musical talent, comedy, serious discussion etc) but with a conservative tilt. I’ve sent the following correspondence to four  of the most talented people I’ve worked with including film-makers, T.V Producers, and those with extraordinary talents behind the lines of entertainment fire.  Hopefully I will receive several proposal that covers the following points and then decide which allows this show to breathe on it’s own for as long as it can. Line 1 has been written and line 2 may be just around the corner stay tuned.

(1) TALENT- What talent are you confident you can bring to the show?
(2) MARKETING- How can we insure that this show is known to exist in a crowded marketplace (social media marketing, where it will be seen, possible distribution)?
(3)  LOCATION- Where and when would you be able to produce this show?
(4) COST VS BENEFIT- Not only do I want to know the cost of producing this show but when do you think these monies can be recovered?
(5) CREATIVE SUGGESTIONS- I’d love to read some of your own skit concepts and thoughts?
(6)  TIME – What is your expected time from pre-production to post production?
(7) LIVE- Do you have any way to produce live streaming video with good quality for certain segments and at what cost?
(8) FAMILY- Will you be able to incorporate my family and/or talented friends in this production?
(9) EXPERIENCE- Do you have a track record in this field or will this be your first venture in this media format? If it’s your first jump in the water why should I be swimming with you vs an experienced swimmer?
(10) BLOG- Which business, philosophical, political, life’s challenges, or film concepts from the blog do you believe would draw the largest audience in and keep them watching?

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