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BREAKING NEWS-  5/20/17 -8:40 AM

Sources within the White House (Stretch) revealed that the President is using the IRS to target political opponents of his administration and that the Special Counsel Mueller will be looking into…. Wait please ignore this story this was the previous administration so everything is just fine ….WAIT

Sources within the White House (Stretch) revealed that the Administration has sold 30% of it’s titanium reserves to Russia this surely will be looked into as collusion with Russia and the Administration (Yeah) ….oops sorry this was the past administration and I’m sure there was a fine reason why.  WAIT

Sources say that the NY Times and Washington Post have replaced Stretch as there secret source  in the White House with Stinky who appears to have more of the smell of the type of story they seek to present.  Here’s some images of their new top named sources.

Stinky 2

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